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Bus Timetables for Costa del Sol for buses operated by Portillo Bus Company.


Bus Services on the Costa del Sol

The Avanza bus company operates the routes along the Costa del Sol. Use the Avanza bus site for online booking for the Malaga airpor to Marbella bus and check the timetables.

Note: If you miss your pre-booked Malaga airport to Marbella bus time get your ticket validated at the ticket office just outside Arrivals. PLEASE NOTE 13/04/2013 Mary O'Neill wrote in to say: The bus ticket saga was not so straight forward. Our flight was delayed and neither the driver nor the ticket office could accept our ticket that we purchased online because it was for a different time than the time we actually needed the service. So please be aware to warn other travellers not to pre-book their bus ticket on line. Also it was cheaper to buy the ticket at the ticket office than to book online... thanks Mary"

For bookings from the Costa del Sol to all towns and cities inland in Spain including international bus travel use the Gomarbella Online bus reservation page.This has nothing to do with the Avanza bus service.
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More recently asked questions about buses and taxis on the Costa del Sol  Photos!
Subject: Getting from Torremolinos to Marbella How do I get from Torremolinos to Marbella? Angela
Hi Angela Thanks for writing in to gomarbella. One way would be to catch the bus. There are buses almost every 30 minutes on weekdays, slightly longer intervals at weekends but lots of buses. You can walk to the bus station in Torremolinos from almost anywhere in the town or a short taxi ride will get you there if it is a bit hot. The Marbella bus station up behind Marbella is well connected by buses or taxis into the town or you can walk down the sea front if you are not pulling a suitcase, it would only take about 25 minutes pleasant walk down to the sea front. You could also go by taxi of course, this might cost around 30 Euros but the bus is cheaper. Let me know if you need bus times or any other information. Best wishes Mike
Subject: Ariving by train from Madrid. We are four Danish persons who arrive from Madrid with a train Wednesday April the 12th at 13.48. Do you have a bus leaving Malaga to Marbella ? We are staying Marbella to April the 14th; it's a Holly day in Denmark . Is it too a holly day in Spain and will the buses driven at other times? Best regards, Flemming
Hi Flemming There are buses from Malaga to Marbella every day. Click through above on Malaga Bus Station to see all buses leaving Malaga for Marbella.

April the 12th is Wednesday and is not a holiday. The first direct bus to Marbella (no stopping) after you arrive at 13.48 will be at 16.30, then 18.30. It would be good to walk across to the bus station which is right next to the train station and book your seats, as soon as you arrive in Malaga then have lunch nearby before catching your bus. The bus service to Marbella which stops along the route leaves at 14.00, 15.00, 16.00, 17.00, 17.45, 19.00, 19.45, 20.30 and the last bus is at 21.30.  (try to catch the direct bus!) The cost will be 4.55 € or less, journey time 1.15 hours approx. April the 14th is Easter Friday so that will be a big holiday but the buses will be running although the service is reduced. To get to Malaga at 12.45 to catch your train you should take the 09.30 or 10.30 buses. Very Important, book your places on these buses as soon as you get to Marbella on the 12th. Less buses travelling means more demand for places on the buses. Journey time approx 45 minutes. Please check all my information, I would not like you to miss any buses! Thursday and Friday are both holidays and so the banks will be close. There are lovely processions in the evenings in Marbella and I am sure you will enjoy them. Best wishes and welcome to Marbella!
Subject: Bus from Malaga to Marriotts Marbella. "Hello! We will arrive on Sunday, May 7, 2006 at 6 am and would like to get to Marriotts Marbella. Is there a bus that will take us there from the Malaga Airport and if so, does it run on Sunday morings to Marriotts Marbella? Sincerely Mark

Hi Mark I was going to suggest catching the bus from Malaga Airport to Marbella and then from there to Marriots Marbella but if you get in at 6am then the first bus after your arrival time to Marbella will only be at 08:15. Check here for the Malaga Airport to Marbella Bus Station service. If you don't want to wait around at the airport, then another option is to take the train from the airport to Fuengirola and then go by bus to Marriots. The trains from Malaga airport leave every 30 minutes. The train station in Fuengirola is only 100 metres from the bus station. Marriots Marbella is between Marbella and Fuengirola. Look above for the schedule of buses from Fuengirola.

