How do I transfer from Malaga Airport to Club Marbella Crown Resorts apartments?

Kathleen wrote to me asking about a transfer from Malaga airport to Club Marbella Crown Resort by bus. She wanted to keep transport costs as low as possible. “Hello Mike, please can you advise the best way to get to our holiday stay? We are not sure about train and bus travel on the Costa del Sol? Thanks a lot.” I wrote back to Kathleen and said that her journey would have three parts. 

1)  Take the C1 train from Malaga Airport to Fuengirola

The first part of the journey to Sitio de Calahonda is to take the train from Malaga airport.  There’s a train every 20 minutes. The timetable hardly varies all year round and there’s no need to hurry to the train station.  

2) When you get off the train, walk to the bus station.

The Fuengirola bus station is only 200 metres away from the Fuengirola train station. Again no hurry.  There’re buses every hour and more frequently in summer.  You’ll be on the M220  service to Marbella. Buy your ticket before you get on the bus and just say “Calahonda.”  For convenience keep your suitcases on the bus but if the driver asks you, you might need to put them in the luggage compartment. 

3) When you get off the bus at Calahonda take a taxi.

Club Marbella Crown Resort is in Sitio de Calahonda just under a kilometre from the main road at the top of a long hill. Calahonda is a massive urbanisation and actually has three bus stops.  Travelling from Fuengirola you must get off at the first stop.  In the picture you’ll see the main entrance to the urbanisation and a taxi rank right next to the to the main road.  I recommend that with the money you will have saved, that you treat yourself to a minimum taxi fare ride. You’ll arrive cool and collected at the resort reception

The Calahonda main bus stop is just to the left of the picture, just after the pedestrian bridge. The red car is travelling towards Marbella and the sea is behind me. It’s the next one after the Doña Lola MacDonalds stop travelling from Fuengirola towards Marbella. When the bus stops at the Doña Lola bus stop, start moving to the exit and press the stop request bell.  From the Doña Lola stop, if you look at the curve of the road going towards Marbella, the main Calahonda stop is just around the curve to the right.

Update:   Kathleen wrote back to say she had had a great holiday, the transport went really well and she used the bus to get to Marbella and even took a boat ride from there to Puerto Banus. I thanked her for writing back and dedicated this page to her.

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  1. Hi there and thank you for writing in. I checked out Los Colinas de Calahonda on the TripAdvisor map and it’s actually quite a way back from the A7 coastal road. In fact, according to the map, it seems to be closer to the AP7 which is the inland toll road. I think you should get off at the first Calahonda stop which is the main one. It’s the first one the Riviera del Sol stop. Pull your suitcase 50meters or so back to the big roundabout and look for the taxi rank. From there take a taxi up to Los Coliinas. It’ll be a minimum fare and you will have saved yourself a lot of money with the train and bus combination so arrive in style and without sweating during those last couple of kilometres. Any feedback on this information, will be really appreciated. Nice temperatures as I write. Have a great stay. Mike

  2. Hi this friday I'm getting a train from Malaga airport to fuengirola bus station then a bus to an apartment los colinas sitio de calahonda mijas in wondering what bus to get and where to get off. Im assuming it's the third and final stop in calahonda, sitio de calahonda? Thanks

  3. Hi Asia, thank you very much for writing in. You will catch the bus which travels from Fuengirola to Marbella to go to the hospital from Calahonda and then to go home to Calahonda from the hospital you will get on the bus which travels from Marbella to Fuengirola.

    As you will have seen there are three bus stops in Calahonda so that will help you when you are looking for a flat.

    I will give you a link below to a timetable which tells you when the buses leave Fuengirola or Marbella, there are lots of them every day. It will take the bus a bit longer to travel from Fuengirola to Calahonda than from Marbella to the hospital. Try to get to the bus stop a little earlier than the usual time it passes because if there is no traffic or less passengers to pick up it goes faster. If there is lots of traffic it goes slower! It's not like a London bus.
    I don't think there is one ticket for a month but you can buy reduced price tickets for longer travel periods, either in the Fuengirola bus station or the Marbella bus station.

    Asia why don't you check out all this information and then write to me with any questions? I hope the link will help your planning a lot.

