Bernetta asked about travelling to Marriotts Marbella by bus from Malaga airport. She asked if could take public transport all the way.  The answer is yes. Very definitely.

Can I get from Malaga Airport to Marriotts Marbella  by bus?

There are two ways to to get to Marriotts Marbella from Malaga airport. This first route consists of the airport bus to Marbella followed by a local bus to Marriotts. The second route is the train to Fuengirola followed by a local bus towards Marbella.


1) First of all take the airport bus from Malaga to Marbella bus station. It takes 43 minutes exactly and travels on the inland toll road. Book this ticket online before you travel. Give yourself at least 45 minutes after arrival to collect your luggage and walk the very short distance to the bus stop. As you come out of the Arrivals Hall it’s right there. It’s a comfortable direct service along the inland AP7 with no stops and takes 43 minutes.

2) Next when you get to Marbella bus station, take the next M220 bus service to Fuengirola. Simply buy your tickets from the ticket office before boarding the bus. The bus will travel back along the A7 coastal road and you will get off at Pino Golf bus stop. You’ll be on the sea side of the road. Walk back about 50m towards Marbella and then turn up the short hill you see in the picture above. It’s a short pull of your suitcase to the roundabout at the top of the rise. From the roundabout you’ll see Marriott’s Marbella Beach Resort Reception.

Remember if  you are feeling at all tired when you get to Marbella bus station then you can take a taxi from the taxi rank outside


This is a slightly more adventurous route. Start by taking the train from Malaga airport train station to Fuengirola. The C1 trains leave every twenty minutes. You’ll get off 38 minutes later at the Fuengirola train station at the end of the line. Pull your suitcase to the bus station which is one short block away.

Then at the Fuengirola bus station get your tickets from the little window on the corner before boarding the bus. Just say “Marriotts.” You’ll be boarding the M220 service heading towards Marbella. This part of the journey will take you around 40 minutes or less depending on the traffic that day.

Which bus stop do I need for Marriotts Marbella?

Whether you are travelling from Marbella to Fuengirola or from Fuengirola to Marbella you will need the Pino Golf bus stops. In the picture above you’ll see the distance you need to walk from the A7 coastal road up to Marriotts Marbella Beach Resort reception. The reception is at the top of the rise right next to the roundabout.

The picture below shows the Pino Golf bus stop on the sea side of the road. It’s on the inland side of the road arriving from Marbella. Look through the trees and you’ll see the Marriott’s buildings at the top of the rise. The blue sign points towards the pedestrian bridge to the Pino Golf stop on the other side of the road. After you’ve checked in you’ll be feeling like a dip and something to eat at one of the chiringuitos or beach restaurants down at the beach!

The Pino Golf bus stop for Marriotts Marbella Beach Resort
The Pino Golf bus stop for Marriotts Marbella Beach Resort There is a short rise up the reception buildings.

Travelling from Fuengirola to Marbella, you’ll get off on the other side of the road.


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