Good evening Mike. I need some help please with bus, transfer, or car rental from Malaga airport.   Me and a friend need to get from Malaga airport to Marbella on Saturday night. Our flight lands at 23.45. Looking at the bus timetable  we’ll miss the last bus. 

I am thinking our only options are a transfer or car. The prices look nearly the same! I think a taxi would just rip us off given the time and us being two young girls. We are open to suggestions on the return to the airport. The flight is at 10pm on Saturday again unfortunately. Would we be able to get a train? I just can’t work out our transfer options.

I would be very grateful for some travel advice. Best wishes Ny

I wrote back:  Ny here are two suggestions:

First of all taking a taxi from the airport you won’t get ripped off because all the taxis have meters in them.  However having said that, the cost does go up at weekends. Also arriving after 10pm om weekdays.

Secondly about the cost of a hire car from Málaga airport. You might find that the cost of a short car rental with all its travel possibilities works out only a little bit more than taking a taxi.  It could be even cheaper than a transfer company. It certainly gives you more flexibilty.

Check out the cost of renting a small  car from Malaga Airport and returning it in Marbella a couple of days later. Make a couple of trips first say to Ronda or definitely down to Tarifa’s sun kissed beaches. With an economical Gomarbella rental car one way and a return to Malaga airport by bus, you might just have a very good deal.

I hope this helps you Ny, please feel free to write back if I can help you. Have a fantastic trip and stay in Marbella.

PS:  I didn’t suggest a horse drawn carriage to Marbella, although you can hire them from next to Cafeteria Marbella seen in the picture above. Earlier this year Cafeteria Marbella had a big facelift. I like it because I have fond memories of eating here when we first came on holiday to Marbella back in 1978.


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