Muriel: “Hi Mike, You´ve picked a beautiful spot to live in! I’m headed to Malaga next week and I’ve been searching for  answers about bus transportation from Fuengirola to Mijas Costa and the bus stop in Mijas Costa.  I know the bus goes along the A7 coastal road, and I know it’s the bus headed to Marbella bus station which makes specific stops along the way. I even know where the Fuengirola bus station is but I need to know some specifics!

1) Is there a public option or is there only the private Portillo bus?
2) Do you have any idea about the fares?
3) Does that bus have a specific number?

Thank you very much for your time and help in advance, you must be tired of answering similar questions all the time. But you sure help us make this trip alot more easy and enjoyable! Thanks again, Muriel”

Mike: “Hi Muriel, I’m impressed that you have done some background research. I bet you are an organised traveller. You are right about the Portillo bus company. It is a private company but the Andalusian government has an agreement with them to operate bus services on the Costa del Sol. It has has lasted as long as I have lived in Spain, and the Portillo bus company has to guarantee an agreed service and fixed prices. So in effect, it is public transport at the same time. 

Every Tuesday evening my wife does line dancing in Fuengirola and I go the gym in Benalmadena so on the way home this evening, I stopped to check out the two bus stops in La Cala de Mijas and took the photo above.   The bus shown is on it’s way from Marbella to Fuengirola and when you travel back to Fuengirola from the La Cala de Mijas bus stop to return to Fuengirola it will be in a slightly different position to the one in the picture above.

The route number is M220 but Muriel, don’t bother with route numbers, just work off the destination name on the front of the bus. When you catch the bus at the Fuengirola bus station it will show MARBELLA on the front.   

I don’t mind at all helping visitors and it makes it all worthwhile to get feedback like yours. I appreciate your writing. I hope the weather is good for your visit, it’s warm at the moment and raining on and off but the sun always comes out! Please let me know how things go if you have time when you get back. Best wishes from Marbella Muriel and thanks very much again for visiting Gomarbella. Mike”

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  1. Hi Jeremy, thank you for writing in. I am very glad you have found the pages useful. The first bus out of Marbella heading towards Fuengirola does not leave until 06.45 so that is too late for you. But taxis are definitely available. What I would do is speak to one of the taxi drivers at the central taxi rank the day before and arrange a pick up at your accommodation say for 05.30. At that time of the day there will be no traffic on the road so you'll be at Fuengirola train station by 05.50. They'll be pleased to have an early morning fare to start the day! Hope your travels go well. Best wishes Mike

  2. Hi Mike,

    Do you know if there's any way to catch a bus or taxi from La Cala de Mijas to Fuengirola train station at 5:30am on a Wednesday?

    Sorry for this odd question–we are traveling from La Cala de Mijas to Madrid in a few weeks, and the 6:10am train from Fuengirola fits our schedule the best. We don't mind waking up early, but I wonder if any taxi or bus drivers will be awake?

    Thanks so much for keeping and maintaining this website. We've found your information extremely detailed and helpful!

  3. Hi John, thank you for writing in. I think you are wise to let the bus (and train) take the strain this year given the possibility of back seat drivers. I think I would take the bus from Las Mimosas to Fuengirola bus station, then walk one block to the train station. There are three trains every hour so absolutely no need to hurry.

    From Fuengirola train station take the train to Maria Zambrano train station which is the second last stop on the line and then take a taxi from the rank outside the station to the port. All in all a very easy and comfortable journey. I don't have prices handy but I think you could each make the journey to Malaga port and back including a shared taxi to and from the port for approximately €18. Probably less but not more. That's €9 each way based on a minimum taxi fare in Malaga of around €8 from the station to the port. Should be cheaper.

    There may be a discount for jubilados on offer at the Fuengirola train station but I doubt it when you pay on the bus or taxi. If you are up to a 20 minute walk to the port to see a bit of the city and get some exercise rather than use a taxi, then get off the train at the last stop Malaga Centro-Alameda.

