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La Linea is also known as La Linea de la Concepción. It’s the Spanish town which borders the short stretch of international frontier with Gibraltar. The town sits on a spit stretching out to Gibraltar with the Mediterranean on one side.  On the other side is  Algeciras Bay opening onto the Atlantic.  Visitors to Gibraltar will arrive at the frontier on one of the two main access roads on either side along the sea fronts.  There is ample surface and underground car parking near the frontier. My recommendation is that you use the official parking areas. Opt for supervised parking  rather than trying to save money. As you approach the border from the Mediterranean end you’ll see old fortifications. The gun emplacements facing Gibraltar are left over from WWII. Bus travellers  looking forward to a day trip to Gibraltar will arrive at the La Linea bus station. From there it is an easy five minute walk to the frontier.  More than eight thousand workers make this journey each day on their way into or out of Gib. Many live in La Linea or in the bay area.