Bernetta wrote to me: ” I am arriving at Malaga Airport on Sunday at 4:15. I am travelling to Marriott’s Playa Andaluza. Can I take public transport to get there or at least close?”

I wrote back: “Hi Bernetta, Thank you very much for writing in. Yes you can travel all the way by public transport to Marriotts Playa Andaluza in Estepona.

Book your ticket here and take the airport bus from Malaga airport to Marbella bus station. You catch the bus just outside arrivals.   You buy your tickets from the transport office just outside arrivals until 20.00 after which you buy them on the bus. 

From Marbella bus station it’s about 12 kms to Marriots Playa Andaluza which is on the other side of San Pedro de Alcantará. You can catch the bus which travels from Marbella bus station to Estepona and get off at the Isdabe bus stop which is the nearest stop to Marriotts Playa Andaluza. Here is a list of all the stops between Marbella bus station and Estepona.

It’s around 800 metres from the Isdabe bus stop to Marriotts Playa Andaluza. You will arrive on the mountain stide of the bus stop and need to cross the footbridge over the A7 and then trundle your suitcase down to Marriotts. If you would like to look at the distance check through on the other Marriotts Playa Andaluza blog.

Here are two alternatives to the bus journey if you are not feeling energetic after your journey; 1) Take a taxi from Marbella bus station to the resort, or 2) Take the bus from Marbella as far as the San Pedro de Alcantará bus stop and then a taxi from there to Marriotts Playa Andaluza. You’ll save about €15 by taking a taxi from the San Pedro de Alcantara bus stop. You’ll the updated taxi costs on the other Marriotts Playa Andaluza blog.

Once you are at the resort, you’ll see the welcoming entrance gates in the photo above, you can easily use the coastal bus service for exploring up and down the coast.  Bernetta please check out all the information and then write back if I can help you at all.  Best wishes from Marbella for your stay and thanks again for your contact. Mike Drury”

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  1. Hi Emily thank you for writing in. About a transfer, try Home Care Spain, give them a ring on + 34607796546 and ask for a quote. The buses from Estepona to Marbella will run twice an hour but the last bus back to Estepona which will be the one you are on, will leave Marbella at 23.00 passing Puerto Banus around 23.20. Puerto Banus is a place that you may not want to leave before midnight so budget for a taxi back to Marriots. Unless of course you stay all night and take the first bus back in the morning.. About supermarkets, yes, just across the main A7 highway is the Centro Comercial Diana with lots of shops and supermarkets. Do your shopping early so that you are back home and avoiding the heat which starts around 10.30am. It's about a 25minute walk. I hope that helps you Emily, have a great stay. Best wishes Mike

  2. Hi Mike
    Myself and two friends will be arriving at the beginning of September and staying at the Marriotts Playa Andalauza. Instead of getting a taxi from the airport can you recommend any private car airport transfer companies?
    Also we were thinking of just two trips on the bus. One to Puerto Banus and maybe one into Marbella. Do you know the times that the buses run at to these places including the last ones back?
    Is there also any supermarkets near the Marriott in walking distance or any that we could get a bus to?

  3. Hi Emily, thank you for writing in. Nothing has changed with the bus stops along the route to Estepona, except that now the San Pedro bus stop is in San Pedro de Alcantará on the main street above the tunnel.

    I can't give you any accurate information about local bus ticket prices but they have not gone up much at all. Price increases on public transport are always some way behind the cost of living. If you write back nearer the time and tell me which routes you need to know about, I'll gladly check them out. Look forward to hearing from you Emily and best wishes from Marbella. Mike

  4. Hi Mike, I am travelling to Marriott's Playa Andaluza in September 2014 and wondered if the bus stops and routes are still the same to Puerto Banus and Marbella. Also how much are bus tickets?

  5. Hi D and A, it was just last week that I stopped to take a couple of pictures of Marriotts Playa Andaluza in the distance from the Isdabe bus stop so when you wrote in, I was pleased to be able to update the page. I updated the taxi fare information, you'll need to follow the link through to the other blog to find it. I'm glad you found the information easily, let me know if you have any other questions. Amazing weather here. Best wishes Mike

  6. Hi Mike, amazing to think you can do a quick search and find such a useful travel site in seconds! I am thinking of travelilng to Marriotts Playa Andaluza in May 2012 and just wanted to ask if you have updated information on bus then taxi fare as you have outlined n the attached (very useful) information. Many thanks D&A


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