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How close is the Los Boliches train stop to the Yaramar hotel in Fuengirola?


Information on Los Boliches train stop

Mike: We are heading for Fuengirola next month.  Is the train station at Malaga airport still outside the airport building? Do all trains to Fuengirola stop at Los Boliches? That station is not very prominent on the various digital maps/photographic web sites due to the line going underground about there.  Is the Los Boliches train stop in Fuengirola within reasonable walking distance of the Yaramar Hotel on the sea friont.  We are both capable walkers and will have wheeled  suitcases or would we be better getting a taxi, if so where? We will be arriving on a Sunday morning about 10.30 at Malaga. Sorry for the number of questions.  Your site was very useful in showing me the layout of the 'old' airport station and the direction of travel required.  Good stuff! Thanks
Hello John Thank you for your kind words, I am glad the Gomarbella travel pages are helpful. The new Malaga airport train station is functioning well with three trains every hour in both directions.

Yes, all the trains stop at Los Boliches, and you´ll find the timings on the Malaga airport train station page.   I also wrote about your request to me in my 'Spain Now and Then' blog under the heading Los Boliches Train Stop. I hope you find this page useful.

Here is a picture of the steps and ramp down to the ground from the Los Boliches train station. The ramp is quite steep and you will need to take care on the way down when moving with your suitcases.

The steps at Los Boliches train stop
Here you will see the ticket machine at the top of the steps and ramp, just before you walk onto the platform to the left. The ramp is steep but there are strips to stop you slipping in wet weather.
Train ticket machine at the Los Boliches train stop in Fuengirola on the Costa del Sol
The travellers with the red bag have just got off the train at the Los Boliches stop which is just behind me. Through the gap in the buildings you can see the sea and a tiny section of the 7km long Paseo Maritimo (sea front promenade) in Fuengirola. This is to give you an idea of how close the railway line from Málaga airport is at this point to the sea at the Los Boliches stop. Put it this way, you are both good walkers, if the wheels on your suitcases are in good shape and it is a nice day you will be tempted to walk. Straight down to the Paseo Maritimo, turn right and keep going until you see Hotel Yaramar on your right.
Fuengirola Paseo Maritimo seen from the Los Boliches train stop
Sad story coming up here. As I walked off the ramp I heard a man say "I've been done!. They have taken my wallet!" If you look at the photo below it is the fellow in the blue shirt walking towards me. You have to take great care travelling on public transport in the south of Spain, getting on and off trains, at the ticket machines or window. People stand a lot closer to you than in northern European countries and especially on the trains it is a pickpocket's paradise. Anyway when I took this picture I could hear the waves behind me and feel the breeze on my back. If you look over our poor pickpocketed victim's head, you will see the green and red of the overhead Los Boliches train stop. It is very close to the Paseo Maritimo in Fuengirola.
Can you see the green and red of the Los Boliches train stop?
Here you see the Yaramar Hotel on the Paseo Maritimo in Fuengirola. If you look at the palm tree on the right of the picture, you will see a yellow building behind it. I was standing on corner of that yellow building when I took the picture above. I hope this helps you get an idea of the distance between the Los Boliches train stop and the Yaramar hotel. The full address of the Yaramar Hotel is Paseo Maritimo 64, 29640 Fuengirola.
Hotel Yaramar on the Paseo Maritimo in Fuengirola
In case you need a taxi to travel onwards from Los Boliches train stop then this is where they are! When you come off the ramp from the train stop which you can see in the distance in the left of the picture below, keep walking parallel to the overhead tracks in the direction of the Fuengirola station, the last stop on the line. Two blocks further along you will come to the imaginatively named Calle Taxis, (Taxi Street) turn left and you will see taxis waiting for you.
Los Boliches taxi rank in Calle Taxis
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