Sitio de Calahonda has three bus stops

Here is how to get to your resort in Sitio de Calahonda

First look at the bottom of the map.  You’ll see the A7 coastal road between Marbella and Fuengirola. The purple stickers show  the three Calahonda bus stops.   Fuengirola is 13 kms to the right of the map and Marbella is 15kms to the left.

Use the Footbridges or the Underpass over the A7

When you travel from Fuengirola to Calahonda you’ll get off on the inland side of the road. When you next travel back to Fuengirola bus station you’ll need to get to the bus stops on the seaside of the road.  There is an overpass footbridge for each of the two outer bus stops.  For the middle bus stop there is an underpass.

Bus stops for Crown Resorts Club Marbella and Club Calahonda

Of the three Calahonda bus stops use the first stop (coming from Fuengirola) for Crown Resorts Club Marbella. Use the middle bus stop for Club Calahonda.

Bus stops for Club Delta Mar, Club La Riviera and Club Caronte.

Use the previous Rivera del Sol  stop to get to the three Crown Resorts Club Delta Mar, Club La Riviera and Club Caronte. Again this is coming from Fuengirola.

Remember that Sitio de Calahonda is an enormous urbanisation. Your resort or holiday accommodation could be some distance from the main road. I suggest you  get off the bus at the first stop. This is right next to roundabout you’ll see on the map. Next take a taxi to your resort for a minimum fare.  There are always taxis waiting at the roundabout.  After that use the bus freely. At least you won’t be pulling a suitcase in the middle of summer!

The address of the EUC Sitio de Calahonda Urbanisation offices shown on the map is:  Calle Monteparaiso s/n Urb. Sitio de Calahonda, 29649 Mijas Costa, Málaga. Contact telephone: + 34 952 93 20


  1. Hi Craig, thank you very much for writing in. I'll give you two links below which will help. The first link gives you information on how to get to Hotel Vime de Calahonda but I think you have already figured that out and it will actually shows you a photo of the bus stop you need to get off at.

    The second link shows you the three bus stops in Calahonda. If you are coming from Fuengirola it will be the last of the three Calahonda bus stops, the bus stop on the left of the picture. Coming from Marbella it will be the first of the three Calahonda bus stops, still the one on the left.

    The bus stop you see on this page above is the first of the Calahonda bus stops coming from Fuengirola. It is the bus stop on the right of the Calahonda bus stops page. Craig I hope this helps you, let me know if I can give you anymore information about the best bus stop for Hotel Vime de Calahonda.

    Best wishes from Marbella Mike

  2. Hi Mike,

    Can you please let me know the best bus stop for the Vime Campanario De Calahonda, Avda. de España 22 – Calahonda.



  3. Hi again Mike!

    We didn't get the appartment in Puerto Banus, but we managed to get a nice appartment on the beach in Fuengirola in July! 🙂

    Now we're wondering about the same thing as in Puerto Banus, about the clubs and bars, and about the age group. 🙂

    We've also heard that there is a big shopping mall not far away from the beach, is this true? 🙂 Is there any website where we could look at what kind of stores there is at the mall? 🙂

    Do you also know any nice places we can go out to eat? And is it an expensive area? 🙂

    Thank you again for all your help!:)


  4. Hi Karen

    Thanks very much for checking into gomarbella.

    On your visit from Calahonda up to Benalmadena I would take the bus from Calahonda back to Fuengirola bus station, then walk one block to the Fuengirola train station and then take the train up to Benalmadena.

    There are two buses every hour to Fuengirola and two trains every hour to Benalmadena train station. You will find the bus timetable on the page above, click through where it says Fuengirola bus station.

    Remember also that by taking the train from Fuengirola train station you could very easily get right into the centre of Malaga city for a great day out. The train is a great way of getting up and down the coast.

    If you take the bus from your nearest Calahonda bus stop in the other direction, the bus will take you right into the centre of Marbella where you can explore the old town and then take a taxi or a bus to Puerto Banus for a good look around.

    I hope this helps you Karen, have a great stay on the coast.

    Best wishes from Marbella


  5. hi mike
    we are going to calahonda and would like to know how to get around like going to benalmadena and other places hope you can help it would be a big halp as we are only going for a week
    karen barnes

  6. Hi Louis

    I'm glad that was useful. It will be worth getting a taxi just to be able to have a good blowout without worrying about getting home.

    We have just come back from Porto in Portugal (10 hour drive) where we met up with friends who were in Vigo in Spain a little bit to the north, for two days. They drove down to meet us and stayed in the same hotel.