    Best wishes from Marbella, Mike

  4. Hi Mike. I have some questions about traveling between Calahonda and and marbella ( exaclly I need to get to Hospital costa del sol):
    – What bus is the best to travel everyday ( to and from hospital to Calahonda),
    – How often such bus drives ?
    -Where can I find timetables ( I need particular hours )
    – Can I buy monthly tickets?
    I would be so grateful if you hel me. I need that information to decide what apartament would be the best to rent: one in calahonda ( cheapest one) or one near hospital, where I have to get evry day for month.
    Best regards,

  5. Hi Anne, good to hear from you. Sorry about the delay in replying, we have had all the family here from Germany and the UK for Christmas and my birthday and things are only just getting back to normal. We had a great time together. I agree with you about not driving into Malaga if possible. Do you know the Recinto Ferial, the fair ground in Fuengirola? There's lots of free parking there and it's only 10 minutes walk back to the train station. 43 minutes later you will be getting off at Malaga Central Alameda as you said. Walk as far as Calle Larios and then turn left into the city from there. I love Malaga city, it's so different to the rest of coast. If you have time, check out the port area. You'll see the line of restaurants off to your left. We ate there in November and the food was very reasonably priced. I hope you had a great Christmas Anne and all the best for 2015. Look forward to hearing from you soon. Best wishes Mike

  6. Dear Mike,

    We would like to go and see the Christmas lights in Malaga and do not want to drive from Calahonda to Malaga and have to park the car. Could you suggest a way either by bus or train that may solve our problem. Also would we have to get off at Malaga Centro Alameda to be near the lights ?Many thanks for your help.


  7. Hi Julia, thank you for writing in. Yes, definitely take the train from Malaga airport to Fuengirola train station, it's a comfortable journey and a great way to travel up and down the coast or at least as far as Fuengirola.

    There are three bus stops which serve Calahonda and as far as I remember it is the middle bus stop which will bring you closest to Mi Capricho. You'll then need to use the footbridge to cross to the sea side of the road. The bus fare from Fuengirola bus station, a block from the train station, will be around €3. A taxi from the rank outside the Fuengirola train station will be less than €25.

    In an hour or so I'm going to drive along the A7 coastal road because my wife is going shopping at Dunnes in Fuengirola, then we are off to Cordoba, coming back on Monday. I'll check out the exact location of Mi Capricho in relation to the bus stop and if you look back on this page next week, I'll let you know what I find out in a comment under this one.

    There is a road train in Calahonda and I just don't know if it runs down onto the beach side of the road! Mi Capricho is in a great situation, near the beach, near bus stops and you'll be able to get down to Marbella for an excursion very easily.

    Right now Julia the weather is really fantastic. Couldn't be better. Not long before your holiday, please check back here before you travel. Best wishes Mike

  8. We are coming to Mi Capricho on 12 Feb (hoping for some sunshine!).
    We're thinking of taking the train from Malaga station to Fuengirola, and then either a taxi or bus to Calahonda. If we take the bus, which stop in Calahonda should we get off at? How far would we have to walk to Mi Capricho? What is the fare from Fuengirola? As a comparison, do you
    know what the taxi fare would be from Fuengirola, and whether there is a taxi rank there
    We understand that there is a road train that runs through Calahonda.
    Will it be running in February? Does it go near Mi Capricho?

    Many thanks

  9. Hi Marvelle, I hope you get this. After I had written to you above, I went on Monday afternoon to pick up my wife from Malaga airport and I explored Riviera del Sol and also called in to the Club Delta Marbella Reception which is next to the Riviera del Sol bus stop.

    Everything I said to you is good, except that Caronte is not nearer to the beach than the Crown Calahonda resort. It's just over a kilometre from the Riviera del Sol roundabout and another 500 metres to the sea so you would need to use a taxi to come back to the apartment from the beach especially with a young child. You could walk down in the cool of the morning, but going back would be tiring.

    I'm sorry if I misled you and hope it doesn't affect your holiday booking. Please feel free to write to me with any more questions. Best wishes Mike

  10. Hi Marvelle

    Thank you very much for writing in. I'm sorry I can't tell you anything about the difference between the two resorts but I can tell you a little about how to get to the resorts.

    The Crown Club Calahonda resort is about 800 metres from the beach and a kilometre from the main commercial area of Mijas with all the bars and restaurants. You would get off the bus from Fuengirola at the third Calahonda bus stop travelling towards Marbella and it would be a longish walk up the Urbanisation Sito de Calahonda road, say 15 minutes pulling suitcases and helping the children along.

    If you do stay at Crown Club Calahonda, when you arrive I suggest you get a taxi from Fuengirola train station, it'll be less than €20 and it will take all the strain out of the first day. Once you've got your bearings, it'll be no problem after that to walk down to the bus stop and travel up and down the coast or use the resort courtesy bus to move around.

    For Club Caronte, you need to get off at the Riviera del Sol bus stop. Here is a little known secret! Instead of walking back towards the Riviera del Sol shops and main entrance and then all the way around to the Crown Resort Reception area, walk 100ms in the same direction you were travelling towards Marbella. You'll have a hedge on your right and the busy highway on your left. If you look through the hedge you'll see the Crown Resort Reception building. At the end of the hedge, there is a rickety plank and if you walk across the plank and up a short path, you'll come out into the Reception car park. The entrance to the Reception is not more than 100 metres from the bus stop but if you walk around by road it is about a kilometre.

