This is the Torreblanca train stop on the C1 train line from Malaga to Fuengirola. It’s the second last stop before Fuengirola train station after travelling from Malaga Maria Zambrano main train station or the Malaga airport train stop. The next stop along the line before Fuengirola is the Los Boliches train stop.

Travelling from Torreblanca  the journey to Fuengirola train station takes only 5 minutes.

If you are travelling to the Malaga airport train stop or coming from Malaga city, the trains leave and arrive at Torreblanca every 20 minutes. The journey to Malaga airport takes approximately 28 minutes and 42 minutes to the Maria Zambrano main train station in Malaga.

The Torreblanca hotel is right next to the train stop, just to the left of the picture. There’s a flight of steps down from the bridge over the train line to the platform.  If you time it right, you can walk out of the hotel, catch the train and be in Fuengirola 10 minutes later. It’s a short walk from the train stop down to Fuengirola’s famous Paseo Maritimo and the endless clean sandy beaches. 

There’s also a small  car park to be dropped off at and collected from.  You’ll also find great little cafeteria next to the Torreblanca train stop.  You can just see it behind the platform. If you’re in the middle of your beer and hear the train coming, don’t hurry your drink.  Enjoy your beer of glass of wine and wait for the next train. You are in Spain now.  Take it easy and enjoy life. There’ll be another train along in twenty minutes.

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