    We went out in Porto in the evening and sampled the food and wines and then got a taxi back home. They were both big old Mercedes taxis, very clean and shining and made an impressive noise on the cobbled streets! Not expensive either.

    It was good to leave our car in the hotel parking for those evenings.

    Have lots of fun Louis and thanks for writing back.


  7. Thanks for your reply Mike, it has been very helpful. Will give Mijas a try for dining out. However, we plan to meet up with some Irish friends in Fuengirola and were wondering what our best options were. Certainly the taxi fares you quote are very reasonable for a night out.

  8. Hello Louis

    Thank you very much for writing in.

    Mi Jardin resort is inland between two train stops on the Fuengirola to Torremolinos line and also between two bus stops on the route between the two towns.

    I suggest that in your first outing in your car, you check out the proximity of the nearest bus and train stops to Mi Jardin and then decide if you can comfortably walk downhill to the stops.

    I have looked up Mi Jardin on Google maps and it doesn't look like comfortable walking distance back from the coast uphill to the resort!

    I phoned the Fuengirola taxi company + 34 952 47 10 00 to check the prices from the centre of Fuengirola (next to the bus station) back to Mi Jardin but the girl could only give me the cost of a taxi to the centre of Mijas, Mi Jardin did not show up on her list of fares. The fare by day is 16 euros and after 10pm is 18 euros. Mi Jardin is closer to Fuengirola than Mijas so it should be a little less.

    I also phoned the Mijas taxi company + 34 952 47 65 93 to ask about the fare between Mijas and Mi Jardin and this was 9 euros by day and around 10 euros by night.
    Perhaps Mijas might be an option for dining out if you are planing to enjoy some good Spanish wines.

    To check on the bus or train stops, from the search box on this page, just type in "bus stops between Fuengirola and Torremolinos" and you will get all the stops. Do the same for train stops.

    I hope this helps you Louis. Have a great visit and enjoy your evenings out to the full!

    Best wishes from Marbella and thanks again for your visit.


  9. Hi Mike,
    My wife and I are going to be in Mi Jardin, Mijas next week and would like to visit Fuengirola. Is there a bus service close to this Heritage resort? While we have a car, we propose to eat and drink there, and don't wish to drive back with alcohol.
    Louis Amerlynck

  10. Hi Julianne

    Thanks very much for your contact. What a great holiday you girls are going to have!

    If you can get an apartment in Puerto Banus you'll be right in the centre of everything that's happening in Marbella's night life. Every time you step out your apartment you'll be in a whole new world.

    The best things about the location is that you don't need a taxi home after your night out and you can get your drinks at the local supermarket and then have a few copas while you are getting ready to go out. This will save you some money!

    The minimum age for the clubs is 18. If there's a group of you and you are looking good, dressed up for an evening out, no doorman is going to stop you anywhere.

    What also often happens is the club has someone outside the door inviting the girls in for a free drink. They reckon if there are girls in the club, the guys are going to follow and of course that is what happens.

    You get all ages from 18 upwards in the clubs, it's very mixed. You might get a rich guy of fifty with his new 25 year old girlfriend. In Puerto Banus you are going to meet a whole new set of people but you can be sure that they are all like you, clubbers just looking for fun.

    A very popular disco is Dreamers In summer Dreamers is all action. It's just out of Puerto Banus but you can walk.

    In Olivia Valere disco, you usually find older people and it's fairly expensive. You need a taxi to get there. It's a great place to go but again wait until you get invited.

    Nikki Beach comes alive every summer, young to middle age, it's expensive but very trendy. You need a taxi to get there and I would leave it for another visit, but go if you get invited!

    There's also the centre of Marbella at night, lots of places to drink, party and hang out where the younger Spanish people are. They don't have the money to go to Puerto Banus so an evening out costs a lot less and your group will be very popular there. You can take a bus or a taxi from Puerto Banus to the centre.

    Ask me any questions that come up over the next few months and try to book your apartment as early as possible.

    Best wishes from Marbella Julianne and I hope your trip all works out as planned. One thing is for sure, you are all going to have fun!


  11. Hi Mike!

    Me and 5 girlfriends from Norway are thinking of renting an appartment located right in the center of Puerto Banus in July summer of 2010. We've heard that there are some pubs and nightclubs there, but we really don't know what kind of people and age group that goes out there. Do you know anything about that? Do you also know the agelimit at the clubs? We're all 18 and hoping that we could get in the clubs and party! 🙂

    Thank you for all of your help! 🙂


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