Jennifer Carolan asked me about getting from Malaga airport to Rviera del Sole just outside Fuengirola. She wanted to travel by bus if possible. 

Hi. I’m looking for some information. We are going on holiday soon and would like to know if a bus goes from Malaga Airport to Rivera del Sol and what are the times for buses? Also returning home from Rivera del Sol to Malaga Airport is there a bus we can get? Hope to hear from you soon.

Mike Drury:  Hi Jennifer, sorry to take so long to reply. I got back last night from seeing the grandchildren in London. 

Basically you first take the train from Malaga airport train station to Fuengirola train station. Then you change to the bus station which is only one block from the train station walking towards the sea and then you take the bus to Marbella getting off at the Riviera del Sol bus stop. Have a look at the information and please write back if I can help you. Have a great holiday and thank you for writing in. Best wishes Mike   PS: By the way, thank you very much for your ‘Like’ on the Facebook page.

Jennifer Carolan: Hi Mike thank you so much for your reply. Lol, no worries hope you enjoyed London. Is there a way of only getting a bus directly from Malaga airport to Rivera de Sol? We always get taxis but they are very expensive.

Mike Drury:  Hi Jennifer, if you sign up to one of the bus transfer companies like Resort Hoppa, it’ll take you from the airport. No kidding, the train and bus combination from Malaga airport to Riviera del Sol is the most economical way to do it. You could also take a taxi from Fuengirola train station to Riviera del Sol. With all the money you’ll  save on the train, it’ll still work out really inexpensive.

Have you tried the train before? There are three trains every hour to Fuengirola. It really is a great way to travel. I can see you are not convinced about the train. PS While you are planning your journey keep thinking about your time on the beach, perhaps a nice cold jug of sangria nearby..

Riviera del Sol beaches just the other side of the highway. There is a pedestrian underpass
Riviera del Sol beaches just the other side of the highway. There is a pedestrian underpass

Jennifer Carolan: Hi Mike, thanks again for the reply I’ve never done bus or train in Spain this is all new to me. We think we’ll give the train and bus a go. Fingers crossed…just bit nervous in a different country. Love the site thanks a million.

Mike Drury: Hi Jennifer, when are you travelling? I’m sure it’ll all go absolutely fine. Each part of the journey you do will be part of the adventure and when you do get to Riviera del Sol, you’ll be very pleased with yourself. One more question, when you get to Riviera del Sol, do you know where you are heading to? It’s  a big resort. If your complex seems a little far from the main road, then you can always just get a taxi from next to the bus stop. Please tell me how it goes. It’s very hot here now and you’ll need to keep a water bottle handy.

One more thing. I tell all bus and train travellers to be super aware of where they put their purse, wallet or money after buying tickets, where their suitcases are, which member of the group is holding what and who is standing just a bit too close. Also when I get off a train or bus or out of a taxi I always look back at my seat and at the floor to check nothing has slipped out of my pockets. I’ve learned all this the hard way and I’m just passing on my experiences so that you have blissful and trouble free holiday. Best wishes Jennifer. Mike