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Pamplona to Saint Jean Pied de Port


Bus from Pamplona to Saint Jean Pied de Port

Lucy wrote to me on Facebook from Gomarbella Contact Mike page asking how to get to Saint Jean Pied de Port from Pamplona.

Hi Lucy, thanks for writing in. Yes, there is a service from Pamplona to St Jean Pied de Port. It's operated by the Conda bus company and leaves from the Pamplona bus station. Use the Gomarbella online bus reservations link below to get your ticket as soon as you confirm your arrival date in Pamplona.

The route has been planned to carry as many travellers as possible and links with the first bus of the day from Madrid and Soria and from Barcelona and Zaragoza on the first service available. If you are travelling from Madrid and Barcelona reserve your bus tickets as below:

1) Ticket starting in Madrid of Barcelona put Destination as Pamplona
2) For the onward ticket put Origin as Pamplona and Destination as Saint Jean Pied de Port
Travelling from Pamplona, Zaragoza, Soria and San Sebastian choose your destination as Saint Jean Pied de Port. Type it in as SAINT JEAN - by the time you have done this you will see it amongst the available destinations. If you type in "St" it will not come up. It must be spelled SAINT JEAN PIED DE PORT.
With Pamplona as your Origin and Saint Jean Pied de Port as your Destination, select your date of travel. The online booking system now allows bookings to be made more than 30 days in advance of travel. If you have any problems with authorisation of your credit card, please contact me on Bus Reservations Help.

Book your bus ticket from Pamplona to Saint Jean Pied de Port online

Below is the sign you will see as you set out from Roncesvalle on your second morning.
Camino de Santiago sign. ¡Buen Camino!
Saint Jean Pied de Port is an attractive little French town. If you are travelling from the USA try to give yourself more than a day to sleep off your jet lag or stop early on the first day at Orrison to give your body a chance to adjust to the time difference.

Saint Jean Pied de Port

All pilgrims setting off on the Camino de Santiago along the Camino Francés, pass through the busy Pilgrims' Office in Saint Jean Pied de Port to collect their credentials or pick up information about accommodation along the Camino. None of the volunteers speak English but there is such enthusiasm and goodwill, it doesn't matter if you don't speak French

Saint Jean Pied de Port Pilgrims Office


I hope this information helps you Lucy, ¡Buen Camino!
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Feel free to contact me on the Contact Page above if I can help you with any travel or booking questions.
Author: Mike Drury - Google+
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