Saturday, 15 August 2009

Marriotts Playa Andaluza from Malaga mairport by bus and taxi

“Hi Mike, I've been reading your blog for past many weeks. Excellent blog and very useful site. I've been helped greatly by the information on the site. I've got one quick question. Me, my wife and 5 year old son will travel to Malaga from London in January for 5 days. We'll stay at Marriott's Playa Andaluza. We are planning to take the bus from Malaga Airport. I've got two questions:

A) How much the taxi would cost from Marbella bus station to Marriots Playa Andaluza and where would be get a get taxi from?

B) If we decide to go by bus instead and take the Marbella to Estepona bus then at what stop do we get down. I've got the list of stops between Marbella and Estepona from your website. Sam"

“Hi Sam Thank you very much for checking into and especially for reading the blogs!

I have just phoned the Marbella taxi company and they said that the day tariff for a taxi to to Marriots Playa Andaluza from Marbella Bus Station (the taxis are right outside) would be 21 or 22 euros. and in the evening, that’s after 10pm and at weekends it would be a couple of euros more. There are always taxis right outside the bus station.

If you check out the link which gives you information about the bus stops between Marbella and Estepona you will see that the Isdabe bus stop is the closest to Marriotts Playa Andaluza in the Estepona area. because of the proximity of the pedestrian overpass next to that bus stop.

I almost always suggest taking a taxi for first arrivals at the Marriotts Playa Andaluza resort to avoid pulling suitcases. It must be at least 800 metres to the complex from the Isdabe bus stop and the overpass. If your son is feeling tired at that stage after your plane flight to Malaga and then the bus journey to Marbella, he won’t feel like walking.

With all the money you will save on the airport bus to Marbella you can treat yourself to a taxi from Marbella to Marriotts Playa Andaluza on your first day. When you are settled in then use the bus to get up and down the coast during your stay and even all the way back to the airport on departure. Mike"

“Hi Mike Thanks for your response. Very useful. I was just looking through again the list of bus stops from Marbella to Estepona and comparing with the Google map. I thought PLAZA ORTIZ may be the nearest stop to Marriott Playa Andaluza. Or have I got my geography completely wrong.

Anyway I'll take the taxi from Marbella as per your advice. But it will be useful if you could let me know if I am wrong as it may help me get an idea as to whether I got the location of Playa Andaluza (or indeed PLAZA ORTIZ) incorrect.

Thanks again for wonderful blog and the extremely useful website. Sam”

“Hi Sam Thank you for your reply and your kind words. Much appreciated.

I got Google maps up and typed in Plaza Ortiz and it came up as being in the town of Estepona which is quite far from Mariotts Playa Andaluza. It could be a sales point for Mariotts which is showing up.

Try getting Google maps up and typing in atalaya-isdabe you should see the name near the sea. This is the Atalaya hotel in the Isdabe Urbanisation. Your bus stop is at the end of the orange section of the road, just past the A7 sign. Over the road is the Centro Comercial Diana. Marriots Playa Andaluza doesn't show up but it is just to the left of the Atalaya Hotel.

A couple of stops back is the Guadalmina Commercial Centre.

I hope you have a good trip, the weather is very changeable at the moment, warm, cold, windy so bring something warm to put on as well!

Best wishes from Marbella Sam and thanks again for your contacts. Mike.”

PS: You can now do online bus ticket reservations through the gomarbella reservation system.