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Hotel Cortijo Blanco bus stop

Cynthia wrote in last month about getting to Hotel Cortijo Blanco by bus from Malaga airport.

I suggested getting the very good bus service from Malaga airport to Marbella bus station (4.35 euros) and then a taxi from the Marbella bus station to the hotel which would cost around €13 by day and €16 after 10pm and at weekends.
I told Cynthia that she could actually take a bus from the Marbella bus station to just beyond the Cortijo Blanco Hotel but there were big road works going on in right in front of the hotel and the footbridge is more than 500 metres beyond the hotel and will be moved again over the next 15 months as the road works progress.

Gomarbella has a list of all the bus stops between Marbella and Estepona and the Hotel Cortijo Blanco hotel bus stop is clearly marked but bus travellers to the hotel will be getting off on the opposite side of the road and there is no clearly marked or safe pedestrian crossings to cross that stretch of road.

I advised Cynthia to take a taxi from Marbella bus station to the hotel or take the same bus above to the San Pedro de Alcantará terminal, the next stop along from the Hotel Cortijo Blanco stop and then a taxi back along the road to the hotel. It would be a minimum fare of about 7 euros during the day.

On the way back to Malaga airport however she could take a the bus all the way back because the bus stop is right in front of the hotel. Having said that, there is nothing more than an indentation in the pavement outside the hotel to show it is a bus stop, there are no bus stop signs at all!

If you look carefully at the picture above you will see the bus stop shelter on the left and then a large white lorry coming towards the camera and an ambulance going away from the camera on the other side of the road. Between the lorry and the ambulance you will see a bus parked off the road, it is just in front of the Hotel Cortijo Blanco. There is no pedestrian crossing over this busy and dangerous road without walking back into San Pedro to the San Pedro bus terminal which is 500 metres behind the camera.

My advice to Cynthia was to take a taxi from Marbella bus station to the hotel or take the bus to San Pedro where she could cross the road and walk back or take a minimum fare taxi ride back to the hotel from San Pedro. I am pleased to say everything worked out fine and it was good to meet up with Cynthia and Jim later at the hotel during their stay. On the way back they took the Estepona to Marbella bus from outside the hotel back to Marbella bus station and then the airport bus back to Malaga airport.

PS: You can now do online bus ticket reservations through the gomarbella reservation system.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you recommend the best way to travel to and from Malaga Airport to the Puente Romano Hotel. There will be 2 adults and 2 children travelling. Both journeys will be during the day.

Thanks Sammy

15 June 2009 20:55  
Blogger Mike Drury said...

Hi Sammy

Thanks very much for your contact. To get to Puente Romano Hotel from Malaga airport the simplest way and most economical way would be to take the special bus from the airport to Marbella bus station. Here is the URL to look at the schedule: Just copy and paste that into your browser. The journey costs €4.50 per person, the children might travel free if they are young enough or half price.

From the bus station in Marbella I would then take a taxi to the hotel. There are always taxis outside the Marbella bus station. That journey should cost around €9.40 or less during the day. So for less than €20 you could move the whole family from the airport to the hotel.

If you decide to take a taxi all the way, the official rate for the journey according to Taxisol our local Marbella taxi company Tel: + 34 95 277 44 88 is €56 during the day and €66 after 10pm and over weekends. There are always taxis just outside the arrivals area at the airport.

I hope this helps Sammy, please write back if I can help you at all and thanks again for using gomarbella to help plan your journey.

Best wishes from Marbella


16 June 2009 17:49  
Anonymous hgvlgv said...

Hi mIke. Very usefull info. Thanks


1 November 2009 11:28  
Blogger Mike Drury said...

Hi Sean

That's very kind of you to write. Yes, the road works are really under way now and although there is a bus stop right outside the Cortijo Blanco Hotel if you are going towards Puerto Banus, Marbella or Malaga, you will have to walk quite a long way if you get off on the other side of the road, coming to the hotel from Marbella.

Let me know if I can help at all. The weather is fantastic right now.

Best wishes from Marbella Sean and thanks again for your contact.


1 November 2009 15:00  

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