Thursday, 30 July 2009

A beach in Marbella

Come on down to the beach in Marbella today. Everybody's taking it easy. The sun's hot and the sea's refreshingly cool.

Bring your watermelon and cool drink and picnic on the beach or feast on sizzling fried prawns in garlic washed down with cold white wine or sangria in a chiringuito nearby.

Out at sea the windsurfers are gliding up and down the coast. In the distance you'll hear the buzzing of jet skis rented from Funny Beach past the fishing port.

White T shirted beach security personnel patrol the beaches or cycle up and down the Paseo Marítimo while the lookie lookie men sidle cautiously along with their trays of Rolex watches, latest CDs and designer sunglasses.

There are at least another eight weeks of glorious sunshine over the Costa del Sol. Come on down!


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