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How do I get to Marbella Bus Station by car from Estepona?


Look for Exit 184 Marbella, Casco Antiguo on the A7

Hi, I have to drop off someone at the Marbella bus station. She has to go to Malaga airport.  Which exit road from the A7 coming from Estepona should I take to get to the Marbella bus station? Thanks Rong

Hello Rong

Coming from Estepona if you follow the A7 coast road you will go past Puerto Banus then through the tunnels. If you take the AP7, from Estepona, then you will merge with the A7 just after the exit from the tunnels mentioned above. You are now on the long straight behind Marbella. Look for Exit 184 Marbella, Casco Antiguo.  You will get a big blue sign at 1000m and then another at 600m and then a white sign reading the same after you have entered the exit lane.

As you slow down in the exit lane you will see the Marbella bus station on the other side of the road on your left. Go around the roundabout after the exit lane and over the A7 to the other side, round the roundabout and the Marbella bus station will be on your right.

There are never any parking places in the Marbella bus station car park so drive past the bus station and at the very end there is a roundabout where you turn to come back past the bus station to get back on to the main road. I always park on this corner when I do pick ups or drop offs. Try not to block the buses which use the same roundabout!

I  hope this helps you, best wishes and thanks again for using Mike

From: Rong Sent: Saturday, September 18, 2007 Subject: How to get to Marbella bus station from the A7

Thanks for the clear directions Mike. Very quick response and working on a Sunday that late: that deserves the highest service quality marks! Thanks again Mike. Kind Regards Rong
Exit 184 for the Marbella Bus Station from the A7 (N340) coming from Estepona
This is Exit 184 from the A7 (N340) if you are coming from Estepona and wanting to get to the Marbella bus station. On the far side of the road just heading up the off ramp you will see the Daibus on its way to Madrid from Algeciras, beyond Estepona, calling in at the Marbella bus station which is just off to the left of the picture. Just entering the roundabout on the far side is the Marbella bus station to Malaga airport bus which will pull back down onto the A7 to the left and then join the AP7 toll road shortly afterwards for a straight run to the airport.
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