Friday, 6 March 2009

Malaga airport to Malaga train station

This morning I was pleased to help Marilyn who wanted to know how far Malaga train station was from Malaga airport because she wanted to travel to Granada by train.

I replied; "Hi Marilyn, thank you very much for checking in to Basically you can get from the airport to the train station in Malaga by bus or by train.

1) The L19 bus to the main Malaga bus station leaves every thirty minutes from just outside the airport arrivals area, and
Malaga train station is only about 200 metres from the main bus station.

2) You can take the train from the Malaga airport stop into the main Malaga train station, here is some information about the Malaga airport train stop

If you look at the picture you will see how close it is from the Malaga bus station exit to the side entrance of the Malaga Maria Zambrano rail station.

To buy your rail ticket in advance you can check in to or you may prefer just to use the site to check train times and buy your ticket on the platform. Down on the left hand side of the page you will see "Cambiar idiomas" Click on there and select "Ingles" but of course if you are on your way to study Spanish in Granada, keep it on the Spanish page!

Have a great trip to Granada Marilyn and best wishes from Marbella, Mike"

PS: You can now do online bus ticket reservations through the gomarbella reservation system.


Blogger Audrey said...

We want to go from Malaga Train Station to Puerto Banus on 7th April without spending a fortune on taxis!
Quite happy to take a taxi for the last part but cannot find a bus which we could take even to Marbella...can you help?

20 March 2009 12:31  
Blogger Mike Drury said...

Hello Audrey

Thank you very much for using Gomarbella.

Check through to the Malaga bus station page and look for the link of buses along the coast toward Marbella.

Look for the workdays "Salidas desde Malaga" - Departures from Malaga and take the Express service because it is direct and does not stop between Malaga and Marbella.

When you get to Marbella, take a taxi from the bus station to Puerto Banus. It will be around 15 euros during the day.

I hope that helps you and that you have a good visit to Puerto Banus. You are just in time to catch all the Easter processions as well!

Best wishes from Marbella Audrey


23 March 2009 20:12  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My flight arrives in Malaga at 10am on a Sunday my friends don't arrive until 8pm when we go directly further into the countryside. I'd like to use the time to explore the city. I understand that there isn't a left luggage facility at the airport which is a bit of a bind. What can you suggest to get the best out of the short time available.
Best wishes
Mary S

4 June 2009 00:14  
Blogger Mike Drury said...

Hi Mary

Thank you very much for checking in to gomarbella. Yes I am sorry that there is no left luggage department at Malaga airport.

I am pleased to say though that you can still have a great day.

Take the train from the airport to Malaga train station. On this blog page, type into the search box above "Malaga Airport Train Schedules" and you will get the schedule of trains to Malaga and also how to get to the airport train stop from Arrivals.

Here is the good news. When you get to Malaga train station, just a very short train ride along from the airport, you will find a fantastic clean, state of the art, high tech, scanner equipped left luggage department. It's down a flight of stairs but there is also a lift. Check your suitcase in for a few euros and you are free for the day.

About 60 metres from the left luggage department in the middle of the station concourse is a desk where you can get information on what to do for the day.

My best suggestion is to sign up at the desk for a open topped red bus tour of Malaga. The bus leaves from right outside the train station. The ticket price also includes a second bus trip to the Malaga Botanical Gardens which are lovely and shady and cool.

You can hop off the red bus anywhere and hop onto the next one at the same stop or a different one, all day long. It will be hot so keep sipping water all day. You'll need sunglasses and a hat or cap.

The station itself is a great place to be cool and have something to eat up on the first floor level.

You will get lots of suggestions and ideas from the girls at the desk including a street map of Malaga if you are in the mood for walking.

Leave time to do the reverse journey to the airport to meet your friends.

I hope this helps you Mary. Have a great day in Malaga and enjoy being parted from your suitcase!

Best wishes from a warm Marbella


4 June 2009 23:23  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,

We fly into Malaga Airport on Thursday, Sept. 3 at 1030 & we have hotel reservations in Marbella.

We are leaving Malaga via Rail on Sat. Sept. 5 at 0900.

I have 3 questions: 1) How much is a taxi to Marbella; 2) If we rent a car & return it to the airport, how much time do we need to get to the train station; 3) what would be your suggestion as the best way to go to/from Marbella with a car return, as I had hope to return the car to the train station, but I don't think it opens that early.

Thank you very much.


24 August 2009 23:12  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi - we are travelling from Madrid to MalagA by train mid Oct. Ive been searching the internet trying to get an idea of how far it is from the station to Mijas Costa. Is there a connecting train or can we travel by bus? Would be grateful of advice. Lesley.

31 August 2009 18:39  
Blogger Mike Drury said...

Hi Lesley

Thanks for checking in to gomarbella. It is very easy to get to Mijas Costa from Malaga train station.

You can either take a bus directly to Mijas Costa from the Malaga bus station which is right next to the train station. There are not many buses each day but have a look at this timetable: and perhaps one of the services will coincide with your train arrival time in Malaga.

You can also take a train to Fuengirola which is on the coast just below Mijas Costa. The "Cercanias" or local line from Malaga train station to Fuengirola train station leaves from the same station and there are two trains every hour until midnight. It's a 48 minute train journey.

From Fuengirola train station you could take a bus to Mijas Costa from the nearby bus station but after your long journey I would simply take a taxi from the taxi rank right outside the train station. Allow 15 minutes for this journey. It will probably cost around €15 during the day.

If you have to wait for a long time at the Malaga bus station then I would take a train to Fuengirola followed by a taxi to Mijas Costa as your best alternative.

Hope this helps you Lesley, thanks again for writing and best wishes for your journey.


1 September 2009 20:32  
Blogger Mike Drury said...

Hello Vin

I have failed you miserably in replying to you on the day you are travelling. Your much appreciated email disappeared out of sight in my inbasket. I do apologise.

I) A taxi to Marbella during the daytime should cost around 56 euros.

2) I would allow one hour from arriving at your car hire return point at Malaga airport to complete the car return paperwork formalities, get to the Malaga airport train station which is right next to the airport train station and to do the 14 minute train journey to the Malaga Maria Zambrano train station.

The trains from Malaga airport to Malaga train station leave at 49 minutes past the hour and 19 minutes past the hour with the first train towards Malaga train station at 06.49 in the morning.

Vin I hope you are able to check your emails whilst you are in Marbella and that the information above might still be of help in some way.

Very best wishes for your stay Marbella. Sincere apologies again.


4 September 2009 18:15  

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