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How do I contact you?

On FACEBOOK: Head over to the Gomarbella Facebook page and send us your question. As soon as we see it, I’ll reply.

By EMAIL: Email us directly  on Gomarbella. You might have a personal question. Feel free to email me here.

Who will answer my Gomarbella contact question?

It´ll be me, Mike Drury and if I can’t answer then I’ll ask my wife Angela Drury. Together with her diaries and amazing memory for people and places she’s better than Google and Facebook combined  If we’re both searching for answer then we’ll suggest someone in our Dream Team to help you.  We’ve lived in Marbella on the Costa del Sol for more than 40 years and education is our thing. Giving information comes naturally.   As you can imagine we’ve travelled widely in Spain and the rest of Europe and met and worked with a lot of people in that time.

Mike Drury  I love the outdoors and keeping fit.  My main sport is mountain biking and going to the gym to keep strong. The picture you see of us was taken on the Paseo Marítimo in Marbella in February of this year just before the lockdown. We have a school which helps children find places in the international schools here or make a move between them.  I started on the internet back in 1996 and love the idea of sharing information worldwide.

Angela Drury I’m a people kind of person and loving staying in touch with friends going right back to school days.  Our family is very special to us and whenever we can we travel to see them in Europe and the UK.  Our school also teaches English to Spanish students and we are now teaching the grandchildren of our first students! We stay in touch with them and of course use their services. For example our first pupils are now doctors, architects, real estate agents, dentists, own car workshops and so on and we now use their services!

The DreamTeam    During our more than  forty years here in Spain we’ve built up what we call the Dream Team.  The team is made up of highly dependable, positive,  reliable and people. The kind of people who make your life easier.  They offer a wide range of services between them. For example our taxes, they handle our legal needs or do our car maintenance.  Angela has her favourite hairdresser and pedicurist, restaurants, dancing groups.   And so on and so on!

Thank you very much for checking in to Gomarbella. We look forward to hearing from you!

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