    I hope you have a fun outing, certainly as a passenger you'll see a lot of more than you would behind the wheel! Let me know if you have time how it all goes. Best wishes from Marbella Mike

  4. Hi Mike, have been visiting Las Mimosas for 25 years and only just come across this site. Shame on me! My wife and I always hire a car and generally muddle our way around but this year we are being joined by friends whose comments and 'help' on my driving might not be appreciated. We thought the best way to get to Malaga City centre, say by the port entrance, would be by bus from the Las Mimosas bus stop. Is there a route that goes the whole way and at what cost for jubilados? Any idea how long it would take on a weekday? Does it go to the port gates or the railway station which is just that bit further walking on not so new feet these days

  5. Thank you very much Abigail for writing in. Are you coming back to Las Mimosas? Transport links keep changing the whole time generally for the better so sometimes the Gomarbella information gets outdated. I'm always pleased to receive any reminders to update the site. Best wishes for 2014 and have a great holiday. Mike

  6. Hi, just to say that this has been extremely useful! The last time I stayed at Las Mimosa was 5 years go so it was great to see some up-to-date info. 😀

  7. Hi Carole, thank you very much for writing in and your Google +. Well done on doing your research so thoroughly. Here’s the link to check out the timetable of buses from Fuengirola to Marbella as you correctly worked out.
    From Fuengirola train station I estimate that a taxi (which holds 4 passengers) would cost around €28 on a Sunday. From the La Cala bus stop to the Vik Gran Hotel it would be a minimum fare of around €6. You could walk it on a nice day if you weren’t pulling a suitcase. Does that help you? The weather is brilliant at the moment. Let me know how I can help further. Best wishes Mike

  8. hi mike your blog is great from it I have found out I can get the train and bus to hotel vik gran costa de sol as follows ; train from Malaga airport to fuengirola then bus Marbella to cala de mijas or stay on to cala Azul and walk 10 mins . could I therefore be cheeky and ask you how often the busses are on sundays and in week and how much a taxi would be from fuengirola rail station to hotel or from cala de mijas bus stop to hotel and how many people can fit in taxi thankyou in advance

  9. Hi Lynda, thanks for writing in. You have got two possibilities:

    1) Get off the bus at the main La Cala de Mijas bus stop. It's at the end of the town gardens just where the bus does a U turn. From there I would take a taxi from the nearby taxi rank for a minimum fare. It's just too far to walk comfortably pulling a suitcase.

    2) Stay on the bus and get off at the stop just after it pulls back onto the main road. This is the Cala Azul bus stop. Cross the road using the pedestrian footbridge and from there you'll see the Hotel Vik about 10 minutes walk towards the beach. Check out the bus stops I have mentioned in the list I'll give you in the link below. I hope this helps you, best wishes MIke

  10. Hi mike
    I found this link and seems great for info asked…
    What I'd like to ask is we're staying at vik gran hotel and coming by bus from fuengerolla – what bus stop would I get off at and is the hotel far away.

    Many thanks lynda

  11. You are welcome! By chance yesterday afternoon we drove along the stretch of road next to Las Mimosas on our way to have lunch with friends in Fuengirola. I checked out the information I gave you and the second bus stop, Torrenueva will be the one to get off at. The two footbridges will be behind you now, but there's an underpass right next to the bus stop and this will bring you out comfortably next to Las Mimosas. Have a great stay and best wishes.

  12. Hi there, thank you for writing in. Yes, there are two bus stops on either side of the road very close to La Mimosa. Copy this link into your browser and read the blog about getting to Cala Azul which is on the inland side of the road almost opposite La Mimosa.
    Your stop is the second stop after the bus gets back on the main A7 road heading towards Marbella. Just after your bus passes under a pedestrian footbridge, look ahead and you'll see another footbridge in the distance. Next to the footbridge are the Torrenueva stops and this is where you get off. If you look at the bottom photo on this page, you'll see the Torrenueva stop. Cross the pedestrian bridge and La Mimosa will be to your left. Not far at all.

    I hope this helps! Best wishes for your trip. Mike

  13. I know this is a relatively old post but we will shortly be staying at Las Mimosas. I have read that there is a bus stop just outside the development. I presume this is the Fuengirola to Marbella bus. Do you have any idea how many stops this will be after it has left the village of La Cala. We will only have a small bag but the least walking the better with it!
    Thanks in advance

  14. Hello John, thank you very much for following Gomarbella, I appreciate it very much.

    I've emailed you three photos which I took this afternoon and given you a description of where the La Cala bus stop is in relation to the Cala Azul apartments.

    I'll do a quick blog and dedicate it to you! Have a look at the list of bus stops between Marbella and Fuengirola link above and it will show you the La Cala bus stop.

    Best wishes John and thank you for writing in. Mike

  15. hi mike
    i have read your information on here with interest over the years and found it of great value,i have never, and dont know how to contact you other than with a comment. my question,how to get to cala a zul appartments {which bus stop}in la cala de mijas.i can get there after reading your info.
    regards john…

  16. Hi Anon, thanks very much for taking the trouble to write in. I know the info gets read but it's always good to know that it's useful. I appreciate that. Hope you are having or have had a really good time. Best wishes Mike


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