This is the Plaza Mayor train stop. If you haven’t been to the enormous Plaza Mayor recreational centre just below the Malaga airport flight path, it’s definitely worth a visit. Plaza Mayor is right next to the Plaza Mayor train stop, just over the pedestrian crossing in the picture. It’s a very popular destination for young and old Malagueños alike who will get on the train from up and down the line. They’re heading for a full on visit to the large Plaza Mayor commercial centre. It’s full of top name shops and restaurants.

Combine your day out  with a visit  to Ikea in Malaga and you’ll  have a full day. In the background you will just see Ikea’s blue roof. This gives you an idea of how close Ikea is to the train stop. The next stop along is La Colina.

The trains travelling from the main María Zambrano train station in Malaga city and passing through Malaga airport train station travelling towards Fuengirola train station  Trains pass three times every hour.

From the Plaza Mayor train stop to Malaga airport train station the train journey time is 4 minutes. It’s another 8 minutes on from the airport to the Malaga Maria Zambrano train station.

I’ve never visited Ikea by train.  Normally I call in on my way back from the airport by car. If you want to avoid crowded spaces  avoid going to Ikea on a Saturday evening. It’s a favourite destination for lots and lots of local dwellers and will really be packed!

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