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Villacana Bus Stops


Villacana resort bus stops

The entrance to the Villacana resort in Estepona is at the far end of the road on the left. I took this picture standing on the footbridge over the A7 with the Hotel Gran Playabella bus stop just below me to the right. The traffic that you can see on the road is travelling towards Estepona. The sea is on the left of the road. The photo shows you how far (about 500metres) Villacana is from the Hotel Gran Playabella bus stop when arriving from Marbella or Malaga airport. On the left of the photo you will see the blue railings of the ramp coming down from the footbridge.
Hotel Gran Playabella bus stop
Below is the Venta los Niños bus stop right outside the Villacana resort. To travel towards Puerto Banus or Marbella or Malaga airport from Villacana, get on the bus here. In the distance you can see the footbridge which I was standing on when I was looking towards Villacana in the picture above. The Villacana Club reception is just behind this bus stop which is on a service road and separated from the traffic on the A7.
Venta los Niños bus stop
I took this picture below standing on the footbridge you can see in the picture above and looking towards the sea. The tall building you see is the Playa del Sol Hotel next to the Villacana complex. rriving from Marbella bus stop or Malaga airport, get off at the Gran Playabella bus stop in the top picture, cross the A7 on the footbridge, walk 500metres to the Villacana entrance and then down towards the Playa del Sol Hotel next to the beach. If you are coming from Estepona, get off at the Venta los Niños bus stop above turn right then walk down to the Playa del Sol Hotel.
Hotel Playa del Sol
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Author: Mike Drury - Google+
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