Friday, 7 August 2009

Marriotts Playa Andaluza

Bernetta wrote to me: " I am arriving at Malaga Airport on Sunday at 4:15. I am travelling to Marriott's Playa Andaluza. Can I take public transport to get there or at least close?"

I wrote back: "Hi Bernetta, Thank you very much for checking in to

Yes you can travel all the way by public transport to Marriotts Playa Andaluza in Estepona but I suggest a taxi for the last stretch from the Marbella bus station to the resort.

Take the airport bus from Malaga airport to Marbella bus station. I think you will just miss the 16.30 bus but the 18.30 bus is well worth waiting for at less than €4.50 for the trip. You catch the bus just outside arrivals. Have a drink at the cafeteria in Malaga airport arrivals on your left as you come out, while you are waiting and then get to the bus stop about 20 minutes before to get your place in the queue. You buy your tickets on the bus. Here is the timetable for the bus from Malaga airport to Marbella Bus Station.

From Marbella bus station it is about 12 kms at least from Marbella to Marriots Playa Andaluza which is on the other side of San Pedro. You could catch the bus which travels from Marbella bus station to Estepona and get off at the Isdabe bus stop which is the nearest stop to Marriotts Playa Andaluza. Here is a list of all the stops between Marbella bus station and Estepona.

The only problem is that Marriotts Playa Andaluza is sme distance from the main road and the Isdabe bus stop and on your arrival you would need to cross the footbridge over the A7 and then trundle your suitcase about another 800 metres.

I suggest for your arrival that you take a taxi from Marbella bus station to the resort, or take the bus from Marbella as far as San Pedro and then a taxi from there to Marriotts which would be about €10.

Once you are at the resort, you can use the coastal bus service for exploring the coast. It is just not that easy to arrive at Marriots Playa Andaluza by bus pulling a suitcase.

Bernetta please check out all the information and then write back if I can help you at all. I can check on the price of a taxi from the Marbella bus station to Marriotts Playa Andaluza and let you know if that will help.

Best wishes from Marbella for your stay and thanks again for your contact. Mike Drury"

PS: You can now do online bus ticket reservations through the gomarbella reservation system.


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