    If you don't need to go to Reception first and have been told to go straight to the apartment, then walk the other way from the Riviera del Sol bus stop and you'll see a taxi rank. For a minimum fare a taxi will take you the short distance straight to the apartments.

    The Mijas shopping centre which I mentioned above is only another 300 metres along the main road from the Riviera del Sol bus stop. The sea is just on the other side of the road, of course you'll need to to use the underpass to get to the beach. Club Caronte is also close to the Riviera del Sol shopping centre right next to your bus stop. It's also closer to the beach than Crown Club Calahonda.

    On one day you could bus back into Fuengirola and the children would enjoy the Aqua Park or perhaps a visit to the Fuengirola Zoo.

    Marbella is the other way by bus, have a look around in the Old Town before taking a ferry from the Puerto Deportivo in Marbella to Puerto Banus. From there you can taxi back to Marbella or take a local bus back to Marbella centre before catching the Fuengirola bus back to your resort.

    Marvelle I hope it all works out OK and that this has given you an idea of where the resorts are and how to travel around.

    Thanks again for writing in, best wishes from Marbella and I hope you have a great family holiday.


  11. Hi Mike!

    Thinking about a last minute trip with my husband and children next week. We are looking at staying at vacation condo Crown Resorts at club Caronte or Crown Resorts at club Calahonda. Do you know anything about either?

    It looks like we can take the train from Malaga to Fuengirola then a bus to Calahonda. Which bus/stop should I take to get to the resorts?

    any other helpful advice?


  12. Hi Zak

    Really sorry I let your message slide down in my email basket. I found it by chance when I did an alphabetical search and it came up as Zak at the top. Sorry.

    It's no problem at all commuting from Calahonda to Marbella centre, the buses run every thirty minutes on that route which is the Fuengirola to Marbella service.

    Zak, I did say it would be no problem but in the summer the Portillo bus company timings are very elastic. Most bosses on the Costa del Sol understand this but if you want to make a good impression, try to get an earlier bus for a couple of weeks until
    you see how the system works.

    Sorry again about the delay, please ask any more questions that I can help you with. I hope your job and stay go really and you are tempted to stay on.

    Best wishes from Marbella


  13. Hello there!

    I don't suppose you would know how long (and whether it is an easy route or not) from Sitio de Calahonda to the centre of Marbella?
    We are moving there this summer for work!
    Best Regards

  14. Hi Sheila

    There are two parts to your journey from Miraflores to Mijas Village.

    First of all catch the bus from Miraflores to the Fuengirola Bus Station. To see exactly where the Miraflores bus stop is, just look for – Miraflores Bus Stops – in Google or your favourite search engine. You'll find my page showing you exactly where the bus stop is. I hope it has been cleaned up since I was last there.

    The buses come by at 30 minute intervals. You'll be catching the Marbella to Fuengirola service so cross the footbridge and stand on the sea side of the busy A7 coastal road. It'll take you about 25 minutes to get to Fuengirola.

    The second part of your journey is from Fuengirola bus station to Mijas Village, also called Mijas Pueblo. There are a good number of buses leaving Fuengirola at intervals from 20 minutes up to an hour. The journey up the mountain side to Mijas takes 25minutes.

    If the timing of your journey is important, just Google – Mijas Bus Schedule – and you will see my page on buses along the Costa del Sol, you'll find the Marbella schedules, just add 25 minutes onto the departure from Marbella bus station to give you the approximate arrival time at your Miraflores bus stop. On that same page you'll find the Mijas Village schedule.

    I hope that helps you Sheila, thank you writing in, if you would like to share anything about your journey with other readers, please just let me know!

    Best wishes from Marbella

  15. Hi Mike, I have a question I hope you can answer. I'd like to catch a bus from Miraflores to Mijas Village. Do you know where the nearest stop would be around Miraflores? Thanks. Sheila

  16. Hello Judy, if you are looking for our conversation, please Google – Selwo Hills Apartments Bus Stop – and you should get our blog all about it. Thank you again for writing in. Have a great holiday. Mike

  17. Hi Karen, it's actually not straightforward to find the exact information you need to move around easily on the Costa del Sol so don't feel you are using the wrong keywords!

    I was thinking after I last wrote to you that when you travel from Fuengirola to Malaga train station to connect with the bus station, you will be getting off at the second last stop on the line which is the Malaga Maria Zambrano train station. The last stop is a little way further on, almost in the centre of Malaga.

