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How to get the information you need from Gomarbella.

A message from Mike.
Hello and thank you very much for using Gomarbella. Please use any of the options below to contact me.
1) Search the Site First  
Search gomarbella
Before you ask me your question, I recommend that you put your keywords into the search box. You'll get immediate free access to more than 500 pages of information on Gomarbella website and blog.
Can't find the information you need? Ask me! Read on.
2) Gomarbella Facebook
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Use the 'Like' Gomarbella button before asking your question.

After you have 'Liked' Gomarbella in advance, ask me your question on the Gomarbella Facebook Page. When I see your new Like, I'll do my best to answer your question the same day.

No Facebook account? Contact me on the Gomarbella Spain Now and Then Blog comment boxes below.
3) Gomarbella Blog

Visit the Gomarbella Blog

  1. Use the search option first. Enter your keywords to find the blog information closest to your question.
  2. Go to that page.
  3. Use the Comment Box to ask me your question. Simply Log in as Anonymous if you don't have a Google account.
  4. Enter your email address for answers.

I'll do my best to answer your question the same day.

4) Ask me a direct question and receive a fast, personal and private reply.

Perhaps you would you prefer to ask a private question and receive a personal answer? Use the Pay Pal donate button below and donate any ammount you choose.

Direct access email address
You will then get access to a special email address where you can send me your question. I will prioritise your question and you will receive a fast, personal and private reply.

Maybe you simply want to show your appreciation and make a small donation to Gomarbella funding and then ask your question. Please use the Donate Button below!


So what's all this about having to 'Like' Gomarbella or 'Donate' before you get information?

Do I look like an Internet Highwayman?

Let me explain. Gomarbella started back in September 1999. That's 14 years of sharing my experience and time and countless questions answered. Through these pages businesses have been started, people have got married, moved to Spain, come on holiday, hired cars, been helped with their Spanish holiday planning and so on and so on.

Over the years I've got a lot of satisfaction from helping others and I've also made money from car hires, bus reservations and Google advertising.

It just so happens that now, things like Facebook Page 'Likes' and Google + are important and I would like my fair share.

My daughter took this picture in August 2013 to celebrate Gomarbella's 14th anniversary. I tidied up my bookshelves a bit and tried to look friendly and helpful!

Thank you very much for getting this far. Welcome to Gomarbella and all it can offer you. Now, look for that 'Like' button. I'll see it on my screen and your answer will be on its way!

Mike Drury at  Gomarbella
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Gomarbella Car Hire Renting a car through Gomarbella? Make a note of my hotline Car Rental email address that you see as you complete the booking process. Hire a car, write to me and get my help free!
Gomarbella Bus Reservations You'll find my bus help email address over on the Gomarbella online ticket reservations page.
Spain has a fantastic networks of bus connections. The booking engines can be clunky but once you are on the bus, things work really well. Let me help you with any questions.
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