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Where can I buy tickets for the Malaga airport to Marbella bus?


From Malaga airport buy tickets outside the Arrivals Hall or on the bus after 20:00.

We are arriving at Malaga airport this Saturday at 8:15pm in the evening and plan to catch the 9:15 pm coach to Marbella- will we definitely be able to get a ticket on the bus? How busy is this bus usually? If it is easier, can we buy the tickets in advance? Many thanks A

Hi A Thank you for writing in. The Avanza bus company operate the route from the airport to Marbella bus station. You can check the timetable or buy tickets online by going to the Avanza bus link at the top of the Gomarbella Costa del Sol buses page.

If you prefer to buy your tickets at the airport, there is a little ticket office just outside the exit door of Arrivals at T3 when travelling from Malaga Airport. The ticket office closes at 20.00 and after that buy your tickets on the bus.

At Marbella bus station when you are travelling back to the airport get your tickets from the ticket office in the bus station. Fiona Hicks wrote in to say, "While about to leave Marbella bus station on my return the driver refused to allow a man to get on the bus as he hadn't got a ticket and drove off saying he was not going to delay the bus while the man went and bought his ticket. The lesson is turn up early and buy your ticket online if possible."

Just this morning though (August 2010) I went to the airport to pick up a family friend at midday and the Malaga airport bus to Marbella pulling out was nearly full. This happens increasingly in summer at midday. If it looks like a lot of people waiting don't be polite, one of you puts the suitcases on and the other pushes firmly towards the door. The baggage locker doors open on both sides of the bus at the same time so if your partner zips around the other side of the bus, where nobody ever goes, he will get the suitcases on before anybody else and be back with you in the queue at the bus door.

Update: Your bus will be marked Marbella - Aeropuerto. With the opening of the new airport the Portillo Bus Company has put on a double length bus so there is no need now for the undignified struggle to get on as before. 15/8/2010)

At the Marbella bus station buy the tickets from the ticket office

Buy your bus ticket to Malaga airport at the Marbella bus station ticket office.
These passengers have already put their suitcases into the luggage lockers under the bus going from Marbella bus station to Malaga airport and are waiting for the driver to open the door. The driver sits on the right of the bus and this is the side of the bus which pulls in to the kerb at Malaga airport. There is always a scramble on this side while passengers heading for Marbella try to put their suitcases on whilst the passing arriving at the airport try to get their suitcases off. The smart thing to do is to load your suitcase on the other side and get it off first. Watch out for traffic on the other side of the bus.

When you travel back from Marbella bus station to Malaga airport, you have to get into one queue at the Marbella bus station ticket office along with everyone else travelling to other destinations on the Costa del Sol. The airport bus leaves very punctually and won't wait if you are in the queue.

If it looks as if you are not going to get your ticket in time then go to the driver of the airport shuttle bus and tell him you are in the queue. He will take you to the front to get your ticket. Don't miss your bus just to be polite. You are in Spain now and you want to get home.

The airport bus driver will open the luggage lockers first for you to load your suitcases on and then when he is ready, had his coffee or been to the loo, will open the doors. A queue of travellers who already have their tickets will form until the bus door is opened.

Many thanks for your prompt reply to my email. I must say, that is the best, most honest advice I have been given in a long time!! Many thanks, I will push my way onto the direct bus to Marbella no matter what!! If not, I will travel in the boot!!
Hello, I am travelling to Marbella with my wife via Malaga Airport arriving on Monday in November at 10.15. We are visiting family in Marbella but they can not pick us up and suggested that we travel by your bus. I have downloaded your time table and note that the bus leaves Malaga Airport at 10.15. My question is does this bus wait for passengers to come out of the airport or do we have to wait for the 12.00 bus? Our flight is with Easyjet. Thank you for any help you can give. Sorry I don't speak or write Spanish. Regards Michael
Hello Michael Thank you for writing in. I am afraid that the bus from Malaga airport to Marbella bus station does not wait for anyone at all! As soon as all the passengers are on board, the bus leaves the airport bus stop.  You buy your tickets at the ticket office outside T3 Arrivals Hall. After 20:00 when the office loses you buy your ticket on the bus. On the reverse journey, it leaves according to the scheduled time and passengers need to have bought their tickets from the Marbella bus station ticket office in good time.

If the plane lands at 10:15 and Easyjet is most often a little early, then you should have your luggage by 10.45. I suggest that you have a coffee in one of the restaurants in the arrivals hall. Get your ticket from outside the T3 Arrivals Hall. The bus will arrive from Marbella a few minutes before the scheduled departure time from the airport, load up suitcases and passengers and then be off again so don't be late coming out of the restaurant!

I hope this helps your planning. Please note that this information is coming from the gomarbella information web site and not from the Portillo bus company.

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How to get your ticket for the Malaga airport to Marbella shuttle bus from

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