    If you are still feeling fresh after your outing to Nerja and don't feel like going straight back to Fuengirola, when you get back to the Malaga bus station, cross over to the train station and take the train onwards to the last stop, the Malaga Centro Alameda. It'll save about a 15 minute walk.

    From there explore the centre of Malaga, have a look at the Cathedral or the Roman amphitheatre just behind it. For dinner there are lots of really smart but well priced restaurants in the area or just have a drink or two and a few tapas.

    Then make your way back to the Malaga Centro Alameda stop and train in comfort all the way back down the line to Fuengirola. You can leave on the last train out if you are having fun!

    From any kiosko (pavement shop) you can pick up a Plan Callejero – Street Map of Malaga for a few euros or just print off a a Google map of the area before you travel. On the map it looks as if the distances are big but in fact the streets are all very close together.

    How does that sound? It all depends on your energy levels but I can see you have just the right spirit for your outing.

    Best wishes again Karen and please write if you have any questions or just to let me know how it went.


  18. thankyou very much for your quick response and the information. this will make it so much easier for us to get there. somehow it seems very difficult to access the information online. probably just me using wrong wording on search engines….. again, many thanks! (also for info on eating and drinking…no doubt we will be thirsty for a glass of wine at some point) lol

  19. Hello Karen

    Thank you very much for writing in.

    My first thought is that you can take the train from Fuengirola train station to the super smart Malaga María Zambrano train station, there's a train every 30 minutes and then walk next door to the bus station to pick up your bus to Nerja.

    The Alsa bus company handling the Malaga to Nerja route operates a good number of services each day from Malaga bus station, right to the caves. You can book comfortably online in advance with Gomarbella and travel from Malaga bus station to Nerja. You’ll see that buses leave at intervals from 30 minutes to an hour apart. A return ticket costs €7.17.

    Having said you would like to be independent, you could take some time off on the way there or on the way back to have a drink or a meal in the upstairs restaurant section at Malaga train station or even do some shopping in the commercial gallery at the station.

    Take care around the bus station with your belongings, buying your tickets and getting on and off the buses. I give this advice to everyone travelling, it's not just for Malaga bus station.

    Have a great outing with your sister Karen and thank you very much again for reading the blogs!

    Best wishes from Marbella


  20. hi there mike,
    im hoping you can help me! my sister and law and i are going to fuengirola at the end of march and id really like to go and see the caves at nerja. do you know if there is a bus from fuengirola going there?and if so, where is the bus stop? i have seen tours that take you there, but we would rather do it ourselves in our own time. thanks in advance for any help you may be able to give! 🙂
    btw, may i add i have been reading other posts and they have been a great help 🙂

  21. Hi Judy

    It sounds as if you both need a really good holiday in the sun. Just keep focussed on July, a big paella on the beach with a glass of cold white wine and the time will fly by.

    I'll check out that last bit for you in the next couple of weeks and let you know via this blog. It may appear a bit further down but I'll do it.

    Thanks very much for writing back and have a good rest tomorrow!"

    Best wishes Mike

  22. Hi Jessica

    Thanks very much for writing in. You are absolutely right about that route: Shuttle bus from Malaga Airport to Marbella bus station and then a local bus back along the coast to Fuengirola. This second bus will take you past the Don Carlos bus stop which is your Nikki Beach get off point and then go on to Cabopino.

    Please note that the airport bus travels inland on the toll road and does not stop anywhere along the route before it gets to Marbella.

    The other route you might like to try is to take the train from Malaga Airport to Fuengirola train station, then walk a couple of hundred metres to the Fuengirola bus station. From there take the bus to Marbella along the coast which will drop you neatly at Cabopino. This is the same bus you will get on at Cabopino to take you to Nikki Beach.

    I guess it's six of one and half a dozen of another choosing between the routes but if you take the train then the bus, at least you are travelling in the same direction the whole way. Also the train leaves every 30 minutes so that might suit you better than the airport bus which is on the winter schedule in March and the buses to Marbella leave with less frequency.

    Look after your luggage and hand luggage all the way when buying tickets and getting on and off the train or bus.

    I got back from London last night and the weather is fantastic, very sunny, pack your bikini!

    Let me know if I can help at all Jessica, thanks again for writing in. Best wishes from Marbella and have a great stay.


  23. Hi Mike. I'm sure the info I am looking for is on your website.. I'm just not very good with bus timetables. I am flying in to Malaga next Wednesday 2nd March and I need to get a bus from the aiport to Cabopino.. is there such a bus or do I need to get the direct bus to Marbella and then get on the Marbella-Fuengirola bus to get to the Camping Cabopino stop? Also, would you know what stop is closest to Nikki Beach as I need to then go there after Cabopino. Thanks in advance for your response. Jessica
    [email protected]


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