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How do I get from Malaga Airport to Nerja?


Take the bus from Malaga airport bus to Malaga Bus Station then another bus to Nerja.

Can you tell me the best way to get from Malaga Airport to Nerja? Thanks for your help Pat
Hi Pat Thanks very much  for checking in to Take the local bus from the airport to Malaga bus station. This bus leaves from right outside the arrivals area. As you come of the airport arrivals area, the bus stop is about 50 metres across the forecourt, you'll see the train station behind it. There are two buses into Malaga every 30 minutes, only one of them actually goes to the bus station. Check on the timetable next to the bus shelter. The bus journey itself takes just under 30 minutes.

To travel from Malaga to Nerja by bus, check out this site for the timetables for buses from Malaga bus station to Nerja  In the right hand box look for NERJA. click on Buscar / Search and you will find a listing of all the buses travelling to Nerja each day. There are quite a few.

If you have much of a wait between buses in Malaga and are not travelling too heavily then there is a fantastic shopping centre and mall open every day above the Maria Zambrano train station in Malaga which is about 100 metres behind the bus station. Buy your onward ticket as soon as you get there and then have a coffee there or take a later bus and have a meal depending on how much of a hurry you are in to get to Nerja! If you look at the picture below you will see how close the exit from the bus station is to the great shopping centre above the Estación Maria Zambrano, otherwise known as Malaga train station. Don't hang around the bus station if you have to wait, have a coffee or light meal just across the way!
Look after your belongings getting on and off buses and buying tickets when you might get distracted!

Best wishes for your journey to Nerja and let me know if I can help with any other travel information. Mike Drury

How much is the bus fare from Malaga to Nerja?

Dear Mike Thanks very much for all the information this is really helpful - you don't happen to know the bus charges to Nerja do you as I've been on the estabus site and tried to email them in Spanish but they don't seem to understand? Regards PAT
Sent: Friday, September 28, 2007 10:17 AM Subject: Re: BUS FROM MALAGA AIRPORT TO NERJA
Hi Pat About bus fares to Nerja, the bus service from Malaga to Nerja is operated by the ALSINA GRAELLS SUR bus company. You can check for the latest bus fare on this page, selecting Malaga for Origen and Nerja for Destino. You'll find the bus fares and schedules for buses between Nerja and Malaga bus station here.
Best wishes for your journey to Nerja and look out for your belongings buying tickets and getting on and off buses. Mike
Alsina Graells bus in Nerja at the open air Nerja bus station
This is the Alsina Graells bus standing at the main bus stop in Nerja. You buy tickets at a little ticket office along with cool drinks just to the right of where the bus to Malaga is standing.
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