How do I transfer from Malaga Airport to Club Marbella Crown Resorts apartments?

Kathleen wrote to me asking about a transfer from Malaga airport to Club Marbella Crown Resort by bus. She wanted to keep transport costs as low as possible. “Hello Mike, please can you advise the best way to get to our holiday stay? We are not sure about train and bus travel on the Costa del Sol? Thanks a lot.” I wrote back to Kathleen and said that her journey would have three parts. 

1)  Take the C1 train from Malaga Airport to Fuengirola

The first part of the journey to Sitio de Calahonda is to take the train from Malaga airport.  There’s a train every 20 minutes. The timetable hardly varies all year round and there’s no need to hurry to the train station.  

2) When you get off the train, walk to the bus station.

The Fuengirola bus station is only 200 metres away from the Fuengirola train station. Again no hurry.  There’re buses every hour and more frequently in summer.  You’ll be on the M220  service to Marbella. Buy your ticket before you get on the bus and just say “Calahonda.”  For convenience keep your suitcases on the bus but if the driver asks you, you might need to put them in the luggage compartment. 

3) When you get off the bus at Calahonda take a taxi.

Club Marbella Crown Resort is in Sitio de Calahonda just under a kilometre from the main road at the top of a long hill. Calahonda is a massive urbanisation and actually has three bus stops.  Travelling from Fuengirola you must get off at the first stop.  In the picture you’ll see the main entrance to the urbanisation and a taxi rank right next to the to the main road.  I recommend that with the money you will have saved, that you treat yourself to a minimum taxi fare ride. You’ll arrive cool and collected at the resort reception

The Calahonda main bus stop is just to the left of the picture, just after the pedestrian bridge. The red car is travelling towards Marbella and the sea is behind me. It’s the next one after the Doña Lola MacDonalds stop travelling from Fuengirola towards Marbella. When the bus stops at the Doña Lola bus stop, start moving to the exit and press the stop request bell.  From the Doña Lola stop, if you look at the curve of the road going towards Marbella, the main Calahonda stop is just around the curve to the right.

Update:   Kathleen wrote back to say she had had a great holiday, the transport went really well and she used the bus to get to Marbella and even took a boat ride from there to Puerto Banus. I thanked her for writing back and dedicated this page to her.

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