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Fuengirola to La Cala de Mijas by bus

La Cala de Mijas Bus Stop on the M220 bus route
La Cala de Mijas Bus Stop on the M220 bus route

Muriel: “Hi Mike, You´ve picked a beautiful spot to live in! I’m headed to Malaga next week and I’ve been searching for  answers about bus transportation from Fuengirola to Mijas Costa and the bus stop in Mijas Costa.  I know the bus goes along the A7 coastal road, and I know it’s the bus headed to Marbella bus station which makes specific stops along the way. I even know where the Fuengirola bus station is but I need to know some specifics!

1) Is there a public option or is there only the private Portillo bus?
2) Do you have any idea about the fares?
3) Does that bus have a specific number?

Thank you very much for your time and help in advance, you must be tired of answering similar questions all the time. But you sure help us make this trip alot more easy and enjoyable! Thanks again, Muriel”

Mike: “Hi Muriel, I’m impressed that you have done some background research. I bet you are an organised traveller. You are right about the Portillo bus company. It is a private company but the Andalusian government has an agreement with them to operate bus services on the Costa del Sol. It has has lasted as long as I have lived in Spain, and the Portillo bus company has to guarantee an agreed service and fixed prices. So in effect, it is public transport at the same time. 

Every Tuesday evening my wife does line dancing in Fuengirola and I go the gym in Benalmadena so on the way home this evening, I stopped to check out the two bus stops in La Cala de Mijas and took the photo above.   The bus shown is on it’s way from Marbella to Fuengirola and when you travel back to Fuengirola from the La Cala de Mijas bus stop to return to Fuengirola it will be in a slightly different position to the one in the picture above.

The route number is M220 but Muriel, don’t bother with route numbers, just work off the destination name on the front of the bus. When you catch the bus at the Fuengirola bus station it will show MARBELLA on the front.   

I don’t mind at all helping visitors and it makes it all worthwhile to get feedback like yours. I appreciate your writing. I hope the weather is good for your visit, it’s warm at the moment and raining on and off but the sun always comes out! Please let me know how things go if you have time when you get back. Best wishes from Marbella Muriel and thanks very much again for visiting Gomarbella. Mike”

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