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Cabopino Beach and Cabopino Camping by bus from Malaga Airport


How do I get to Cabopino Beach and Cabopino Camping by bus from Malaga Airport?

Tracey wrote in on the Gomarbella Facebook contact page today to ask how to get to Cabopino. She is flying in to Malaga Airport in September with two friends. She asked for an idea of the cost.

Hello Tracey, thank you very much for writing in and for your 'Like' on the Facebook page.

Because Cabopino is about halfway between Fuengirola and Marbella, you have two ways of getting there; using two buses or train followed by bus.

1) Two buses. Take the Malaga Airport to Marbella bus to Marbella bus station. The airport bus to Marbella travels along the inland toll road which runs parallel to the coast. From Marbella bus station take the bus to Fuengirola back along the coast road getting off at the Cabopino bus stop. Here's a list of bus stops between Fuengirola and Marbella where you'll find the Cabopino stop. Coming from Marbella, you will get off at the bus stop on the left and walk a short distance to Cabopino Port. The bus in the picture is heading towards Marbella having come from Fuengirola and the bus stop is just out of sight on the right.

The bus stop for Cabopino coming from Fuengirola is just out of sight to the right
2) Using the train then the bus, catch the train from Malaga Airport as far as Fuengirola train station. Walk one block as far as the Fuengirola bus station then take the next bus to Marbella, again getting off at the Cabopino bus stop which will be on the right in the picture above.
The beautiful Mediterranean pines overlooking Cabopino beach.
About the cost Tracey, bus followed by bus will be just over €12 and train followed by bus will be just under €10. (2012) I think I would go for the second option because it is slightly shorter but see how you feel when you get to Malaga airport! Feel like a bus trip to Marbella? Go for it. Fancy a train instead? Get on the train, you are on holiday, enjoy whatever you do!
Cabopino beach is very special in that it has survived all the attacks of property developers over the years and is one of the few unbuilt areas between the road and the beach all the way along the coast. It is now a protected area because of its sand dune growth and vegetation. This will be your first sight of it from the roundabout to the left of the bridge. In the distance is a beach bar which is worth visiting.

Cabopino is only 12 km from Marbella and 14 km from Fuengirola and is one of the very few areas along the Costa del Sol where there is no building between the main coastal road and the water's edge. The smell of the pines forest will reach as you turn off the road. It's a great place to hang out. If you are driving then parking is easy and close to the beach and supervised nearly all year round. Cabopino means "Pine Cape"

The bus stops above serve the Camping Cabopino complex and the picture below showing the entrance to the famous Cabopino camping resort is taken from the roundabout just to the right of the road bridge above. You can camp happily in Camping Cabopino and be on the beach just a few minutes later.
The entrance to Camping Cabopino just four minutes from the beach.
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Author: Mike Drury - Google+
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