Car Hire Malaga Airport

 Search the Gomarbella Car Hire  rental engine right for wide selection of hire cars at Malaga Airport. Highly affordable budget cars through to luxury high end rentals.  A quick hint. If you get to your car rental desk at the height of the summer season you might find a queue of holidaymakers ahead of you waiting to collect their cars.  That’s because just like you, they’ve chosen a low cost rentals. So there could be a queue.   But be happy because you know you will be getting a fantastic value rental.  Remember the Gomarbella car rental  engine finds you the best car rental deals from any point in Spain.

If you just want to get into your car and go when you arrive at Malaga Airport, then choose a car that’s a bit further up the range. Most likely the queue will be a bit shorter at the collection desk. Makes sense doesn’t it?

Keep your rental cost low by taking out the Excess Claim Insurance which is offered during the booking process. Forget that last minute  feeling that you should accept the additional insurance offered at the re ntal desk when you collect your car. Remember that car hire companies sometimes make more money from selling insurance policies than they do from car hire.  The roads in Spain are excellent and there is absolutely no need to take out additional insurance on top of the basic insurance just to cover the windscreen, the wheels or the underside of the car!

The cost of the Excess Claim Insurance cost is also based on the number of days you are renting the car and works out a lot cheaper than the insurance offered by the rental companies.  So in short, take out your own Excess Claim Insurance as you book and say no to the additional insurance offered at the car collection desk.

There is one possible downside  to taking our your own Excess Claim insurance on top of the basic insurance already included in your car rental. The car rental company will want to block an amount on your credit card which could range from €800 through to €3500 for the length of your rental. When you hand the car back, it will be automatically be unblocked. Automatically as in it could take up to four days after your rental ends. So keep this amount free on your credit card or take a separate credit card to cover it.

Where do you find the car rental desks?  The car hire agreement policy document will arrive by email seconds after your booking giving you full details of where to find the desk. Some car rental company desks are next to the baggage luggage collection area and some car rental companies will meet clients after the luggage collection area just before coming out into the Arrivals area. Look out for the representative with a board with your name on.  Collect your car, drive out on the right hand side of the road and minutes later you’ll be out in the warmth, noise and busy traffic of southern Spain heading for your holiday destination.  Thank you very much for booking your car hire with Gomarbella!