Elena wrote to me on Facebook:

Me and my husband are planning to visit Marbella in September. We are arriving at
Malaga Airport and we are staying at Vincci Estrella del Mar Hotel. Please help us to find the best solution for transportation from the airport to the hotel. Can you tell us about the Vincci Estrella del Marbella Hotel bus stops please? Are they near the hotel? We would like to take the bus from the airport if the is a bus station or stop near our hotel.

This is my reply to Elena:

Hi Elena, thank you very much for writing in. I have never been to the Vincci Estrella del Mar Hotel so I went out to the hotel this afternoon on my motorbike to check where it is exactly.

When you arrive at Malaga airport your easiest option is to take the Malaga Airport bus service to Marbella. When you get to Marbella bus station, take the next bus to Fuengirola back along the coast road. There are two buses every hour.

The closest bus stop to the Vincci Estrella del Mar is the La Vibora bus stop. Look at this list of bus stops between Marbella and Fuengirola and you will see exactly where to get off. You can also use the L7 local Marbella bus service to get to La Vibora but the M220 MARBELLA – FUENGIROLA service is quicker and there are less stops.

When you get off at the La Vibora bus stop, you will see a parking area, walk across this open area and take the first road to the right. The street is called Avda Vibora Baja and on Google Maps it is called Avda. Urb. Real Zaragoza but don’t worry because where you turn right there is no signpost anyway! Walk along this road for 400 metres then turn left into Avda José Ribeira for 100 metres. You will see the hotel Vincci Estrella del Mar on your left, parallel to Calle Goya. The total distance is probably about 600metres.

In Reception I spoke to Marina, one of the receptionists. She was very helpful and gave me a map for guests needing transport by bus. The hotel looks really impressive and she explained that it had only been open for two years. I must go back and have a look around.

Elena, if you are arriving after dark I suggest you take a taxi from Marbella bus station to the hotel. There are no lights along the roads where you will be walking and while I think it is perfectly safe, it will be easier to find your way in daylight. The concierge told me that the cost of a taxi from Marbella bus station to the Hotel Vincci Estrella del Mar during the day is €14 and after 10pm and at weekends it will be €16 approximately.

Here are the contact details and address for the hotel:

Hotel Vincci Marbella Estrella del Mar
Urbanizacion Estrella del Mar

Las Chapas Carretera Nacional 340.
Km, 191
29604 Marbella.
Malaga, Spain

Tel: + 34 951 053 970
Fax: + 34 951 053 980

Thanks again for writing in Elena, I hope this helps you. Please let me know if I can give you any more information. Best wishes to you and your husband for a pleasant stay at the Hotel Vincci Marbella Estrella del Mar.


PS I took the photo standing in Avda José Ribeira. On the left of the hotel where the red car is driving, this is Calle Goya. It is really just a road for the hotel guests to park their cars and does not go anywhere.


  1. Hi Sherry, thank you very much for writing in. You are welcome to the information. I don't actually get tired of replying because I can see travellers are finding answers to the most commonly asked "How do I get there?" travel questions by using the Search Boxes on each page. The questions I get now are much more specific, like yours about restaurants in the area.

    I went out on my motorbike this afternoon and called in at four beach restaurants, two of them very close to Marriott's Marbella, just down at the bottom of the road. There were lots of people on the beach, a lovely breeze and temperature in the late afternoon.

    As you get down to the bottom of your road, Avda Hacienda Playa, turn left at the beach and you'll see Restaurante Merendero Cristina specialising in fish and shell fish, right next to the sand. A hundred metres beyond it is Carlos y Paula Chiringuito, also on the beach and they do the same with paella and barbecued meat and fish. Very easy walking distance!

    In the next day or so I'll do a complete blog on the beach restaurants near Marriotts, just Google "Beach restaurants near Marriotts Marbella," and you'll find it. I'll dedicate the page to you.

    There are lots of restaurants within 10 minutes easy driving distance and you can drive there and back without ever getting on to the main road. I'll write about those also. When are you travelling?

    About getting back, I would bus to Fuengirola, two buses every hour and then train to Malaga airport, two trains every hour, if you are flying. If you want to train back to Madrid then continue on the train from Fuengirola train station to the second last stop on the line which is the Maria Zambrano train station in Malaga. If you can time your internal flight to connect with your homewards flight, then fly.

    If you are going to spend a bit longer in Madrid then take the train back because it's about as quick in terms of waiting and you arrive in the centre of the city.Yes, Vueling is the best known low cost airline in Spain and as far as I know from people who have used it, is completely dependable.

    I hope this helps you Sherry, please feel free to write back with any more questions.

    Best wishes from Marbella and thanks again for your contact. Mike

  2. Hi Mike,
    Do you ever get tired of people asking the same questions? Thanks so much for being so patient and generous! My husband and I and another couple will be traveling to Spain for our 30th anniversary. We will be taking the train from Madrid to Malaga and then rent a car for day trips. We will be staying at the Marriott Playa Andaluza. Two questions:
    1) Suggested reasonable restaurants near our condo.
    2) The other couple with us will be taking the car back to the airport for an early am flight back to Madrid on a Sat. My husband and I would like to go later am, so would need alternate transportation. We are uncertain at this point if we will take the train or fly back to Madrid to catch a connection. What are our options? Also, is Vueling a dependable airline? Thanks in advance! Sherry


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