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Timetable of buses from Fuengirola to Mijas Pueblo

Picture of Bus to Mijas Pueblo
Bus to Mijas Pueblo

May to Mike Hi Mike, I’m so glad I chanced upon your website! It’s a godsend since I can’t read Spanish and am stressed over finding the appropriate bus routes for my trip in May. I kinda planned my routes based on what I can find using Portillo’s schedule, I would appreciate if you can help me take a look and give your comments please.

I need to travel from Sevilla to Mijas Pueblo in May and then a couple of days later from Mijas to Malaga airport. Here’s my plan:

1) Sevilla to Fuengirola: 1000/1400 Fuengirola to Mijas: 1415 or 1450 Question: Does this bus stop at Mijas Pueblo?

2) Mijas to Malaga airport Question: Bus or train to Malaga airport? Also I read from your website that Portillo buses might have delays. Is this bus timing sufficient for me to catch a flight at 1525 and where exactly does the bus from Mijas stop at Malaga? For the Sevilla-Mijas leg, some people recommend changing bus at Malaga, but I found that buses from Sevilla to Malaga aren’t that frequent as compared to Fuengirola.

In your opinion, is Malaga or Fuengirola a better place to change bus to Mijas Pueblo? Also, do I need to book bus tickets online beforehand? I checked the booking system at your website, but can’t seem to find buses plying these places on the dates I want to travel. Thanks so much!

Mike to May Hi May On my way back from Sevilla airport this morning, I came back via Málaga and drove up to Mijas to check out the bus stop and schedules.

In answer to your first question: Yes, the bus from Fuengirola bus station goes all the way up the mountainside to Mijas, also known as Mijas Pueblo and sometimes Mijas Village. I’m looking at a timetable I picked up from the Mijas Tourist Information office just now and you are completely correct, there’s a bus from Fuengirola bus station at 14.15 and another at 14.50.  

Here’s the timetable of buses from Fuengirola to Mijas Pueblo:

Timetable of buses from Fuengirola to Mijas Pueblo
Timetable of buses from Fuengirola to Mijas Pueblo

In answer to your second question, to get from Mijas Pueblo back to Malaga Airport, take the bus back down to Fuengirola bus station, that’s a journey of 25 minutes, walk one block to the Fuengirola train station and take the train to Malaga Airport, about 35 minutes. The trains leave at 20 minute intervals and you can set your watch by them, they are so punctual, it’s a fantastic service. 

You see if you take the bus from Mijas Pueblo back to Malaga, although you will actually pass the airport bus stop on the main road you will then have a long walk without a pavement pulling your suitcase alongside a busy road to the new T3 terminal departures level. To avoid this walk, you could go all the way into Malaga to the bus station, but you would then have to train or bus all the way back to the airport.
The bus from Mijas Pueblo to Fuengirola bus station followed by the train to Malaga airport is the quickest and most practical option. The Portillo bus service is basically very reliable and punctual but the train is still the very best guarantee of getting to the airport exactly when you need to.
Going back to the very beginning of your journey, I would definitely recommend you take the direct bus from Sevilla to Fuengirola. You can book this journey here using the Gomarbella online bus reservation system. You will leave from the Prado de San Sebastian bus station and the first stop for a coffee and the loo will be at Ronda bus station on the way down. The scenery is great all the way. Sit on the right hand side of the bus travelling from Sevilla to Ronda. You’ll also stop at the Marbella bus station. Give me a wave as you pull out of Marbella on the last leg to Fuengirola.

About booking online, you can do it right here. the Portillo company is integrated into the Gomarbella online booking system. You will leave Sevilla from the Prado de San Sebastian bus station.

