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La Linea Bus Station


About La Linea Bus Station

La Linea bus station is only 5 minutes walk from the Spanish border with Gibraltar and as you come out of the front entrance the Rock of Gibraltar is clearly visible. Although it is only a small bus station it is an important point for travellers between Cadiz and Malaga provinces. The Comes bus company operates in Cadiz and the Portillo bus company operates buses along the Costa del Sol from La Linea to Malaga and both companies use the same bus station in La Linea, situated right on Gibraltar's border with Spain. Gibraltar airport is also just over the border making this airport very cenral for visitors to Gibraltar, Algeciras, La Linea, the Costa del Sol and the Costa de la Luz.

Check through here for my suggestions on what to on a day's excursion to Gibraltar.
Be careful if you are catching the last bus back up the coast from La Linea and need to walk from the border to the La Linea bus station after dark. Look after your possessions when you are getting on and off your buses of course and at all bus stops and stations along the route. You would do that anywhere in the world wouldn't you?
La Linea Bus Station
The Spanish border and point of entry into Gibraltar are very close to the La Linea bus station. Perhaps 5 minutes walk without a heavy suitcase and 8 to 10 minutes if you are trundling a heavier suitcase. There is a great little cafe just over the roundabout on your way to the border. As you come straight out of the entrance seen above, head for the Rock and the restaurant is on your left. You can see the colourful signs just over the two cars on the left. If you look carefully at the rock face you can just make out the gun emplacements holes.
View of the Rock of Gibraltar from outside the La Linea Bus Station
La Linea bus station has an Internet access point seen below. You can make phone calls or send and receive money just inside the station on the right as you enter and on the left of the picture below. If you need to check in before you fly from Gibraltar, this is the place to do it.
Internet access in La Linea bus station
The La Linea bus station serves the Comes bus company which operates the bus routes in Cadiz and the Portillo bus company which covers the Costa del Sol up to Malaga. Both bus companies operate buses into each other's areas, for example the Comes bus company has a long distance bus from Cadiz to Malaga bus station and the Portillo bus company operates a service from Malaga bus station to Cadiz city. Below you see the ticket offices (taquillas) which sell bus tickets for both companies. If you are travelling on to Sevilla from La Linea or anywhere on the Costa del Sol you will arrive at the Estación del Prado de San Sebastián in Sevilla
Comes and Portillo ticket offices in the La Linea bus bus station
If you are staying in Spain for a few days and not planning to hire a car then take a day trip into Spain by bus and by train and visit the historic city of Ronda, one of Andalucia's top destinations. Catch a bus from La Linea bus station to Los Barrios, just behind the oil refinery and then take a train to Ronda train station. Another variation of this popular and stimulating rail journey is to break your rail trip at Benaoján Montejaque, and have lunch beside a gushing spring in the village. You will find more details on the "Spain Now and Then" blog on the Benaoján Montejaque page. Write to me if I can help you with any details of your journeys out of La Linea bus station.

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