My wife was working at the Loyola University so I spent the day in Cordoba and checked out the  Cordoba bus and train station. The bus station is just behind the train station.

Cordoba bus station just over the road from Cordoba train station
Cordoba bus station just over the road from Cordoba train station
This is the address of Cordoba bus station:
Estacion Central de Autobuses de Cordoba
Glorieta de las Tres Culturas s/n
14011 Cordoba
Tel: +34 957404383
Rather than try to find the address above, it’s much easier to head for the train station and walk through it or around to the bus station!
It has all the amenities of a modern Spanish bus station including a left luggage locker department. Left luggage costs €3.50 a day and make sure you have everything you need with you for the day because if you need to open the locker again to get your sun glasses out, it´ll cost you another €3.50!
There is a Caja Rural cash point next to the entrance and right next to it a set of public telephones which were being used and looked to be in good order. Opposite the souvenir shop is an open air buffet style coffee bar, ideal for a snack in between buses. The seats on the concourse are comfortable and clean.

I tested out the information desk by asking what bus I needed to take me back to the Mezquita (It’s the number 3 and the nearest point is San Fernando almost down by the Guadalquivir River) I was not given the departure point but found it for myself at the furthest end of the local bus stops between the bus station and the Cordoba train station. Cost €1.10 all the way back to the Mezquita. Good value and the bus was clean and comfortable.

There are 26 long distance bus bays arranged in a circle on the far side of the bus station. Cordoba bus station is functional and perhaps does not have the same charm of the Prado de San Sebastian bus station in Seville but is ideally situated for connections with train station and within very easy reach of the Cordoba city centre.

By the way the picture shows Cordoba bus station on the right. I took the photo from the north corner of Cordoba train station which is just to my left. The local buses leave from the street you see here.  Do let me know if I can help you with travel onwards from Cordoba to anywhere else in Spain. 


  1. Hello Dee Bee, Thank you for writing in. I've just tried to phone the bus station in Córdoba on + 34 957 404 040. Like every other bus station in Spain the phone is almost permanently engaged.
    I was in Córdoba last week for three days and it was very hot. Around 39º Celsius during the day. It made the Costa del Sol at 32º feel really fresh when we got home.

    When will you be travelling? Just to know by when you will need the information. Best wishes from Marbella, Mike

  2. Thanks for the info! Do you know the hours of operation for the left luggage storage? I plan to take the last train out back to Madrid and want to be sure I'll be able to get my luggage.

  3. Hi, thank you for writing in and my apologies for being able to reply sooner. I guess you are coming in to Cordoba by train or bus. It will take you about 35 minutes to walk from the train and bus station, down the big central avenue, across the bridge over the Guadalquivir river and then to the hostal.

    I can show you the route if you go to Google then click on Google Maps. Then click on Get Directions. Into the first box copy:

    Glorieta Tres Culturas, Córdoba

    Into the second box copy:

    Calle del Corregidor Luis de la Cerda, 79 14003 Córdoba

    Then click on Get Directions and find the Map View. It's a very straight walk but it should cost you less than €10 to take a taxi. It will be a lot quicker than trying to work out the bus system.

    Once you are at the hostal, leave the luggage and walk back over the next bridge upstream from the one you crossed, Puente Bajada del Puente and you'll come out right next to the mosque.

    I'm actually going to be in Cordoba this weekend, staying Friday night, we go twice a year at least and while my wife is in meetings I do the tourist bit. I know that area near your hostal very well because we sometimes eat at the restaurants between the two bridges. Cordoba is a really interesting city and you'll have fun there. It gets very cold too!

    Please let me know if I can check out anything for you while I'm there. Apologies again for not replying sooner and best wishes from Marbella Mike

  4. Dear Mike

    thanks very much for the info. I only saw your comment now. In the end I took a train, and changed to the bus in Marbella. The train was super fast, only 48 minutes! Highly recommended.

    best wishes

  5. Hi Brian, thank you for your kind words. There is one direct bus service every day, leaving Cordoba at 08.30 and getting to Marbella at 13.00 just in time for a cold beer or two. You can check this timetable or even book online here:
    Alternatively, if this departure time is a little early, using the same site you can book through from Cordoba to Malaga bus station, there are four services a day. You can check the timetable by entering CORDOBA then MALAGA.

    At Malaga bus station, buy your ticket at the ticket office through to Marbella. There are two buses to Marbella nearly every hour so you won't have to wait around long at Malaga bus station for your connecting bus.

    I hope that helps you Brian, feel free to write back if you have any doubts. Enjoy Cordoba and have a great visit to Marbella.

    Best wishes Mike

  6. Hi

    thanks for this wonderful website. I look forward to using it more in future. My question for you is: do you know if there is a direct bus from Cordoba to Marbella? If not, how do you recommend I travel?

    Many thanks!


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