Audrey asked about travelling from Malaga train station to the Puerto Banus bus station.  She wanted to travel as cheaply as possible and not spending a a lot of money on  a taxi. She was happy to take a taxi from Marbella bus station to Puerto Banus. Could I help her find  a bus to Marbella from the Malaga train station?

I told Audrey that the bus station in Malaga is right next to Malaga train station. It is an easy  five minute trundle with a suitcase from the train station platform. From the train station look for  the side exit from the train station.   The bus station is clearly signposted.  

The next step is to use  the Gomarbella bus ticket booking engine to  look for the Express service to Marbella. The Express buses travel directly from Malaga bus station to Marbella bus station without stopping.   


 From  Marbella bus station to Puerto Banus Audrey can take a local bus or a taxi.  I suggest that after all that travelling by train and then by bus,  it is simpler and quicker to take a taxi for the last part of the journey.    



  1. Hi Gavin, thanks very much for writing in. Sorry about the delay in replying, I have been away travelling myself!

    Look, you could walk it comfortably in 25 minutes or less. If you are just carrying a brief case and a coat, it would be a pleasant walk. If you are pulling a cabin bag behind you, it might just take the edge off your enjoyment. It's downhill all the way.

    A taxi will be a minimum fare of around 6 euros (2012) and get you there in minutes. There are taxis outside the Marbella bus station the whole time.

    Don't bother with a local bus, by the time you have worked out which one to take and tried to read an illegible route map on the bus shelter, you would be there.

    See how you feel when you get to the bus station, lovely day, luggage no problem, enjoy the walk and why not even a coffee or a beer on the way down? Slightly tired from travelling? Take a taxi.

    Have a great visit Gavin and thanks again for your patience. Mike

  2. Hi Mike,
    Im travelling to Malaga 2nd Feb 2012 and was going to get the bus from the airport to Marbella Bus station. Then either walk, bus or taxi to Calle de Jose Melia to my hotel. What would be the best option, I only have hand luggage as its a short trip!
    Many Thanks Gavin

  3. Hello Pete

    Thanks again for keeping an eye on the Renfe timetable. You are quite right, there aren't connections at Victoria Kent all day long.

    The simplest for travellers on this line will be to look at, then click through on Cercanias (Local trains) and choose Malaga from the list.

    Then use the different options available, in the case of Aeropuerto to Cartama the trains leave Malaga Maria Zambrano at 7.03, 8.03, 9.33, 11.33, 14.03, 15.33, 17.03, 18.33, 20.33, 27.03 and stopping at Victoria Kent 9 minutes later before travelling on to Cartama.

    So there are definitely not trains continously throughout the day from Malaga Maria Zambrano train station to Cartama.

    I just hope that Rachel's guests did not have to wait too long. Apologies if they did. Rachel will you let me know if you get this?

    Thank you again Pete for your interest and checking out the timetable. Best wishes from Marbella.


  4. Hi Rachel, that's an unusual question!

    My first reaction was that two trips to the airport would be the quickest but I decided to check it out using my road map book, Google maps driving directions and the (Cercanias) timetable.


    1) Alhaurin el Grande to Malaga Airport along the A404 is 22.5 kms and will take you 37minutes.

    2) Alhaurin el Grande to Fuengirola train station along the A7503 (the old Coin road) is 19.5kms and will take you 31 minutes.

    The train journey from Malaga Airport to Fuengirola train station will take the friends approximately 45 minutes with trains leaving the airport every 30 minutes.

    3) Alhaurin el Grande to Cartama train station, just across the valley along the MA3304 is 10kms and will take you 17 minutes.

    The friends on the train taking this route to Cartama would take the train towards Malaga at 3 or 33 minutes past the hour and get off at Victoria Kent, the second stop along from the airport, just before the main Malaga train station. FOUR minutes later the Cercanias (local) train comes along and picks them up dropping them off at Cartama 14 minutes later. If they miss the train at Victoria Kent it is only another 34 minutes to wait for the next train to Cartama. Trains leave Victoria Kent for Cartama at 16 and 46 minutes past the hour. Total travelling time from Malaga Airport to Cartama train station including the four minute train change time is 27 minutes.

    There is a little bit of walking involved at Malaga Airport to catch the train but there is a moving walkway and it's well signposted. You buy your tickets from a machine just below the platform at Malaga Airport.

