Judy to Mike: Hi Mike I’m trying to find info re onward bus service from Marbella to Selwo Hills Apartments (Estepona). We plan on getting the Malaga airport bus to Marbella bus station and then another bus to the nearest set down/bus stop to Selwo and walk or take a short taxi ride?. Can you help me please? Thanks very much. I’m on a very tight budget! Judy
Mike to Judy: Hi Judy, here is the short answer: Your bus stop is the Selwo stop. From there walk up to the first roundabout and turn right, Selwo Hills Apartments are on your left. It’ll be a 10 to 15 minute walk from the A7 main road
Below you’ll find the longer answer:
Hi Judy, from Marbella bus station take the onward bus to Estepona. On this list of bus stops between Marbella and Estepona, you’ll see the Selwo bus stop on it. Right now I’m not sure how far the Selwo Hills Apartments are from this stop. I did however phone the Estepona Taxi company Tel: 952 80 29 00 and the girl said that the taxi fare from the centre of Estepona to Selwo Apartments Estepona would be be from 9 to 10 euros. So if it’s raining or after dark when you arrive, you could always just carry on a little further on your bus to the Estepona bus station and then take a taxi from the taxi rank right next to the bus station a short distance to your apartments. That means you can arrive in style for minimum cost.
If you are not in a hurry, I can check it for you on Monday. All you need to do is contact me on this page through the comment box over the weekend. I’m going to the Algarve for the weekend but I’ll be picking up my emails on the way. The weather is really lovely at the moment! Best wishes from Marbella and thanks very much for writing in. Mike
Hi Mike thank you so much for your reply, it’s very helpful. My friend and I are fed up, hard up and looking forward to a lovely holiday and trying to save costs where we can so this info is great. We aren’t coming until July but want to try and get organised and no last minute panics. If you have any further info re distance from Selwo Hills apartments to bus stop that would be great but please don’t put yourself out as you have been so helpful already. Thanks again Judy
Hi Judy it sounds as if you both need a really good holiday in the sun. Just keep focussed on July, a big paella on the beach with a glass of cold white wine and the time will fly by. I’ll check out that last bit for after the weekend and let you know via this blog.Thanks very much for writing back and have a good rest tomorrow!” Best wishes Mike
Hello Judy I checked where Selwo Hills Apartments are this afternoon on my way back from the Algarve. Your  stop is the Selwo stop one of the last bus stops before Estepona travelling from Marbella. From there walk up to the first roundabout and turn right, Selwo Hills is on your left. It will be 10 to 15 minutes walk from the main road.
As I said above, that’s the quick story. To find the Selwo Hills Apartments we turned off the A7 coastal road at the Selwo bus stop and drove all the way up to the Selwo Animal Park without seeing any signs of the urbanisation. My wife entered into the spirit of the search so we spent about 30 minutes exploring the back roads until we came back to the roundabout by Selwo Hills Apartments quite by chance. Perhaps with the financial crisis the community of owners of the complex don’t think good signposts are a priority right now. So be careful to take the first right after the first roundabout or you’ll end up in the Selwo Animal Park.
You’ll be glad of the swimming pool and a cold beer if you are doing the walk in the heat of a July afternoon. We enjoyed driving around the area for old time’s sake because it’s very near to where we spent our first holiday in Spain in 1978, never thinking we would come back the following year from Zimbabwe to live here.
Best wishes from Marbella Judy, please keep in touch and tell me how it all goes. Mike
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  1. Hi Mike,

    Once again thank you so much for your help, you have certainly given me lots of ideas and places to look into.

    Look forward to hearing from you and good luck with your travelling.


  2. Hi Jackie, it's a pleasure. I have just got back from Vigo and am off to see the grandchildren in London tomorrow but when I'm back on Monday I'll start to check out some of those venues.

    It'll be a very good excuse to go and have a look at them!

    Best wishes from Marbella, until soon.


  3. Thank you Mike you have given me a lot to look into, your help is very much appreciated.

    Kind regards and many thanks,


  4. Hello again Jackie

    You haven't been forgotten. Last week my wife asked a 44 year old friend of ours who has lived in Marbella all her life and eats out in good restaurants for suggestions. This is what she said:

    "Regarding restaurants – Regina's is a good option, especially if they call and tell them it is for a special occasion. The Marbella Club Grill is my absolute favourite, such a treat but can be very expensive. Salotto in Nueva Andalucia (which is Sandro's sons – I mean Sandro from Villa Tiberio). Villa Tiberio is also a good option, it is not the best food but it is such a lovely setting and always a nice atmosphere. I have not been to La Sala and don't like the sound of the people that go there…….. La Casita on the Ronda Road (in La Heredia) is really lovely too, they have just re-opened and it is lovely inside, fabulous food and they have a smart bar too. Polo House is also a great option especially for a Saturday night as they can have dinner and then there is normally entertainment, live singers and you can dance. ……….Hope that helps!!

