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Malaga airport to Gibraltar

Edit wrote in yesterday to say; "I will arrive at Malaga airport at 16:30 pm. From Malaga airport the bus leaves every 30 minutes to go Malaga bus station. My question is, what is the bus schedule for Gibraltar?"

I wrote back to say; "Hello Edit, There are two ways to get to Gibraltar by bus. The
first option I have set out is to travel from the airport to Malaga bus station, this is the service which leaves every 30 minutes and then take a bus all the way to La Linea bus station right on the frontier of Gibraltar. The second option is to take the airport bus to Marbella bus station and then another bus from there to La Linea.

Option 1: If you look at the link below you will see that the last bus of the day from Malaga bus station to La Linea on the border with Gibraltar is at 17.15. If you take a taxi from Malaga airport to Malaga bus station (€20) you might just make the last bus to La Linea but if your plane is late and you have to wait for luggage, you won't get there in time for the 17.15 bus leaving Malaga bus station for La Linea.

If you are travelling on a Sunday then there is no hurry because the last bus to La Linea leaves at 19.15 and you can catch the L19 bus from the airport to Malaga bus station. There are two buses from the airport to Malaga bus station every hour and the L19 bus leaves from just outside the arrivals area.

Option 2: The other alternative is to take the special airport bus to Marbella. Here is the schedule of buses. Note that the summer service starts from 1st July and ends at the end of September.

If you get the 17.30 bus summer schedule bus from Malaga airport to Marbella bus station, (45 minutes) you will be in time for the 18.30 service from Marbella bus station to La Linea bus station. Here is information about the Marbella bus station and you will find the timetable of all buses out of Marbella on this page. Look for MARBELLA - LA LINEA. Again there is a later service at 20.45 if you are travelling on a Sunday.

Here is the information about La Linea bus station again and you will see how close it is to the border with Gibraltar. The picture above is taken from just in front of the La Linea bus station and the border is just at the end of the row of flags. You can see a great little cafeteria to have a drink in just over the road.

Please look at the two alternatives Edit and let me know if you have any difficulties with the connections or timings. Given your arrival time at Malaga airport, I think the trip through Marbella may be the best for your needs.

Best wishes from Marbella and thanks again for your contact. Mike"

PS: You can now do online bus ticket reservations through the gomarbella reservation system.


Blogger Carmel said...

Looking at your blog. We are arriving Malaga 11/6 at 2:30 and need to travel to La Linea/GIB. Is it reasonable to assume we would get through customs and get a bus to travel mostly light hours down, or is taxi better option to achieve light travel? Having trouble deciphering schedule. Then on 11/16 fly out at 7:30am so assume need to be there 4:30 to check in and that means leaving La Linea by 1:30 for 3 hour trip. Is htis accurate or do you have another suggestion for us. Thank you, Carmel Maloney

13 September 2009 22:00  
Blogger Mike Drury said...

Hi Carmel

Getting in to Malaga airport at 14.30 on Friday 11/6 means that if you get your luggage by 15.00 you could take the next twice hourly bus to Malaga bus station and you might just get there by 15.30 or by 16.00 at the latest.

The shuttle bus to Malaga bus station from Malaga airport leaves from just outside the arrivals area at present. By the summer of 2010 there will be a fantastic new bus station at the airport. Not right now though!

As soon as you get to Malaga bus station buy your onward tickets to La Linea bus station. The bus you will catch will be the 17.15 service. It's a three hour journey so your first two hours at least will be in daylight. Sit on the left of the bus for views of the sea.

Malaga train station right next door is a pleasanter place to wait than the bus station and you can do a bit of shopping or have a meal in the first floor restaurant area. Keep an eye on your baggage at all times.

You are absolutely correct with your timings for the return journey. A taxi from Gibraltar or from the Spanish side of the border will be the only option at that time of the morning.

As you walk in through the frontier on your way from La Linea bus station into Gibraltar, you will see the Spanish La Linea taxi rank on your left. Check the cost of the fare as you walk in and either book the driver then and there or arrange the journey back during your stay with one of the locals in Gibraltar.

Let me know if you have any questions Carmel. I hope you have a great time in Gibraltar.

Best wishes from Marbella and thank you for your contact.


21 September 2009 22:15  
Blogger Michael said...

how much would a taxi be roughly from malaga to gibraltar and qouls it still take 3hrs? as goosle maaps state that its 1 45hrs journey time

8 October 2009 01:59  
Blogger Mike Drury said...

Hi Michael

Thanks very much for writing in. I would work on 1hr 30 minutes for the journey. A little more if you are leaving from the centre of Malaga. If you are leaving from Malaga airport then 1hr 30mins is good. This would be to the border of Gibraltar, next to the airport.

I haven't phoned the taxi companies in Gibraltar or in Malaga but I would estimate about 120 euros for the journey. A little more if most of the journey takes place after 10pm.

When you have decided to make the trip, let me know and I will ring one of those companies in Malaga or at Malaga airport to check for you.

Let me know if I can help with any other travel possibilities but a taxi is the best way to sort out any difficulties with late arrivals or early departures from the airport.

Best wishes from Marbella Michael and thanks again for writing in.


8 October 2009 20:02  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a friend visiting Gibraltar for New Year. Her flight from UK lands in Malaga at 10.30 on Dec 28th. Is the information you've given before about getting a bus to Marbella and then La Linea still correct?

20 November 2009 13:15  
Blogger Mike Drury said...

Hi Jodie

Sorry about the delay in replying.

I have updated the schedule of buses leaving Marbella and also the buses coming back from La Linea.

I have also checked on the winter schedule of the special shuttle bus service from Malaga airport to Marbella and back again and it hasn't changed.

Thanks very much for writing in Jodie and I hope your friend has a good trip out and that you both have a good time together.

Best wishes from Marbella


3 December 2009 12:07  
Blogger sara h said...

hi mike, i travel to gibralter on the 7th april, but have to fly back from malaga on the sat 10th april, my flight leaves at 11.40 in the morning, will i make it on transport, or shall i book hotel in malaga on the friday? any help would be great sara

27 March 2010 18:27  
Blogger Mike Drury said...

Hi Sarah

I am very sorry not to have answered you earlier. Yes I think a hotel in Malaga the night before your flight will be the most comfortable option.

The Portillo bus service won't give you enough time. A taxi from the border will cost around 130 euros and it will take at least 90 minutes.

You could bus back the day before, get a good hotel for a lot less the taxi fare and enjoy a great evening out in Malaga.

The weather is fantastic right now and you have chosen just the right time to travel.

Best wishes for your trip Sarah and sorry again for the late reply. Mike

4 April 2010 11:07  

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