    So you are right Rachael, Cartama is a closer train station than Fuengirola and it will save you all some time. Tell your train travelling friends to take care of their passports and wallets getting on and off the train and to keep an eye on their suitcases whilst on it. I tell everyone that so don't worry particularly – just look out!

    I hope that helps you and that you have a really good visit with your friends.

    Thanks for writing in Rachel, best wishes from Marbella.


  5. Hi Mike
    Please can you advise me i live in alhaurin el grande, which is the closest train station from the airport to us. I have visitors coming on the 30th aug and need to collect them however my car isnt big enough to get them all from the airport so i thought i could do a couple of trips from the closest train station i thought it maybe fungirola but do u know of one inbetween thats closer for me.. Many thanks Rachael

  6. Hi Laura

    Thanks very much for writing in to gomarbella. I've also answered your question across on the other page.

    It's a longish trek to the Malaga airport train stop but there is a moving walkway and a footbridge over the airport access road so it's quite accessible. There are two trains every hour so need to hurry, you are on holiday!

    I'm looking at the train fares on a timetable from January 2010 and a fare for the train journey across four zones from the airport to Fuengirola station on a Saturday is €2.50.

    Of the two children only your ten year old will need a ticket. (Only children 6 or older need a ticket). So that means you will get the whole family all the way to Fuengirola for less than €10 and it will be an adventure for the children.

    See how you are feeling when you get to Fuengirola train station. The bus station is right next door. If you do take a bus then the fares will also be around €10 for the family. If you take a taxi, it might work out around €20 on a Saturday. Check before you get into the taxi and if you are not hapy with the fare, take the bus. Either way it will be a lot less than €55.

    One advantage of a taxi from Fuengirola though is that it will take you to the front door of Club Delta Mar in Riviera del Sol. You would have to walk up from the bus stop if you do that leg by bus.

    Take care of your belongings getting on and off the train or buses and even when you are travelling.

    Have an enjoyable trip Laura and let me know if I can help at all.


  7. Hi Mike

    I am travelling to Malaga airport on Saturday and then need to get to Club Delta Mar in Riviera de Sol. I was there 2 years ago so know the area roughly. I have read your posts about getting a train from Malaga airport to Fuengirola. How easy is this? And what would it cost for 2 adults and 2 children on the train? We would then consider using a taxi to get to our resort as we are unsure on how safe the buses would be. Would this all be less than the 55euros quoted for an airport transfer?

    Many thanks for your help

  8. Hi Debbie

    Thanks very much for checking in. Yes, there is a bus service from the airport right through to Estepona.

    It leaves Malaga Airport from outside Arrivals at 07.00, 10,00, 13.15 and 21.00 for Estepona and does the journey in reverse from Estepona bus station to the airport at 05.30, 08.15, 11.45 and 15.30.

    Debbie if his flight arrival time means a long wait until 21.00 then what he should do is take the airport bus to through to Marbella. This bus has a much greater frequency. If you google "malaga airport to marbella bus timetable gomarbella" you will see the timetable. He will buy his ticket on the bus.

    By the way, the bus from the airport to Estepona is actually the same airport bus service to Marbella, it is just that four times a day it goes all the way through to Estepona.

    From Marbella bus station buses leave twice an hour for Estepona. He will get this ticket from the ticket office in the Marbella bus station and there is an electronic arrivals and departures board showing times and platform numbers.

    I have just phoned the Estepona taxi company Tel: 952 80 29 00 and a taxi from Estepona bus station to Puerto Duquesa on week days is €17 until 10pm and €20 after 10pm. Over the weekends the fare is €20 all day and night. He will be arriving on a Sunday so it will be €20. There are taxis right next to Estepona bus station.

    So for less than €30 he will be able to get all the way to Puerto Duquesa.

    Does that help you Debbie? I hope so. Feel free to write back if I can help further.

    Best wishes from Marbella


  9. My son is flying to Malaga on 12th Sept (2010)in the afternoon/evening. He needs to get from Malaga to Puerto Duquessa. He can't get a hired car & he can't afford a taxi all the way so i've been informed he can get a bus from Malaga Airport to Estepona, then get a cab from there. Is this right? I would like more information about this such as cost of bus journey, times of buses, how frequent, etc, and how much the cab fare will be from Estepona to Duquessa. If you
    can give me as much info as possible regarding this journey, i will be very grateful. Many thanks. Debbie


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