Vince was travelling out from London to stay at the popular Riviera del Sol resort on the Costa del Sol just outside Fuengirola. He asked for help.  Friends had told him he could get to Riviera del Sol by bus and train from Malaga airport.

Can you tell me about the train from Malaga airport to Fuengirola?

Hi Vince. Yes. The C1 train leaves Malaga airport station every 20 minutes. Don’t hurry after you have collected your luggage. Take your time and follow the signs to the station only 100 metres from the Arrivals Hall. The ticket machines accept notes up to €20 and give change . You can also buy your ticket from the ticket office on the platform. If you are travelling in a group or with your family, tell the ticket seller. You’ll get a discounted price. Even if you don’t qualify for a discount the C1 train is really great value. After getting your tickets look for the C1 line heading for Fuengirola.

It’s a journey of just under 45 minutes. I give the same advice to all travellers but keep your suitcase near you and keep an eye on it. There other are travellers getting on and off the train at all the intermediate stops.

Where is the Fuengirola bus station?

Arriving by train as you are, when you get to the train station at the end of the line in Fuengirola take the steps to the right as you come out. Then look towards the sea and you’ll see the buses outside the station.   The good news is you only have to trundle your suitcase for less than 200 metres to the Fuengirola bus station. It’s one short block away. When you get to the bus station you’ll see there are almost two buses every hour on the M220 Fuengirola to Marbella route. When you buy your ticket at the bus station, just say “Riviera del Sol.” It’s one of the most used stops between Fuengirola and Marbella. I hope they have cleaned it up since I last checked it out. Please let me know!

Which is the Riviera del Sol bus stop?

Look out of the right side of the bus as you travel and you’ll see the blue Opencor shop in the photo above.  It’s an important part of the Riviera del Sol commercial centre. It’s right next to the roundabout at the Riviera del Sol main entrance. The bus stop on the main road is about 200 metres away behind me to my left. I estimate your journey to Riviera del Sol by bus and train from Malaga airport will take you one hour forty-five minutes. If all the connections are in place of course! Your whole journey by train and bus to Riviera will cost you less than €10 person!

If your holiday accommodation in Riviera del Sol is far from the main road, I recommend you take a taxi. It’s a big urbanisation and hilly.  You can just see the top of the first taxi in the rank right next to the roundabout. You’re almost there. When you are settled in you can use buses to get up and down the coast. Here’s a list of stops for different destinations between Fuengirola and Marbella.

Best wishes Vincent and thanks very much for using Gomarbella Mike


  1. Hi Faye, thank you very much for writing in. I wonder if you are staying at Grangefield Oasis Club in Riviera del Sol or near there? At Reception there is a list of all the excursions to destinations up and down the Costa del Sol, the days and the costs. The receptionist on duty will do your reservation and the tours start from the Club. The other way to do it is to bus into Marbella on the M220 line (it’s the only service between Fuengirola and Marbella and runs every hour). Then from Marbella bus station you take a bus up to Ronda. When you get to Ronda bus station, buy your ticket back. Check out Grangefield Oasis Club to see how close they are as your first option. If you need timetables for a DIY journey to Ronda, please write back here or on Facebook – Gomarbella and I’ll send you the links. Best wishes Mike
    PS Definitely check out the Old Town in Marbella and have a stroll around. If you are feeling adventurous then bus back to Fuengirola and take the train up to Malaga to explore the centre and the big port. Lots of things to do!

  2. Hi Naine, thank you for writing in. If you are not in hurry and everyone is in good shape after your flight then trundle your suitcases the short distance to Malaga airport train station and take the train (it passes every 20 minutes) to Fuengirola. You can get tickets from the ticket office or from the machine at the station entrance. It could be better to get the tickets from the ticket office actually because there will be a discount for the children. At Fuengirola you are well over halfway to Riviera del Sol. Come up out of the train station, there’s a lift to the ground floor and walk just one short block towards the sea and you’ll be at the Fuengirola bus station which is really just a bus stop on a street corner. Get tickets from the ticket office to Riviera del Sol and look for the M220 bus to Marbella. It’ll be running every hour. Stay in the shade if you have to wait a bit and make sure everyone has a bottle of water to drink from. One of you should keep a close eye on luggage and passports when buying your tickets or getting onto the bus. There are some very sharp pickpockets around. No more or less than in other countries but it’s at that kind of place where they lurk. Get off the bus at Riviera del Sol bus stop. It will have cost you all less than €15 to get to that point. Now’s the fun. Riviera del Sol is an enormous urbanization and you could walk a couple of kilometres or more looking for your apartment. I would get into a taxi at the rank which is less than 200 metres from your bus station and arrive in style at your destination. The limit on passengers for a taxi is four people but if the youngest is small and can go on your knee the driver might just squash you all in. They won’t do that on the open road though so if you did decide to take a taxi from Fuengirola train station to Riviera you would need two taxis. How does that all sound Naine? Write back here or over on Facebook if I can help further. Have a great stay and thanks again for writing in. Best wishes Mike

