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How do I get from Malaga Airport to Gibraltar?


How do I get from Malaga Airport to Gibraltar if I arrive late?

1) Malaga airport bus to Malaga or Marbella Bus Stations then to La Linea Bus Station next to Gibraltar.

Travelling by bus from Malaga airport to Gibraltar you have two possibilities:

Early in the Day Option 1) Take the C1 local train from Malaga airport train station to Malaga's main Maria Zambrano train station and walk next door to Malaga bus station, or if you prefer, take a bus from the airport direct to Malaga bus station. Then travel on by bus to La Linea de la Concepcion bus station next to the Gibraltar frontier. The last service of the day from Malaga bus station to La Linea leaves at 16.30.

For the Malaga bus station to La Linea route, your flight arrival time at Malaga airport must be before 15.30 at the latest. (This allows you one hour to get your luggage and catch the train or bus to Malaga train station and bus station - I advise you to book your seat from Malaga bus station to La Linea previously)
Early in the Day Option 2) Take the Malaga airport to Marbella bus shuttle bus and then continue your journey from Marbella bus station, travelling on to La Linea bus station. From Marbella bus station, the last service of the day to La Linea, leaves at 18.00.

For Marbella bus station to La Linea your flight arrival time must be before 16.15 at the latest. (This allows you 45 minutes collect your luggage and walk outside to catch the 17.00 bus to Marbella bus station).

If your flight arrival times are later than explained above, then you still have three options:

Late Arrival Option 1) Take a taxi from Malaga airport to La Linea de la Concepcion.
Late Arrival Option 2) Take the airport bus to Marbella and then take a taxi from there. By taking a bus to Marbella first you will reduce the cost of a taxi to La Linea by half.
Late Arrival Option 3) To avoid taxi costs and have an enjoyable evening along the route, I suggest spending the night in Malaga or Marbella in a good hotel or hostal very close to the bus station and travel on the next morning on any one of the services to La Linea. For less than the cost of a taxi from Malaga airport or Marbella to La Linea, you can break your journey and see a bit more of the Costa del Sol.
Reserve and Pay for your seats on the Avanza Bus Timetable and Online Seat Reservations Page

The route from Malaga to Marbella and La Linea is operated by the Avanza Bus company. You'll find a link through to the Avanza Bus booking system at the top of the Costa del Sol bus information page.

Read these useful hints before booking your seats:
Note: The Avanza system does not allow bookings for more than 30 days in advance.
Choose Ida: (One way) then your date of travel.
For Origen: (Starting point) put MALAGA AEROPUERTO or MALAGA for Malaga Bus Station.
For Destino: (Destination) Put MARBELLA or LINEA DE LA CONCEPCIÓN, LA for La Linea

Summary of Malaga Airport via Malaga bus station to La Linea on the Gibraltar border.

Malaga Airport: This is the bus from to Malaga bus station picking up passengers outside the Arrivals area at Malaga airport. It travels every 30 minutes from to 11.30pm to the main bus station in Málaga.

Bus to Malaga centre with airport train station just behind.
You can also take the C1 train passing the Malaga airport train station every 20 minutes as far as the Maria Zambrano main train station in Malaga and then walk next door to the bus station.
It's six of one and half a dozen of another! I like the train, it's an eight minute journey.
From Malaga bus station take the bus to La Linea bus station. From there it's a five minute walk to the Gibraltar border and once you have shown your passport you can take a bus or taxi for the very short ride to the centre.

Summary of Malaga Airport to Marbella Bus Station then to La Linea on the Gibraltar border

2) Take the special Málaga Airport to Marbella Bus Station bus service. Have a coffee in the Marbella Bus Station cafeteria and then catch the bus from Marbella bus station to La Linea. Check the Avanza bus route timetable to find out how many services there are to La Linea from Marbella.

The Gibraltar border is only 5 minutes walk from the La Linea Bus Station, have your passport ready and you will walk straight through. In the picture below you will see where the taxi stop and bus stops are on the Gibraltar side of the border.

Here is a visitor to Gibraltar waiting for a taxi near the old Gibraltar airport terminal visible in the background. The taxi rank is just 10 metres from Gibraltar passport control The bus stop for buses to Gibraltar centre is about 10 metres further on and buses come continuously. As one bus fills up, the next bus to Gibraltar centre comes along. Ask the person next to you if they want to share a taxi.  
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