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Fuengirola to Seville by car or bus?

Finlay found me over on gomarbella and wrote in to ask: "Hi Mike, we are staying in Fuengirola and would like to visit Seville. We'll have one of your hire cars from Malaga airport and would it be simpler to drive to Seville and park there or would it be best to go by bus?"

I wrote back: "Hi Finlay, I love the drive to Seville, my wife and I do the trip at least twice a year, either going to the city or on our way from Marbella to Lagos on the Algarve.

By car you have three routes to get there, through Malaga, through Ronda or down past Gibraltar and then turning inland past Los Barrios. All are easy are very drives and take about the same time.

In your hire car you will be free to stop along the way which is what I really enjoy doing. Of course the driver has to concentrate so doesn't get to see quite as much of the really beautiful Andalusian countryside as the passengers.
Regarding signposting on the outskirts of Seville, You only get one sign and one chance and you have to act on it. If you dither, that's it, you've missed the turning. Inside Seville driving is quite easy, you will need to have a street map and have an idea of where you want to go of course.

Parking in the city is not difficult and you can easily spend a whole day in the old town on foot without needing to get back into the car. An open bus tour, a trip on the Guadalquivier river, a visit to the cathedral and exploration of the shopping areas in the old town and that's a very enjoyable day away. Allow about the same time as the bus, four hours there and four hours back which includes stops.

You might prefer to take the bus from the Fuengirola bus station all the way to Sevilla. You'll get a twenty minute coffee and loo stop at Ronda bus station and you'll get off at the Prado de San Sebastian bus station which is within easy walking distance of the old town in Seville. Here is a link for the Costa del Sol bus schedules from Fuengirola to Sevilla.

Have a think about both options Finlay and let me know if I can help you with any questions. Let me know what you decide! Best wishes from Marbella you will enjoy your trip either way! Mike"

PS: You can now do your online bus ticket reservations through the gomarbella reservation system.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Mike;

Is there a train that goes from Fuengirola to Sevilla? Any info would be appreciated. We plan to be in the area last week of April and 1st week of May 2010.

Holman Louis
Victoria BC Canada

30 March 2010 00:53  
Blogger Mike Drury said...

Hi Holman

Thank you for checking in all the way from Canada. Fuengirola is presently the end of the line from Malaga so to get to Sevilla by train from Fuengirola you would need to train back to Malaga from Fuengirola station on the local (Cercanias) rail line and then train to Sevilla from there.

You can check out the timings on the website, there is an option to change the language on the page. It is not an easy site to use. Trains leave from Fuengirola every 45 minutes and the journey to Malaga takes the same time.

It's a very relaxing way to travel and if you are not carrying luggage you can break your journey in Malaga and have a look around.

The alternative is to travel by bus from Fuengirola. You would stop in Marbella briefly and then on Sevilla with a coffee and loo stop in Ronda. I did this about 3 weeks ago when I had to go back to Sevilla to pick up my car from a workshop there. It's a comfortable picturesque journey.

Travelling time is about the same time both ways but this is Andalucia so don't be in a hurry to get anywhere if possible. Just enjoy the journey.

Both journeys can be booked the day before in Fuengirola from the local train or bus station. No need to book the day before in April but I would do it to add peace of mind to your journey and give you more choice of travelling times.

I hope you have a great trip and feel free to write back if I can help you further Holman.

Best wishes from Marbella


4 April 2010 11:29  

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