Sunday, 15 February 2009

Malaga airport transfer to Hotel Rincon Andaluza

Elizabeth wrote in this morning:

"Hi Mike My son and 5 friends are arriving in July for a week. I'm trying to arrange a transfer for the party of 6 holidaying by themselves for the first time. Do you think it's worth considering the train from Malaga Airport to Fuengirola train station and then a bus that would pass the hotel on the A7 or the bus to Marbella from Malaga airport followed by a taxi to the hotel as opposed to the expensive option of around 200 euros by people carrier transfer from the airport? Any local advice would be much appreciated. Regards Elizabeth"

I wrote back:

"Hi Elizabeth Thanks very much for checking in to I think the simplest and quickest way for them is to take the bus from Malaga airport to Marbella (around 4.35 euros right now) and then a taxi from Marbella bus station to Hotel Rincon Andaluz near Puerto Banus. The fare is around 18 euros on a weekday slightly more over the weekend or holidays.

The local Marbella taxis have a limit of four passengers in each taxi so the group would need two taxis. So that's around 25 euros for the airport bus and then 36 euros for two taxis, around 6 euros. Does that sound better?

If you would like to save on the taxis, then from the Marbella bus station they could catch the Marbella to Estepona bus getting off at the Restaurante El Rodeito stop on the way. The problem is that there is no overpass near this bus stop to get to the Hotel Rincon Andaluz on the other side of the A7 and it is a longish walk to the nearest pedestrian footbridge.

The A7 is a deadly road to try to cross on foot anywhere and so I think the easiest option for the travellers with their suitcases would be to take a taxi from outside the Marbella bus station.
When they are moving backwards and forwards between Puerto Banus and Hotel Rincon Andaluz which are on the same side of the road, they will be quite safe.

I hope this help you Elizabeth please keep in contact if I can help you further. Best wishes from Marbella Mike

PS: You can now do online bus ticket reservations through the gomarbella reservation system.


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