The Feria Internacional de Pueblos is held every year over four days in the Fuengirola recinto ferial (showgrounds) and is well worth a visit. If you’re on the Costa del Sol at the end of April, it’s a must for your calendar. Entrance is free and it’s all go from midday right through to 4am in the morning.
I went on Saturday afternoon, my wife was performing with the Fuengirola line dancing Missippi Coasters group on the US stand and I have to say Fuengirola is just the right setting for this kind of multicultural experience. I read afterwards that there were more than 30 countries packed side by side into the showground pavilions. The dusky Cuban beauties in the picture above had just got back from a parade through the centre of Fuengirolas. 
I saw dancers in traditional costumes performing to music played by groups who had flown in from different countries whilst really tempting smells and aromas arose from street kitchens. Next to the Argentinian stand enormous racks of beef were cooking over slow burning fires and further down the street hot dogs, paella, Moroccan pastries and Asian delicacies sold briskly.
It’s a really enjoyable fun outing for the whole family and I stronly recommend a visit. The Feria Internacional de Pueblos is organised by the Tourism Department of the Fuengirola Town Hall and you can reach them for information and dates on + 34 952 46 74 57. It’s 10 minutes walk from either Los Boliches or Fuengirola train stations, the same distance from Fuengirola bus station and there is normally lots of parking right next door in the municipal parking area.
We dipped into a number of different pavilions and it was fun to compare the noise, bustle and rythmns of the South American cultures with the more sedate northern European countries or the purposeful activity and catering of Asia. Of course you are going to find the best of flamenco dancing at the International Feria in Fuengirola. After a good look around we went home well fed and feeling very relaxed.


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