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Estación Benaojan Montejaque

This is the down train from Ronda rumbling through the tiny rural train station of Benaoján Montejaque just 20 minutes down the line heading to Algeciras on the south coast.

The up train to Ronda train station from Algeciras runs on the lines nearest the platform. A sign on the platform politely asks passengers travelling in the opposite direction to Algeciras to cross the lines on foot to the platform on the other side, a reasonable time before their train arrives and apologises for any inconvenience.

The Hotel Molina del Santo is just five minutes walk from the station. Right next to a small river gushing with the purest water straight from the Sierrania de Ronda mountain range, the hotel is an old olive and flour mill.

Hotel guests often take the 1.40 up train to Ronda, do some sight seeing and have lunch and then catch the 4.30 Algeciras train down train getting off at the picturesque Benaoján Montejaque station a few minutes later.

The Hotel Molina del Santo is equally accessible from the Costa del Sol. Los Barrios train station on the coast is the second stop along from Algeciras. From there the train winds through the lush vegetation of coastal Cadiz between stork nests high on power pylons before pushing its way up the Genal river valley on a memorably winding track.

When the train service along the coast is extended from Fuengirola all the way to Algeciras, this veteran rail line now carrying passengers and rail traffic to Ronda, Granada and Cordoba will only carry cargo. Take the trip while you still can!

If you are doing this trip from the coast, then get on the train at Algeciras or at Los Barrios the next stop along. If you are not in a hire car then you will be doing this part of the journey by bus and you will need to consult one of the Costa del Sol bus schedules to take the bus to Algeciras but get off at Los Barrios the stop before.

If you are doing a day trip from Gibraltar then you will be using the La Linea bus station for your connection to Los Barrios train station.

MT sent me a link to a video showing the train journey from Algeciras to the Ronda train station. Watch the video, read MT's comments below and then do the journey yourself!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Mike, You made me feel enthusiastic about the unique train track between Algeciras and Ronda I would like very much to do this trip. We will travel from Torremolinos by bus and taking the 7:50 which I expect to get to Algeciras at 10:30. The train to Ronda leaves at 12:15; we have less than 2 hours which would to spend exploring the area.
Should we get off at Los Barrios and explore the area instead of Algeciras?
Does the bus stop in San Roque near the station? Should we spend the time there?
Many thanks

18 March 2009 22:47  
Blogger Mike Drury said...

Hi Maria

Thank you very much for writing in to the gomarbella blog. It looks like you have planned the journey carefully aready.

The bus station in Los Barrios is some way from the train station and I think I would go all the way to Algeciras, it's a port city with all sorts of shipping in the bay. You could check out the ferry terminal just over the road from the bus station just in case you do a trip to Morocco the next time you come down.

You could then look for a cafeteria to have a coffee and roll before making your way to the station. Take a bag with some fruit and sandwiches and a drink for the train, all the Spanish passengers eat as they go.

Watch out for your belongings getting on and off the bus and the train and especially when buying your tickets. As I said it is a port city so it has its share of dodgy people and opportunists.

Have a great trip Maria and keep your camera handy. Please let me know how it goes if you have time.

Best wishes from Marbella


19 March 2009 23:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Mike,
Thank you for an extremely useful site,all your efforts and especially the personal touch. Last year we did the journey, you recommended, on the train to Ronda. We have enjoyed a memorable journey on this unique track. I hope they do not close this veteran rail line to passengers, and they keep it going to allow this experience for every visitor to Andalucía.
I have made this video and this is the link if you would like to post on your site
Algeciras to Ronda by Train .wmv

20 February 2010 12:48  
Blogger Mike Drury said...

Hello MT

Thank you very much for the link. I watched the video with great interest. It really highlights the charms of the small rural railway stations on the Algeciras to Ronda line.

I´ll add the link into the text of the blog above.

I passed the Los Barrios station just this morning on my way back from the Algarve, those same fields next to the line were completely flooded. Watching your video makes me want to do the train journey again!

Please send me any other your videos that you think will be of interest to gomarbella readers.

Thank you again MT and best wishes from Marbella.


22 February 2010 22:11  

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