Daniel wrote in today to ask: “I need to go by bus from near Puerto Banus (say from the Bull Ring) to La Linea. I know there is a bus from Marbella main bus station. But would this bus stop near Puerto Banus on its way to La Linea? For example, would it stop at San Pedro de Alcántara Bus Stop  on the main coast road? If it stops in say San Pedro, is this better than going to Marbella bus station? Thanks”

I wrote back: “Hi Daniel, thank you very much for checking in to  Gomarbella.  You are right about needing to go to the Marbella bus station or the San Pedro bus. This is because the long distance buses don’t stop at every stop along the route. The bus to La Linea bus station after leaving the Marbella bus station  stops in San Pedro de Alcantará and then again in Estepona, Sabanillas then La Linea de la Concepción. San Pedro is closer to Nueva Andalucia than Marbella. You can travel to San Pedro on one of the local Portillo buses which stops at all the bus stops between Marbella and Estepona. The Puerto Banus bus stop is down on the main road just below the bull ring.  Or if you don’t want to hang around waiting for a local bus, then just take a taxi to San Pedro. Ask for ‘Parada de autobuses de San Pedro.’ 

You can book your  bus ticket from San Pedro to La Linea comfortably online in advance on the Gomarbella onlike booking engine. 

I hope that helps and that you have a good trip to La Linea. Watch out for your belongings on the trip.  Best wishes from Marbella Mike 

Daniel wrote back:   Many thanks for the great info, a few questions: I see the timetable from Marbella to La Linea – should I add say 20 minutes to the Marbella departure time for San Pedro? Our apartment is down the opposite hill from the Bull Ring (going away from the sea ) – you get to a roundabout where there is a restaurant called Pasta Cafe – and then you go down the hill to where there is a super market (Mercado) and a pharmacist. Our flat is near there. I have seen buses go by there but never paid attention where these buses go to – would this be the same bus that goes to San Pedro?   Or do I have to walk down the hill from the bull ring toward the Andalucia Plaza and get the bus on the main road?    Thanks again Daniel

I wrote back to Daniel:   “Hi Daniel I have just had a reply back from the Portillo bus company confirming that the bus to La Linea stops in San Pedro. I have also just checked with the Marbella taxi company 95 277 44 88 and the girl said a taxi would cost 23 euros over the weekend and 18 euros on a weekday from the Nueva Andalucia bull ring during the day. After 10pm it would be around the weekend rate.   

About the Marbella local bus linking Puerto Banus with Aloha Golf and San Pedro, it’ll be the  L4 service. I can’t find Centro Plaza which is the shopping centre at the top of the hill. Quite possibly your stretch of road on the other side of the hill from the Nueva Andalucia bull ring is not on the bus route because of the big Saturday morning market which blocks the bull ring area for some hours every week.

I think when the time comes for your trip to San Pedro, you should just get a taxi, it must be a minimum fare of around 8 euros, from Nueva Andalucia to the bus stop in San Pedro. Get there an hour before, book your seat, and find a place to have a coffee and tostado and just hang out till the bus comes, you are in Spain remember….

Hope this helps you Daniel, Best wishes for your trip. Let me know if I can help at all! Mike”



  1. Hello again Kev

    I'd been on my computer for a while this afternoon so I decided to take my motorbike for a spin and check out the Rio Verde area.

    Yes, the Hotel Coral Beach bus stop is just where I said it was and just behind it is a permanent taxi rank right outside the Coral Beach hotel. I spoke to the very English sounding concierge and he said the taxi rank was empty because it was a busy time (about 8.30pm) but usually there are taxis.

    I found a great little chiringuito beach bar "Las Cuchis" right at the end of Calle del Rio, they were playing salsa music. Lots of joggers and walkers pass through on the paseo marítimo which runs all the way to Marbella along the beach so pack your running shoes if you feel like a bit of exercise. Puerto Banus is easy walking distance the other way. It looks like a fantastic place to spend a summer holiday.

    I was wondering about dropping a tube of mosquito repellent into your beach bag, you are right next to the river. You can always get it here though.

    Cheers from Marbella Kevin


  2. Hi Kev

    Thanks very much for writing in. The first Roman ruins I ever saw are just around the corner from Calle del Rio where you are staying. What a lovely place for a Roman villa. Long way from home without Easyjet though.

    Have a look at the list of bus stops between Marbella and Estepona – you’ll find Hotel Coral Beach on the list. It's about 100 metres along the main road from the entrance to your urbanisation towards Marbella on the sea side of the road. Not more than 10 minutes walk.

    Yes, the nearest large taxi rank will be in Puerto Banus, there's a fantastic bridge over the river Rio Verde next door to you and a walkway all the way to Puerto Banus, probably about 30minutes walk though. At night you could stroll home from the Port in the cool of the early morning. Here's the number of the Marbella taxi company though to save you walking: Tel: + 34 95277 44 88, they'll send you the nearest radio taxi. There might even be a taxi or two parked permanently at Hotel Coral Beach, check it out when you walk to the Hotel Coral Beach bus stop, or just over the river at the Hotel Melia Dinamar which would be closer than Puerto Banus.

    I hope you can fit in a trip down to Gibraltar. After Marbella bus station, the bus to Gib will stop next at the San Pedro bus stop/station described on this page, just a bit further down the road towards Gib from you. The local Marbella to Estepona bus will get you to San Pedro but the longer distance bus to La Linea does not pick up passengers from the intermediate stops like the one outside your urbanisation.

    Have a great stay Kevin and I'm really glad you find the pages useful.

    Best wishes from Marbella


  3. Hi Mike great sites, thanks for all the interesting reading and the tips for getting to gibraltar

    We are staying very near to Calle del Rio and i just wondered if you could help me to understand where the nearest bus stop actually is for the buses to Marbella, is it near the hotel melia marbella puerto banus?

    Also is the nearest taxi rank in the Puerto Banus town?

    thanks so much – kev


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