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Fuengirola Bus Station

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Fuengirola Bus Station and Left Luggage Lockers

The Fuengirola bus station operated by the Portillo bus company is more like a glorified bus stop on a street corner but it is a key connection point on the Costa del Sol. The Fuengirola bus terminal is only one block from the Fuengirola train station which is the end point of the railway line from the Malaga train station and which passes the Malaga airport train stop. The next large bus station to the west is Marbella bus station

Travellers from Malaga airport on the train who are heading for destinations next to bus stops between Fuengirola and Torremolinos or bus stops between Fuengirola and Marbella use the train and then catch a bus for the last stretch. I have used the train from Malaga airport to get to Fuengirola train station and then the bus from Fuengirola train station to Marbella instead of the Malaga airport to Marbella bus more than once.

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This is the Fuengirola bus terminus. The actual ticket office is under the Portillo sign, in front of the man in the blue and white striped shirt. Next to him is a girl who has just bought a bus ticket from the ticket office and is counting her change before putting it back into her bag. This is the moment when pickpockets spot you are carrying your money and bump you minutes later and steal your wallet or purse. You won't know it has happened until you next look for your money. Read the Los Boliches train stop story. The bus you see in the picture will pick up passengers in the street and going to Marbella bus station it will turn right where the man in the green shirt is standing and travel along the A7. The Fuengirola train station is only 200 metres back along behind the bus.

Fuengirola bus station on the street corner in the very centre of the town
I am often asked how close the Fuengirola train station is to the Fuengirola bus station. They are only one block apart and you would not need to pull your suitcase more than 200 metres. On the right of the picture below you will see the red sign of the Fuengirola train station and on the left of the picture you will see two buses parked next to the Fuengirola bus station. There are traffic lights between both terminals and you will see a taxis at the rank outside the Fuengirola train station on the right.
The distance between the Fuengirola bus station and the Fuengirola train station
Fuengirola bus terminal is well served by taxis and many travellers take the train to Fuengirola and then take a take a taxi to the major resorts just on the other side of Fuengirola These taxis are waiting just over the road from the Fuengirola bus station with another taxi rank outside the Fuengirola train station.
Left luggage lockers at Fuengirola bus station

Simon wrote to me: "Do you know if either Fuengirola bus or train station has somewhere where I can store luggage? I get there late this Friday and need to store it overnight."

I wrote back to tell Simon that yes, the Fuengirola bus station does have left luggage lockers. I contacted the bus office on Tel: 952 47 50 66 and was told that the office part of the bus station closes at 9.30pm. Simon would have to arrive before 9.30pm and also check that a key for a free left luggage locker is available. There are only 12 lockers. The cost of a luggage locker is €2.40 a day (2012) prices.

Unfortunately the train station does not have any left luggage lockers.

Taxi rank next to the bus station in the centre of Fuengirola.
Reliability of Timetable: Fuengirola bus schedules and times may change without warning but are usually sufficiently reliable. Double check if catching your plane depends on your bus connection.

The Portillo bus company contact phone number is 902 143 144
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