Is it possible to take dogs on buses in Spain?

“Do they allow dogs on buses in Spain?” asked Lona from Copenhagen.  “My dog is a large poodle. Dogs are very welcome everywhere in Denmark.  Sometimes restaurant owners often actually put down bowls of water for visiting dogs. I don’t know how welcome my dog would be in Spain.”

Cats and dogs must travel in a rigid cage on buses in Spain.

Animals will always travel in the luggage compartment under the bus.  Only one animal can travel at a time on a bus and a small supplement is payable.

I checked with the Avanza Bus company who wrote back to say that the dog could travel on the bus. However, it would need to be in a proper pet travelling cage and only in the luggage compartment. The luggage compartment is under the passenger compartment.  

In addition, she would need to fill in a form thirty minutes before the bus left. The form declares that she is the person responsible for the animal travelling on the bus. She would need to accept that the bus company was in no way responsible for anything that might happen to the dog.

Can a guide dog travel with me on a bus in Spain?

Yes. The only animals allowed to travel on the bus itself are guide dogs. The owner will need to provide proof that the dog is actually a guide dog. Animals cannot travel on buses which cross international frontiers.

I checked with Movelia a company dedicated to making online bookings on buses for routes all over Spain and internationally. They explained that bus companies are dedicated to transporting regular passengers by road. According to current law, only guide dogs are authorised to travel in the passenger compartments. They should be on a lead and have their papers in order!

Have more questions about animals travelling on public transport?  Please ask me to check with the transport company for you. Reach me on the Gomarbella contact page or use the LEAVE A REPLY box at the very bottom of the page.


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