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Malaga Airport

Malaga Airport

Bus, taxi and train destinations from Malaga Airport

These are the most asked about destinations from Malaga Airport accessible by train, bus and taxi. If you can't find the information you are looking for, try the search box on this page or write to me on the Gomarbella Contact Page.
Malaga Airport Train Information
Malaga Airport Train Fares Bridget asked about train fares.
Malaga Airport Train Timetable
There are trains every 20 minutes
Arriving late at Malaga airport and travelling onward by bus to La Linea bus station next to Gibraltar?
Bus and Taxi Travellers

Malaga Airport Bus Station   Bus station? It's more like a bus stop.
Malaga Airport Bus Tickets
  Where can I buy bus tickets for the Malaga Airport to Marbella bus?
Malaga Airport to Cabopino Tracey's arriving at Malaga Airport, her friend can't pick her up and she needs to get to Cabopino.
Malaga Airport to Calahonda - Macdonalds
  Allie travels by bus and train to Macdonalds in Calahonda
Malaga Airport to Calahonda - Hotel Vime Campanario  
You might need a taxi up from the bus stop on the A7 to the hotel.
Malaga Airport to Cortijo Blanco Hotel in Marbella   Cynthia always stays at Cortijo Blanco Hotel but the new tunnel has changed things.
Malaga Airport to Estepona by bus
Susana, a travel agent from Germany travels on a weekend.
Malaga Airport to Estepona by bus over the weekend  Carol asks about a bus to Estepona on a Sunday afternoon
Malaga Airport to Estepona by bus or taxi
Owen travels to Estepona on a Sunday in winter.
Malaga Airport to Estepona by bus for less than €10   Aarti asks about the bus fare to Estepona.
Malaga Airport to Estepona - Benamara by bus   Kat wants to bus all the way to Benamara from the airport.
Malaga Airport to Fuengirola by train or taxi   Dave is travelling with his parents from the USA. Should they take a train or a taxi?
Malaga Airport to Fuengirola Park Hotel by train   
Avril asks which train station she should get off at for Fuengirola Park Hotel.
Malaga Airport to Gibraltar via Malaga or Marbella   
I explain two ways to get to Gibraltar to Karen, via Malaga bus station or through Marbella bus station
Malaga Airport to Gibraltar via La Linea by bus   Edit arrives late on a Sunday and wants to get to Gibraltar.
Malaga Airport to Gibraltar Jak arrives late and suggests travelling to Gibraltar via Malaga bus station. He'll have to go to Marbella first!
Malaga Airport to Granada   Direct service from Malaga Airport to Granada
Malaga Airport to Granada via Malaga Train Station   Laura travels on to Granada from the airport.
Malaga Airport to Granada via Malaga Train Station   Marilyn asks about getting to Granada
Malaga Airport to Guadalmina Should Lindsay get off at Guadalmina bus stop or take a taxi from San Pedro de Alcantara?
Malaga Airport to Andalucia Playa Hotel in Marbella   Sheena brings her girlfriends' to her hen party in Puerto Banus!
Malaga Airport to Marbella   Mike travels home by train and taxi.
Malaga Airport to Los Amigos Beach Club Shaz comes on holiday.
Malaga Airport to Marbella   Tony checks the timetable for the last bus of the day to Marbella.
Malaga Airport to Marbella Bus Station  Jonathan asks for help and the Marbella Bus Station address
Malaga Airport to Marbella Bus Station.
Patricia asks about a train to Marbella. (There isn't one!)To Fuengirola yes.
Malaga Airport to Marbella by Taxi or Transfer?  I told Ny a rental car could be cheaper!
Malaga Airport to Marbella - La Villa Transfer or Taxi? Kim queries the cost of a transfer. Airport transfers are generally more expensive.
Malaga Airport to Marriotts Marbella by bus  Bernetta asks if she can use public transport all the way. My answer is "Yes."
Malaga Airport to Marriots Playa Andaluza by bus and taxi Sam brings his family to Playa Andaluza in the Estepona suburban area.
Malaga Airport to Marbella - Princess Playa Hotel Great situation for a hotel, right on the Paseo Maritimo in Marbella and easy to get to.
Malaga Airport to Marbella - Puerto Banus   
All you ever wanted to know! More than 30 explanations of how to get to Puerto Banus.
Malaga Airport to Marbella - Puerto Banus by bus
Kevin travels directly to Puerto Banus
Malaga Airport to Marbella - Puerto Banus    
Clare is staying close to Puerto Banus.
Malaga Airport to Marbella - Rincon Andaluz Hotel Elizabeth organises her son's trip and hopes everything will turn out alright.
Malaga Airport to Marbella - Vincci Estrella del Mar Hotel
Elena wants to get by bus to her hotel. A luxury hotel accessible by bus.
Malaga Airport to Mijas Costa Club La Costa Las Farolas Royale. Ramang asks about buses and trains.
Malaga Airport to Mijas Pueblo Colin nearly went to Mijas Costa but I told hime that the TRH Hotel is actually in Mijas Pueblo!
Malaga Airport to Club La Costa Mijas Bus Stop Sue brings a group to Club La Costa Resort as economically as possible.
Malaga Airport to Nerja  
Pat asked for help getting from the airport to Nerja
Malaga Airport to Riviera del Sol by bus and train Jennifer travels for the first time by bus and train in Spain. She does well.
Malaga Airport to San Pedro de Alcántara   
Pam asked for the cheapest way to get to San Pedro and back.
Malaga airport to San Pedro de Alcantara Pueblo Andaluz Hotel. Mark wanted to travel cheaply and I gave him ideas of where to take the family.
Malaga Airport to Torremolinos   Adam asked about a bus to Torremolinos. The train is easier!
Malaga Airport to Torremolinos - Don Pablo Hotel    Bus or taxi?  Laura wants the easiest option. She could also use the train.
Malaga airport to Villacana Club Resort in Estepona. Jacquie writes in and gets a bus stop page dedicated to her.

Car Hire and Rentals at Malaga Airport
Car Hire and Rentals at Malaga Airport  Mike has a life changing moment and offers car hire on Gomarbella
Economy Car Hire and Rentals at Malaga Airport Justin asked about best priced deals at Malaga Airport
By Rental Car to Marriott's Marbella   Dave asks for help to get to Marriotts from Malaga train station
Car Hire Return at Malaga Airport   Information about returning a car at the airport and fuel prices
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