Thursday, 1 March 2007

Hen Party in Puerto Banus

It’s great to be a web master on gomarbella, getting to meet interesting people online and sometimes being able to help with their travels and adventures on the Costa del Sol.

In the photo you are looking at a hen party in full swing in Puerto Banus last month. From left to right meet Sheena Patel, Sonal Patel, Leena Patel (bottom left), Rakhee Somani & Rav Sura

When methodical organizer Sheena contacted Gomarbella for some travel suggestions I never thought we would end up with a great online testimonial.

"Thanks for all your help and advice Mike. You saved me the time and effort and made things a lot easier for our short stay in Marbella. We had a fantastic time, even in the rain. We used your advice to take a taxi to Puerto Banus from our Hotel and it only cost just over 5 euros, we could have walked as it wasn't far but didn't want our hair wet! The drinks, food and people were great. We are definitely planning on coming back when it’s warmer and the sun’s out. Again thank you very much."

Sheena and her group came out to Puerto Banus at the beginning of February, it was a wet weekend but they had lots of fun. She then went on to organize another Hen party in London for those who couldn’t make it out to Spain and right now will be organizing her sister´s wedding for April. With Sheena in charge it is going to be a big success.

It all started when Sheena wrote to Gomarbella: "I have arranged a Hen weekend for my sister on the weekend of Friday 2nd to Sunday 4th Feb. We are landing at Malaga airport and our hotel is the H10 Andalucia Plaza Hotel in Nueva Andalucia near Puerto Banus. Would you please advise me on the best way to get to the hotel. There are 7 of us in total. I have had a look at taxis to Marbella but the cost was around € 90 per taxi. We are landing at Malaga airport at 11.10am. I also found the direct airport bus to Marbella but wanted to know how far the hotel is from there and how we get there. Also how long it will take on the bus? I would appreciate it if you could get back to me."

I wrote back to Sheena: "I would recommend going in the special Malaga Airport to Marbella Bus Station shuttle bus. The cost for each person would be about €3.91 It takes exactly 45 minutes.

Then from the Marbella bus station you can cheerfully go by taxi to the Hotel Andalucia Plaza it is a short taxi ride, about 10 to 15 minutes depending on the traffic and should be around €12 per taxi, you will need two taxis. With all the money you will have saved by using the excellent bus service, you can arrive at the hotel in comfort and style and you won't even notice the cost.

Check out this page for the Malaga Airport to Marbella bus timings, you should use the third column from the left and if your plane arrives on time your bus will be the 12 midday bus to Marbella.

Andalucía Plaza is a great base for your Hen weekend. There is an underpass from the hotel to the other side of the very busy CN 340 road. Use that if you feel like a walk in the early evening to Puerto Banus but get a taxi back."

Sheena wrote back: "Thanks for your help Mike, it will really save us the bother and time of searching how to get to the hotel when we get there. Just another little question, are there many people about in bars and clubs this time of year? Also is it really expensive there? Oh and what’s the weather like? Thanks a lot for your help, I will send you a couple of pics when we're back"

I wrote to Sheena: "Right now the weather is cold 12º - 15º but it has been warm all this winter so far so I am sure it will warm up for your visit.

Cost wise, drinks can be expensive in Puerto Banus, but still cheaper than the UK and you get double the quantity! The trick is to find a cheap bar in the port, top up there and then move on to the glittering places like the discos and nightclubs. Earlier on in the evening you can have a good pizza in Cristian’s in the port, very reasonable and elegantly served and then move on. My daughter Tarryn is visiting from London right now and she is a veteran of Puerto Banus. I’ll ask her for some suggestions."

Tarryn wrote to Sheena: "Hi Sheena, February is still quite a quiet time in Puerto Banus so generally people who are going out, head for the bars that are full of people. As my friend who's out a lot there, said "You can’t really go wrong at all because there are lots of bars to go to".

Here are a couple of names of bars to ask for when you are over; Terra Blues, second line back from the boats is a pretty chilled bar and not too posh really. Havana towards the far end of the port from where you will come in has music and dancing. Seven, second line again right down the end of the port if you start at Sinatras side. Scantily clad girls dancing but quite glam. Artusa is a good Italian restaurant for dinner and so is Picasso, (cheaper and good for a group)

Good idea to go along during the day for a walkabout and you will see the bars. You have to have a good look as a lot of the good bars are on what we call the second line. Plenty of guys outside handing out tickets to have drinks to get you into their bars.

Puerto Banus if you have been there before is pretty glam and everything still starts pretty late so dinner at 9 or 10pm is a good time to start then do the bars after that and night clubs last. Don’t expect too much to happen before 10pm

Night clubs to go to are Olivia Valere and Dreamers which are out of the port, but you will need a taxi there. Still all pretty quiet here in Feb but I'm sure you guys will make the party! Have fun! Tarryn"

Gomarbella wishes the bridal couple a long and happy life together!

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