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Excursions to Ronda

As one of the oldest towns in Spain you'll find history around every corner in Ronda. There are traces of Ronda's origins from the Neolithic age, through the era of the Romans, the Arab age and the conquest of the ancient city by the Catholic Monarchs in 1485 through to the 19th century when Ronda was best known for the banditry in the surrounding hills and the origins of bullfighting in the Ronda bullring which still stands.

It's a town that you'll need to come back again and again to visit and you'll make new discoveries and friends every time you visit!

Here are some useful addresses and contact numbers:

Andalusia Regional Tourist Office: Plaza de España 1, 29400 Ronda 00 34 952 871 272
Municipal Tourist Office Plaza de Mondragon, s/n 29400, Ronda 00 34 952 870 818
City Hall Plaza de La Duquesa de Parcent 29400, Ronda 00 34 952 873 240
Ronda Train Station Avda de Andalucia s/n   29400, Ronda 00 34 952 871 673
Ronda Bus Station Plaza Concepcion Garcia Redondo 2 29400, Ronda
00 34 952 872 260     00 34 952 872 262

My top visit list for Ronda

I´ve been to Ronda countless times and still keep meeting interesting people and making new discoveries. If you only have time for a stop over in Ronda, you can see all of the below in two hours. My recommendations are arranged so that you can walk comfortably from west to east, the Gaudalevín river divides the "new" Ronda from the old. You won't find the visit to the Convent below on any Ronda tourist map though!
This is the little shop in the Convento de Las Hermanas Clausuradas just off Plaza de la Merced. You won't find it on a tourist map. Convento de las Hermanas Clausuradas
The little shop is in the Convento de Las Hermanas Clausuradas just off Plaza de la Merced, just four blocks from the Ronda bus station. The good sisters bake the most delicious pastries and cakes and sell them to the public from behind closed doors. To the left of the revolving wooden hatch you can see all the goodies that on sale and the prices which are very reasonable. Call out to the sister inside and tell her what you want. Put your money on the counter and swing it out of sight.You'll hear the good sister but never see her. Any change you leave will go towards the upkeep of the Convent. You'll leave with mouthwatering cakes and their blessing.
Alameda Park or Alameda del Tajo in Ronda
Alameda Park
This is the Alameda Park or Alameda del Tajo which dates back to the 19th century. If you visit Ronda in the summer, revel in the deep shade of the tall trees and watch the Rondeños walk by. The far end of the park in the picture gives access to hundreds of metres of walkway with panoramic views from the very lip of the giddying, precipitous gorge.
The Ronda bullring and Bullfighting Museum Ronda Bull Ring
Have your photo taken next to this magnificent fighting bull. In the background is the Ronda bullring. Recognised as the oldest bullring in Spain legends abound of how bullfighting started in the countryside near Ronda. The Ronda bullring dates back to 1785. Within the walls of the bullring is the Bullfighting museum featuring a colourful display of bullfighter's costumes. The famous Corrida Goyesca takes place in the second week of September in honour of Pedro Romero, founder of the rules of bullfighting.
Book a bullfight in Ronda online or in the Marbella bullring
The excellent Ronda Tourist Information office, right next to the bullring. You'll find a range of free brochures and maps and colourful and informative souvenir booklets about Ronda and its history. Tourist Information office in Ronda
Ronda Tourist Office Address:
Paseo de Blas Infante s/n 29400 Ronda

Ronda Tourist Office Telephone Number:
Tel: 00 34952 8 71 19 Fax: 00 34 952 18 71 47

A view of the gorge carved out by the rushing waters of the Guadelevín River flowing down from the Sierra de las Nieves to the west of Ronda. The river divided the town historically and was only bridged in the XVI century. The present "New" bridge dates from 1793. The gorge carved out by the Guadelevín river flowing under the Ronda bridge
Lean out from one of the observation points on the bridge over the Ronda gorge above if you dare to take photos of the river far below. It was up these vertical sides that the Christian prisoners trudged carrrying pots of water on paths hewn out of the rock, during the Moorish occupation. One of the upper chambers of the bridge structure was a prison cell
Take home a flamenco dress for your granddaughter or niece.
Flamenco dresses, ideal present for the grand daughter. Why not take one for those Spanish evenings back home?
Pack a bottle of organic Ronda wine and a luscious Bellota ham and savour the flavour of Spain at home while you plan your return visit. Spain's finest Bellota hams, maturing in a shop doorway.
Feeling hungry yet? Just off the Plaza el Socorro, up Calle Lorenzo Borrego on the right is Restaurante La Habana. A three course menu del día is € 7 and the food's just fine. Yes, I also like white linen and chilled white wine in silver buckets, try the Parador restaurant overlooking the gorge in the Plaza de España but Restaurante La Habana is the Spain that I love, hospitality and welcome direct from the owner. Try it!
A shady corner of the Plaza Duque de Parcent right next to the 500 year old Iglesia de Santa Maria This is my favourite square, Plaza Duque de Parcent
Just to the right of the picture is the Iglesia de Santa Maria Mayor which dates back to the XV century. In the summer the smell of the pine trees in the square is heady and if you close your eyes you can imagine the devotion, suffering, conquists and triumphs that every square and corner in Ronda has seen over the years. Eat in the open air restaurant in the corner under the pines and just watch the world go by.
Author: Mike Drury - Google+
Enjoy Ronda and come again!

Ronda Bus Station
Ronda Train Station
Get to Ronda from the Costa del Sol by bus

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