May to Mike Hi Mike, Thanks for sharing the detailed information, and suggesting we take a bus from Sevilla to Fuengirola instead of Malaga. I appreciate it! You mentioned tickets can be bought 6 days in advance. Do you recommend we purchase tickets for all legs of journeys once we arrive at Sevilla? And is it possible to purchase all of them at Sevilla Prado de San Sebastian bus station? I suppose we can buy train tickets when we reach Fuengirola and there is no need for advance ticketing. Do we need to wait very long to purchase train tickets at Fuengirola train station? Thanks once again!

Mike to May Hi May You are very welcome to the information. Book your ticket using the link above from Seville to Fuengirola train station.  Going up to Mijas Pueblo you get your tickets at the little window at Fuengirola bus station and then coming back down again, you buy your tickets on the bus when you get on at the Mijas Pueblo bus stop in the photo.

At Fuengirola train station, there is a continual stream of people at the ticket office but there are also ticket dispensing machines before the ticket barriers. No one ever seems to miss the train! Keep a few coins handy if you use the machine, it operates in English also. The train schedule does change from time to time but since September of 2011, there are three trains every hour, only 20 minutes between trains. Check at the train station before you go up to Mijas if timing is critical. One of you looks after the suitcases at the bus station and the other walks across to the train station to check it out. It will only take 10 minutes and they will give you a train timetable at the train station ticket office.

I suggest getting to the airport earlier rather than later because it’s now a really pleasant place to spend pre-flight time compared to the old airport. There’s a little cafe restaurant, La Lechera against the back wall, between Burger King and the National Geographic shop and they serve the best coffee and tostados, that’s a toasted roll with olive oil dripped on and covered in chopped tomato. It’s where the the airport employees have their breakfast and that’s always a good sign. So if you are worried about connections, get to the airport earlier than you would normally and just take things easy. I hope that helps you May, keep on asking questions!

Best wishes Mike

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  1. I am really sorry about the delay in replying, I have been trying to get back to your message all week.

    That's an unusual route. I imagine you just want to see the countryside around Ronda as you travel, otherwise Granada to Seville would be much more direct. Having said that, the views are spectacular on the route from the coast through Ronda to Seville and worth seeing.

    Basically all the buses from Granada to Sevilla go directly inland. They don't come to the coast. So get to Ronda, you'll need to travel to Marbella on the coast first and then inland to Sevilla via Ronda. You'll need two buses.

    1) Use this link to find the frequency of timetables of buses from Granada to Marbella.

    2) Use the same link to look at the schedule of buses from Marbella bus station to Seville. Then look for MARBELLA – sEVILLA

    To make the most of your journey, I suggest you travel as early as possible out of Granada. As soon as you get to Marbella, buy your next ticket to Sevilla on the last bus out of Marbella. Leave your luggage in the left lockers then walk down to the Marbella old town (20 minutes) and have a coffee there or on the beach. Take a taxi (€6 2011) back to the Marbella bus station and enjoy your journey to Sevilla in the late afternon light. Sit on the drivers side to get the views as you travel up to Ronda bus station. You'll have a 20 minute stop here for the loo and a coffee in the great little cafeteria in the bus station. No time for sightseeing.

    Rhian I hope this helps you and is not too late. Please write back if I can help.

    Best wishes from Marbella Mike

  2. Hello Mike, is it possible to go from Granada to Ronda to Seville by bus/train in one day? I havent been able to find definite info on the Granada to Ronda leg, so am not sure about transport options, prices and travel time (duration) for that leg in particular. Any help would be appreciated!


  3. Hi, thank you for writing in. All your routes are perfectly possible by bus and the places you are going to are all very interesting.

    Probably the best way to cover your route is to set up a new blog and describe each section of the journey step by step. In that way, the information will be more easily available to to others.

    Could you check back on this page in a couple of weeks? I'll leave a comment for you on this page to tell you how to find the blog and then if you have any questions, you can ask me from there.