  3. Hiya Mike

    I am travelling to Malaga on the 16th August with another adult and 3 children to riviera we are undecided of the best and cheapest way to travel. Could you give me some advice please?
    Thank you


  4. Hi Vicky, thank you very much for writing in. I'll give it some thought and write back to you as soon as I can. I'm just going away for a couple of days but I'll be thinking about it. I love travelling too! Best wishes Mike

  5. Hi Mike,

    I was wondering if you could please give me advice on a move im hoping to make very soon?…

    I am currently living in the nerja area, I havent lived here long but I am looking to move closer to malaga airport as my husband and I travel alot and we have found the travelling to and from the airport its self is as you can imagine building, We want to keep on the coast for the sea but in a similar quiet pretty safe town.
    Do you have any advice on possible sites to check and suitable towns to suit??

    I look forward to your reply with much appreciations


  6. Hi Colette,

    Thank you for writing in. You won't have a problem at all in getting up and down the coast by bus. If it's cool in the morning you will have a comfortable walk down the hill from Grangefield Resort to the Riviera del Sol bus stops on either side of the A7 coastal road.

    The bus stop on the inland side of the road is for buses heading down to Marbella and beyond. The bus stop on the sea side of the road is for buses to take you back to Fuengirola bus station. There are two buses every hour so you won't have to wait long.

    Coming back to the resort if it's hot or late in the evening or you've been shopping, take a taxi from the rank about 100 metres from the bus stops. It will be a minimum fare, not more than €6 during the day and €8 after 10pm or over weekends.

    A car gives you extra flexibility of course, You would find it helpful to have a GPS system which takes any worry about navigating and makes it quicker and easier to explore further afield like up to Ronda or down to Gibraltar.

    Colette for any online bus reservations and bookings please use the Gomarbella online booking engine. It will give you a lot of information about exactly where you need to get off the bus to make your way up to Grangefield Oasis resort.

    Have a read over everything and see how you feel about using the bus. If you decide to rent a car, there are some excellent offers for the summer, the additional cost of a GPS will be well worth it.

    Thank you very much again for writing in, I hope you have a really pleasant stay.

    Best wishes Mike

  7. Hi Sammy

    I'm just reading over some comments about various topics and was hoping for some advise as you obviously have a great knowledge of the area.
    I'm staying at the Grangefield Oasis Club in October. I believe it is close to the Riviera Del Sol but having read many reviews it appears to be quite remote and I am therefore worried about how we will get around. We are looking into hiring a car but as we've never done this abroad are little anxious. Do you know whether we would be able to access some the bigger towns like marbella and peurto banus on public transport?

  8. Hi Sammy

    Thanks so much for taking the time to write back, I always appreciate finding out afterwards if the information I gave was right or wrong or even helped. By the sounds of it everything went off well. I hope the shoppers found what they were looking for!

    Best wishes from Marbella and thanks again for writing Sammy, Mike.

  9. Hi Mike, just wanted to say we are now back from our holiday and had a great time thanks to your very detailed directions and help. I'd like to say a big thank you on behalf of all our party.

  10. Hi Sammy, on Google Maps I followed the road up from the A7, past OpenCor, it's shown as Avda del Sol del / Urbanisación Riviera del Sol. I traced it up under the AP7, the toll road and sure enough all the roads branching off are called Urbanisación Riviera del Sol. I could see your second right turning. Someday soon someone will tell Google Maps!

    Out of interest I just looked up Calle Orfebre on my GPS but it didn't come up. If you have a GPS choose the City as Riviera del Sol, street name Sol, then Avda del Sol amongst the choices. That will get you onto the road past Opencor, keep on going up, you can't go wrong.

    If you need to stop off to get supplies from Opencor on the way up, there's always parking on the road parallel to the A7, first exit on your right as you come off roundabout after the main road. Before that, as you drive from the airport, when you see the Sohail castle ahead of you on the coast, one of you, not the driver, look across to the right and you will see the Miramar shopping centre off to your right. This reminds me that the Costa del Sol is cowboy country when it comes to driving.

    No more warnings, it's time for fun, fun fun!