If you arrive later of course then you can travel from Marbella Bus Station to Marriotts Marbella.

You might want to treat yourself to a taxi from Fuengirola instead if you are tired from travelling, probably about 15 €. The only way to take a bus all the way to Fuengirola from the airport is to take a bus into Málaga city and then catch a coastal road bus which would drop you off at the Don Carlos bus stop, next to Mariotts Marbella. The train and bus is the more interesting and practical option. Let me know if I can help at all. Best wishes and thanks for using gomarbella

Subject: Re: Bus from Malaga to Marbella "Marriott Playa Andaluza" Hi Mike, Thanks so much for all of your suggestions and all of your help. The wide range of information you have provided will really assist us in getting around. We are very satisfied! Does the 8:15 bus from the Malaga Airport to Marbella include getting off directly at the Don Carlos Hotel stop or do we have to take a second connecting bus after the first bus from the Malaga Airport to Marbella Bus Station? Then take another bus from the Marbella Bus Station to the Don Carlos Hotel? Once again, Thank You! Sincerely, Mark
Hi Mark The bus from Malaga airport to Marbella bus station is dedicated to this route with no stops in between. It also takes the inland toll road so does not travel on the N340 road for the last part of the journey which runs along the coast and which is where Mariotts is. So yes, after you get to Marbella bus station you need to take a second bus, from Marbella to Fuengirola which is actually back in the direction towards Malaga again but only for about 12 kms and next to the coastline. Here is a list of bus stops between Marbella and Fuengirola which will show the Mariotts stop. Doing the journey by bus is going to mean two buses. If you have been travelling all night I think I would have a coffee and croissant at the airport, the cafeteria is in the arrivals area to the left as you come out and wait for the Marbella airport bus. It  takes exactly 45 minutes to Marbella. Have another coffee at the bus station there until the Fuengirola bus leaves. When you buy your ticket on this bus, just say to the ticket guy "Hotel Don Carlos"
Subject: Re: Bus from Malaga to Marbella "Marriott Playa Andaluza" Hello Mike, Thanks so much again for the excellent assistance! Yes, we will be traveling all night and we love coffee. So, once again, you hit the nail on the nose. We will get our coffee as you mentioned and a croissant. Also another coffee at the bus station. Sounds great. I understand now about the two buses. I thoght it might go that way. You have been very helpful and we are very happy we had you to assist us. Could not ask for better! Take Care, Mark
Hi Mark You are very welcome. I am glad you have the picture now. Have a great holiday at Mariotts Mike
Subject: How do I get to Hapimag in Marbella from Málaga airport? Melanie
Hi Melanie Thank you for writing in to gomarbella. The best way to get to Marbella is on the special Marbella / Malaga airport bus. I will give you a link to look at the times. If you look at the righthand column you will see there is a bus to Marbella at 15:30. It takes 45 minutes to get to Marbella and once you are here you have two options. 1) Take an inter-urban bus down to Hapimag, I am not sure of the number but you would find it on the bus timetable in the terminal. They run about every 30 minutes but it you would have to walk about 4 blocks from the nearest bus stop on the main street through Marbella down to Hapimag and it could be hot. 2) Take a taxi. It won't cost more than 6 Euros from the taxi rank right outside the Marbella bus station down to the beach front which is where Hapimag is. I would treat myself to a nice air-conditioned taxi for this last bit of the journey. It is not far but you will arrive in style. Tell me when you get back if the taxi is not airconditioned.... Hope this helps Melanie. Don't hesitate to ask for any more information. Welcome to Marbella and have a great stay. Best wishes Mike Drury
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Author: Mike Drury - Google+
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