    P.S. La Moraga is great, very trendy, but not a dress up and go out place really as it is "posh" and "trendy" tapas…..very nice though, I love it there. I hear the old Ogilvy and Mailers under new ownership (Nermans) is also lovely but I haven't been…..I also hear rave reviews about Zozoï in the old town of Marbella – I have a good friend who is quite a foody and she loves it there."

    Jackie I won't be able to start checking out the suggestions above until the beginning of June because of work and travelling but I'll be back on the job then. Please feel free to stay in touch though.

    Best wishes from Marbella and looking forward to more contact soon.


  5. Hi Mike,

    I have just spoken to my friend who has told me that we will be going out dressed up in long glamorous dresses and heels! So we want to go somewhere quite smart. Thanks again!


  6. Hi there Mike,

    How kind you are, thank you so much! I will look at those places you have recommended.

    Basically we would like to have a nice meal and then maybe a bar that opens until late. I have been looking on the internet and come up with Paul Maxwel, have you heard of him? I thought somewhere with some sort of entertainment would be good.

    Do you know anywhere that is not too young, with a good atmosphere and that opens until late. It doesnt have to be anything swanky, just somewhere we will feel relaxed and made to feel welcome.

    My friend is very special to me and if anyone deserves a wonderful time then, believe me, she does. She is a beautiful person both inside and out.

    So Mike I am so very grateful for your help.

    Kind regards,

  7. Hi Jackie

    The wheels are turning. A friend of mine Chantelle asked amongst her friends and suggested two places which could be good:

    1. La Sala which is just over the road from Puerto Banus.

    2. Buddha Beach which is right next to Puerto Banus.
    Pricewise both are middle range and do hen parties. Of the two she recommends La Sala. By chance I met another friend Wendy who had just been to La Sala and she said there were four hen parties on the go at the same time! The place had a great buzzz to it.

    Do you remember Laguna Village right on the beach just down the road from you at Selwo Hills Apartments? It's got lots of designer clothes shops and restaurants. Also at the village is Puro Beach with a very upmarket decked area with sun shades, tents and beds around a lovely pool. Children aren't encouraged so it's a trendy place to hang out if you feel like a change from the Selwo complex pool.
    What kind of a celebration are you all thinking of Jackie? Maybe a quiet dinner in a good restaurant and then a nightcap or two in a disco? My wife and I were in Puerto
    Banus a few weeks ago to see some musician friends in a gig and there were hordes of twenty year old girls walking around in very short skirts, Hen Party T shirts and bunny rabbit ears. It wasn't even Easter. I'm guessing that you won't be doing that but forgive me if I'm wrong. Anything is possible on the Costa del Sol but it would be great to get it just right.

    There's lots of time so have a look at these and see what you think. If you let me know your feelings at this stage I'll consult again!

    Best wishes from Marbella and thanks again for your contact.


  8. Thank you Mike, that's really kind of you, I don't want to put you to any trouble though (yes we will need a day to recover!).

    Many thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards,

  9. Hi Jackie

    Well that's a very special occasion. I'll need to get some specialist help here! I'll get together some ideas, pass them on to you and then see if we are on the right lines.

    So that's four of you, here for three days and you'll probably need one day to recover before flying home I imagine.

    Give me a few days and I'll do my very best, I'll write back to you here Jackie.

    Best wishes Mike

  10. Hi Mike,

    I wonder if I could ask you something please? As you know I am visiting in July for three days with three of my girlfriends and we are looking for somewhere to go to celebrate my friend's hen night, we are in our late 40's/early 50's. Any ideas?

  11. Hi Jackie

    Thank you very much for your offer of help, I really appreciate it. I am sure I'll need to to take you up on it one day and Judy will be interested to know that also. It would be be good to meet up around the pool too!

    I've just started a Facebook page for Gomarbella so please do keep in touch over there.

    Best wishes and thanks again for writing Jackie


  12. Hi there Judy and Mike,

    The picture posted here is Selwo Hills 1b and I own an apartment there. It is the smallest of the three Selwo Developments and I am spending a few days there with three of my girl friends in July also. If I can give you any advice or help Judy then please let me know.


    ps (I might meet up with you round by the pool)


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