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How do I get from Malaga Airport to Pueblo Andaluz Hotel in San Pedro?


Malaga Airport to Pueblo Andaluz Hotel in San Pedro de Alcantará

Mark: Hi, do you know how much it would cost to get a taxi from Malaga airport to San Pedro de Alcantara please? We would also need a return journey. Arriving on 22nd Aug, returning 1st Sept. We've been quoted around £150 for a return journey? Is there any cheaper way or method or cheaper taxi fare?

Gomarbella: Hi Mark, I would say €150 would be reasonable, that's euros, for daytime trips up to 10pm and weekdays. Your return journey on a Saturday would push the price up a bit. The taxi and transfer fares go up slightly over weekends.

The other way to do it is of course to take the Malaga airport bus to Marbella for the first leg of your journey, it's a dedicated service and costs around €7/8 (2012) one way. Then for the second part of the journey from Marbella bus station to San Pedro de Alcantará, take a taxi especially if your destination in San Pedro is out of the town or some distance from the San Pedro bus station. I'd estimate the cost of that taxi to be around €20 or less for an out of San Pedro destination.

For the return trip do the reverse.

Have a look at the timetable here and you can also book online through the site from the top link on the Gomarbella Costa del Sol buses page. The Malaga airport bus is very reliable. How do you feel about the combination I've suggested?

Mark: Hi Mike, so just to would be 7 euros per person from airport to Marbella main bus station (28 euros for the 4 of us) and then catch a taxi to our hotel in San Pedro would be around 20 euros? We are staying at the Pueblo Andaluz Hotel. By the way is the hotel OK? And another question (sorry), do you recommend any decent day trips to take our kids aged 14 and 11 to? Thanks.

Gomarbella: Hi Mark, absolutely about the cost on the bus. Double checking I see that some services to Marbella are €8.30 and others are €7.00 depending on the time. It's a great service and is as comfortable as a taxi. An adventure and good experience for the children as well.

I've never heard anything negative about the Pueblo Andaluz Hotel. Looking at the reviews on the internet it seems an ideal venue for a family holiday even leaving aside the usual negative comments. It's a long established hotel (old building) but in the best Spanish holiday tradition, swimming pool, entertainment which must mean the opportunity for the children to make friends, places for mum and dad to have a drink together. I would say you can't go wrong but please tell me if it turns out otherwise.

I would do a bus trip to Gibraltar, pick up the bus at the San Pedro bus stop and get off at La Linea bus station five minutes from the frontier. Remember to take your passports. Travel early, buy your return tickets when you get to La Linea and come back on the last bus. Lots to see and do in Gibraltar!

Puerto Banus is just along the road and while your wife does a little boutique shopping, take the children for an icecream and to look at all the Ferraris parked there and while you dream a little. From Puerto Banus take the family for a 30 minute boat trip on the Flyblue ferry to the port in Marbella, treat yourself to a cold beer on the voyage and then take a bus or taxi from Marbella centre back to your hotel.

A day's outing to Ronda, getting off at the Ronda bus station is also very easy from the same San Pedro bus stop, you and your wife will enjoy it but it could a long day for the children.

There are also activities in San Pedro like cable skiing which they would enjoy. I hope this helps you! Best wishes Mike

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Author: Mike Drury - Google+
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