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Riviera del Sol Bus Stop


Riviera del Sol Bus Stop

The picture below is taken from the sea side of the road looking through the central barrier railings at the Riviera del Sol bus stop for travellers arriving from Fuengirola bus station. On the right you'll see the blue sign of Opencor at the road entrance to the Riviera del Sol urbanisation. Opencor stays open 24 hours a day serving everything from fresh bread to books and DVDs. At back of the picture you will see Riviera del Sol buildings on the skyline behind the trees. If you are arriving on the bus travelling from Fuengirola you'll get off at the bus stop seen on the other side of the road and you'lll need to walk about 100 metres behind the crash barriers with the A7/N340 traffic racing past you only metres away. Then you'll turn away from the road across the green lawn for another 200 metres to just below Opencor next to the local taxi rank. There are cash points, restaurants and shops and hopefully your apartment not too far away.

Here are two links with information about getting to the Riviera del Sol urbanisation from Malaga airport by train bus and by taxi.

Jennifer uses the train and bus for the first time in Spain

Vince travels by bus and train to Riviera del Sol

The Riviera del Sol bus stop is good for Crown Resorts guests staying at Club Delta Mar, Club La Riviera and Club Caronte. For Crown Resorts Club Caronte I recommend you take a taxi up to the resort, it's about 1.3kms from the main road.

Here's some information about the Crown Resorts Club Delta Mar Reception which serves the three resorts.

To take a taxi from the taxi rank next to Opencor to your apartment a minimum fare of around 7 euros may apply. (2012)

Coming from Fuengirola the bus stop before Riviera del Sol is is the Miraflores bus stop and the next one after Riviera del Sol is the Garu Calahonda bus stop for Macdonalds Doña Lola.

The Riviera del Sol bus stop for travellers coming from Fuengirola
On the beach side of the A7/CN340 below is the Riviera del Sol bus stop for travellers heading to Fuengirola bus terminal or train station or Malaga airport. To get to it from Riviera del Sol you need to walk through the underpass which comes out where the red car is turning left. The bus pulls off the main road to pick up and drop off travellers to and from Riviera del Sol. Pictured is the Portillo bus which belongs to the Portillo company which operates the regular passenger transport by road on the Costa del Sol. At least at this bus stop you are only metres from the sea. There are lots of beachside restaurants here including Max Beach Bar, Riviera Beach Restaurant, The Far Isle Restaurant Bar and Bar Shenanigans.
The Riviera del Sol bus stop for travellers heading towards Fuengirola and Malaga airport
Below you can see the road dropping down to the left to the underpass under the A7/CN340. To catch a bus from Riviera del Sol to Fuengirola bus or train station to travel to Malaga bus station or Malaga airport or Torremolinos you will come down past the blue Opencor supermarket on the corner and then walk through the underpass to the bus stop shown above. Also shown in the picture above is the Riviera Plaza housing the March bank and shops and restaurants. Just to the right of the fork of the tree you can see the white of the first taxi in the taxi rank. Through the fork of the tree you can see the entrance to the Princesa Diana Park, lovely green gardens and a great place to rest up while you are planning your next move. So the long and the short of it is that you can get to Riviera del Sol by bus, walk a couple of 100 metres and take a taxi from there.

Mo asked which bus stop to use for Lubina Sol. It's the Riviera del Sol stop.
Taxis and Opencor 24/7 supermarket at the Riviera del Sol Commercial Complex
Just 30 metres from the bus stop for travellers to Fuengirola and beyond is the beach. There are beach bars and restaurants in both directions. If I remember correctly there are beach beds for hire in the next little bay towards Fuengirola. Here we are looking towards Gibraltar at the entrance the Mediterranean. Great beaches to walk along at low tide in the morning or the evening. Take your beach brolly and lots of sun tan lotion down with you. The locals will pick up water melons to take down the beach and eat during the day in summer. Do the same as they do and keep cool.
The beach at Riviera del Sol looking towards Marbella and Gibraltar
This is Inma below who works in the reception at the Grangefield Oasis Club 2 kms inland from the Riviera del Sol bus stop. Sarah wrote in to ask me if it was necessary to have a car to stay at the Oasis Club complex. I drove up there to check it out and you will see my full answer to her on my ´Spain now and Then' blog in the comments section. I took the picture of Inma because she gave me such a nice smile when I walked in and also because she is one of my former receptionist students at the Hotel Escuela Bellamar where I teach English modules to students in the hotel industry and travel industry. The Grangefield Oasis is an excellent place to visit from your complex and a taxi from the Riviera del Sol commercial centre to the Oasis Club or back down costs only 6 euros each way. There is a mini supermarket in the Oasis Club for residents or you can do your shopping down next to the main road and take a taxi back up the hill. Every evening there is a show and flamenco every Sunday. Excursion buses pick up guests from the complex every day taking them as far away as Sevilla, Morocco or Granada.
Inma in Reception in the Grangefield Oasis Club complex

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