    Best wishes Sammy and thanks for your contacts. Mike

  11. Mike, you really are fantastic, what a quick comprehensive response. I will definately take note of the security comments and ensure that others in the group do as well.
    I was a little worried that you can't find the road of the villa – got me thinking maybe it doesn't exist – sure it's fine really!! I did give you the wrong spelling (should be Calle Orfebre) but I couldn't find it on google maps either! I have got detailed directions from the owner which basically say that once we pass the Opencort supermarket on our right we drive for approx 3km, at the sunbathing lady statue we go through the tunnel and then it's the 2nd right. It's a development of 20 villas called La Jacaranda Villas. Not sure if you know that area

  12. Hi Sammy, that't good that you are planning ahead! I'm glad the information helps. After the summer I'm going to sort it all and make it a bit easier to find.

    There is an Opencor supermarket in Riviera del Sol which is quite comprehensive but to do a big shop with a car you'll want to go a bit further. Drive out from Riviera del Sol and turn right towards Marbella. In the next door urbanisation you'll see two big supermarkets shown by shopping trolleys right next to the A7 road. These are the nearest two.

    If you do an outing to Marbella then La Cañada Commercial Centre is every shoppers' dream. It's 20 minutes from your urbanisation after you are on the main road. Keep on the A7 /N 340 coastal road towards Marbella, you'll swing away from the coast behind Marbella and when you see the tower of the Marbella fire station in front of you on the right, La Cañada will be on the right. Exit to the right before the fire station and La Cañada parking is right there. Shopper's bliss. Allow a whole day for this!

    Driving the other way to Fuengirola is the big Miramar shopping centre. It's 15 minutes from Riviera del Sol once you are on the main road. The first exit to Fuengirola comes just after the Sohail castle on your right. Take the second exit just after that and swing back under the main A7 / N340 road. As you come out from under the bridge you'll see the Miramar Commercial centre right in front of you. There's covered parking and lots of restaurants and different kinds of shops.

    Here's some general advice about shopping in supermarkets on the Costa del Sol. Put your GPS away before you park your car. Leave all your belongings out of sight in the boot and preferably put them there before you park. If anyone asks you for help in the car park asking for money to make a phone call or for ANY KIND OF HELP, you are about to be scammed. Say "No!" forcefully and loudly and walk on. Don't waste time or be polite by entering into conversation, just get out of there.

    If someone raps on any car window after you have got into your car, someone is about to distract you and you are within seconds of losing your valuables. If possible leave passports and credit cards at home or locked in the car boot. A driving licence will serve as ID for credit card purposes.

    After paying in supermarkets, close your bag firmly. Someone will be watching you to see where you put your purse. My wife who has carried a handbag all her life, now carries her money or credit card in a pocket to keep her hands free. I am not trying to make you nervous as much as helping you to have a pleasant holiday and beat the scammers and pickpockets! They are very, very skilled.

    Sammy I hope that helps you and you don't cancel your holiday because of the last paragraph! Please let me know about Calle Orfebe if you have an idea of where it is.

    Best wishes from a warm Costa del Sol and have a great holiday. Mike

  13. Hi Mike, what a wonderful service you're providing for those of us with questions on our forthcoming holiday – I personally really appreciate reading the information you've posted. We will be staying in Riveria del Sol late August in a privately rented villa on Calle Orfebe. Do you know if there are any shops, restaurants etc within walking distance.

    Also what is the best supermarket to do the weekly shop. We will have a car so can travel – I've read that there is a supermarket in Riveria del Sol but that there is a supermarket in Fuengirola which is bigger and better value – is that correct. How far is it to drive from Riveria to Fuengirola?

    Hope you can help, Regards Sammy

  14. Hi Laura

    Thanks very much for writing in to gomarbella.
    The Malaga airport train station is just in front of Arrivals. There are three trains every hour so need to hurry, you are on holiday!

    I'm looking at the train fares on a timetable from January 2010 and a fare for the train journey across four zones from the airport to Fuengirola station on a Saturday is €2.50.

    Of the two children only your ten year old will need a ticket. (Only children 6 or older need a ticket). So that means you will get the whole family all the way to Fuengirola for less than €10 and it will be an adventure for the children.

    See how you are feeling when you get to Fuengirola train station. The bus station is right next door. If you do take a bus then the fares will also be around €10 for the family. If you take a taxi, it might work out around €20 on a Saturday. Either way it will be a lot less than €55.

    Take care of your belongings getting on and off the train or buses and even when you are travelling.

    Have an enjoyable trip Laura and let me know if I can help at all.


  15. Hi Mike

    I am travelling to Riveria del Sol on Saturday 21st with my partner and 2 children (10 and 5). How easy is it to get the train from Malaga airport? and how much will it cost? We have been quoted 55euros for an airport transfer for one way, which seems a lot of money to pay out before the holiday really evens starts! We aren't sure how safe the buses would be, so would we be able to get the train and then a taxi to Riviera del Sol for less than the 55euros?

    Many thanks.


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