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Faro Bus Station

Sher wrote to me to say that was travelling from Albufeira on the Algarve in Portugal to Marbella on the Costa del Sol in Spain, staying for 2 weeks and then travelling back to Faro to leave for Canada. How could she do it by bus?

I phoned the Alsa bus company office in Spain: 902422242 and found out that there weren't any buses from Albufeira to Malaga but there was a bus that went from Faro to Malaga every day from Monday to Sunday at 1:45 a.m.

The way to check the schedule of buses from the Algarve to the Costa del Sol is as follows:

Go to the Alsa bus company site:

Choose a return journey and enter details of your trip in reverse order like this:

1) Spain 2) Malaga for your departure
3) Portugal 4) Faro for your arrival

Put in any travel dates so that you can go through to the next page to get the schedule for the bus service.

I don't know yet if the bus comes through Marbella on its way to Malaga. I haven't been able to find out, at least not from the local Marbella bus station. The Portillo bus company hardly keeps or gives out any information about other bus companies, even those using the Marbella bus station. Let me know if you need that bit of information.

On the way to Spain it will travel through the Estacion de Autobuses Plaza de Armas in Seville.

The Faro bus station in the picture is right next to the Faro train station and in the same building as the Eva Hotel which is very convenient for midnight arrivals or departures. Just along the Algarve coast, the Lagos bus station is right next to the Hotel Marina

For any other travel information use the search box on the blog, just put in your keywords. If you can't find what you are looking for use the contact box below or write to me on the gomarbella contact page.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


You have a great site. Lots of good information. Thanks for that.

If I may ask a question. Whats the best way to get from Cordoba to Gibraltar? I cant seem to find a direct route. The best I found is a train from Cordoba to Malaga and then bus from there to Gibraltar. Anything more direct?



26 March 2009 22:31  
Blogger Mike Drury said...

Hello Ray

Thank you very much for your kind words. I have around a hundred more pages of useful information to add, I am just looking for the time!

I have sent an email to www.unionbus.es to see if they stop in Cordoba and should get a reply tomorrow. I'll let you know.

Instead of taking the train to Malaga, it would be much faster to take the train from Cordoba to Algeciras.

From the Algeciras train station you would catch a local bus to the La Linea bus station on the Spanish side of the border with Gibraltar. You could even take a taxi. I would guess the taxi ride at about 20 euros.

You can see La Linea just across the bay of Gibraltar from the Algeciras bus station but it's a bit further by road.

To get information on just how close La Linea bus station is to the border with Gibraltar, just google "La Linea Bus Station" in the search box on this blog page.

I hope this helps you Ray.

Best wishes


26 March 2009 23:26  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,

Wow! that was not only quick reply, but a great route recommendation. You are right, it would be quicker. Thank you so much.

Looking forward to my holiday next week. Flying into Malaga from the UK, bus to Granada for 2 days, then bus to Cordoba for 2 days. Head down to Gibraltar for a day and then soak the sun on the beach in Malaga for couple of days and then back the UK.

Thanks again for a great resource here. I used your site to partly plan the trip.


27 March 2009 08:27  
Blogger Mike Drury said...

Hi Ray,

That's a very interesting route you have worked out. I can see that you are a traveller.

When you are in Cordoba why not treat yourself to an Arab hammam bath to soak away the dust of your travels?

Have a great trip Ray and thanks again for using gomarbella.


29 March 2009 09:37  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its a bit last minute but I would like to travel from Gibraltar to Faro this wekend leaving friday 5th and returning monday 8th. I've tried looking for a quick route but haven't got very far. Any ideas?



1 June 2009 13:52  
Blogger Mike Drury said...

Hi Jodie, thanks very much for using gomarbella.

The first thing to do is to get to Sevilla. Check out these schedules for the Comes Bus company which operates the routes out of Cadiz to the surrounding provinces. The Comes bus will take you from La Linea bus station on the frontier with Gibraltar to Sevilla. You will need to copy and paste this link.


I would take the first bus out of La Linea at 07.30 which would get you into Sevilla at 11.30.

Your next bus from Sevilla to Lagos (you will get off in Faro) leaves Sevilla at 16.15 getting you into Faro at 18.55 just in time for a nice little bottle of chilled vino branco and sizzling gambas al pil pil in the marina right next to the bus station.

Copy and paste this link: www.gomarbella.com/costadelsolbuses/marbella-faro-algarve-sevilla-bus.htm

Or, go to the google search box on this blog page and type in"Estacion de Autobuses Prado de San Sebastian"

This is the bus station where you will arrive in Sevilla. To pick up your bus to Portugal you will need to catch the connecting bus across to the Estacion de Autobuses Plaza de Armas. Changing bus stations is all explained on this page and on the page linked to it. It's easy to use and the interurban bus system in Sevilla is very clean and efficient.

How does that sound? It should be a great journey. Buy your next ticket as soon as you get to Plaza de Armas and then just relax and have a sherry and tapas in Sevilla while you wait and just enjoy being there.

Let me know if I can help at all!

Best wishes from Marbella Jodie and thanks again for your contact.


1 June 2009 19:49  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Mike
I am trying to find a bus or any other transport that will take us from Faro to Malaga (one way) on 30August so that we can arrive in Frigiliana on the same day. Do you have any suggestions on how we could get there? Any feedback would be very much appreciated! Kind Regards Chezza (Australia)

1 February 2010 07:32  
Blogger Mike Drury said...

Hi Chezza, sorry to take so long to write back to you. Gomarbella has an online international bus booking system where you can book your trip from Faro to the Costa del Sol.

You would leave Faro around midnight and get into Malaga bus station the next morning. From Malaga you would take a bus to Frigiliana.

Is that OK to sleep overnight on the bus? If not I can suggest a route where you change buses in Sevilla and travel by day but you might arrive in Frigiliana in the evening.

I am actually off Lagos on the Algarve tomorrow morning for the weekend but if you write back to me, I will let you know about the online bus booking next Tuesday.

Best wishes from Marbella Chezza and thanks for writing.


18 February 2010 23:46  

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