    Best wishes from Marbella and thanks again for writing in. Mike

  4. Hi mike
    Myself, my husband and our 12year old sun are visiting spain end of September. We are spending 5 days in Barcelona then flying to Granada for 2 days from there to Nerja, then Nerja to mijas Pueblo, from there to ronda, from ronda to Arcos de la frontera and then to Seville where we fly back to Barcelona.
    My question or questions are, where and how to get buses between all these places and if that would be the best way to go?
    thanks you so much in advance for your help.

  5. Hi Jen, thanks for writing back, you are very welcome.

    I need to check the timetable which I picked up from the Mijas Pueblo Information office because the bus to Benalmadena Pueblo also goes on down to Benalmadena Costa, right next to the port so it might be easier than taking the train, but we have time to look at it.

    Yes, you really must do Marbella, you can get there and back by bus and take in Puerto Banus all in a day and be back in Fuengirola for the last bus up to Doña Lola!

    I look forward to hearing from you!

    Best wishes Mike

  6. Hi Mike,

    Thank you very much for this Mike, it is really helpful! It's good to hear we can easily get around with trains, buses and taxis! And thank you for the tip with the busy road!!! I will make sure everyone is careful 🙂

    I would really appreciate the taxi numbers as it will be good to have them at hand rather than having to try and find a taxi. I think we will probably go into Fuengirola as it is nearer, however I would like to visit Marbella!

    I will write back in May for taxi number and costs – thank you so much!


  7. Hi Jen

    Sounds like a fantastic holiday coming up.

    First of all, about getting from Doña Pilar to Fuengirola. The Doña Pilar bus stop is exactly halfway between Mijas Pueblo and Fuengirola bus station. There are buses every 30 minutes in both directions from 07.30 until 22.00. The complete journey is €1.25 (2011) so you should pay less for the half journey. It will take you 15 minutes to get into Fuengirola. Be careful crossing the road to your urbanisation after getting off the bus especially after dark. It's a busy road. Do I sound like your Mum?

    To get to Marbella, take the Fuengirola to Marbella bus service. There are buses every 30 minutes. The journey from Fuengirola to Marbella takes 50 minutes. Get off in the centre of Marbella rather than go all the way up to the bus station. To get to Puerto Banus, you can take a local bus, or a taxi, or even a boat ride from the port in Marbella to Puerto Banus.

    There is a bus direct from Mijas Pueblo to Benalmadena Pueblo but because you are down the hill below Mijas, I suggest you go down to Fuengirola bus station, walk next door to Fuengirola train station and take the train to Benalmadena Pueblo. Again, there are trains every 30 minutes. When you get to Benalmadena you'll need to take a taxi down to Benalmadena port where a lot of the action is. It's a short ride only.

    You are quite right about needing to take taxis back for your late night returns and the taxis only take four passengers. Can I get this information off to you now and then if you write back to me in May, I'll get together all the taxi costs for you? I'll also send you the number of the Mijas and Fuengirola taxi companies if you ever need to take a taxi up to Mijas Pueblo or down to Fuengirola. Each town has a taxi company but there are stacks of taxi ranks everywhere. Travelling after 10pm during the week or over the weekend is more expensive but the prices are strictly controlled and fixed so you won't have any problems with them. I'll find out for you about Mijas Pueblo too!

    I hope this helps you to start your planning and I look forward to a reminder from you about the taxi fares.

    Thanks for writing in Jen, best wishes from Marbella


  8. Hi Mike,

    Myself and 13 friends will be staying in a villa in Mijas Pueblo on the Urbanization of Dona Pilar in June this year.

    We are wanting to go out most evenings to Marbella, Fuengirola or even Benalmedena. The owner of the villa has told me that there is a bus stop just up the road, please could you let me know how much it would cost on the bus and how long it will take to get to all of those places?

    We intend to come back quite late, so I think we will need to get a taxi back, do you know the average price for taxis and is there a company you could recommend?

    Also, if you have any information about the area of mijas pueblo, recommended restaurants, bars or places to visit, I would really appreciate it.

    Thank you in advance,

    I look forward to hearing from you!



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