My wife Angela is a very keen member of the line dancing in Fuengirola line group  and I asked her to write a few lines about her group, the Mississippi Coasters. Here is what she wrote:  “I’m addicted to line dancing. I started in February last year with the Mississipi Coasters in Casa Juanito at the Feria ground in Fuengirola. I was hooked after my very first class. When you get a dance right from start to finish the euphoria is amazing.

Bob Horan, the teacher is a master. He knows an incredible number of line dances. He teaches us new steps by walking us through them and calling out the names of the steps eg; Coaster Step, Jazzbox, Rock Recover and so on. Then we dance those steps to music with Bob calling out the steps on his microphone. As we get to know the dances and become more confident he calls out the name of the dance does a preliminary walk through and off we go. The music is great and when you see all the dancers dancing in line and in time it’s just fantastic.

Beginners are made very welcome and encouraged right from the start, the good dancers pass on their tips and the time races by, I am loathe to leave when my chariot arrives. Pauline, Bob’s wife is the original country and western “chick” and a wonderful dancer. So friendly and warm, such a lovely person she gives out the lists of the steps and introduces newcomers to everyone else. The atmosphere is very conducive to learning. If you look at the picture above with us all dressed up for our photo shoot last week at our Fuengirola line dancing venue, you’ll see Bob in the foreground and Pauline standing just behind him.

I really enjoy the classes, the exercise is good and it’s great for the memory as well having to remember all the steps!  I was over the moon to find line dancing on my doorstep just down the road in Fuengirola. I enjoy the social aspect as well as watching the good dancers. We also have socials, lunches and dinners at different venues.

The picture above was taken at the Fuengirola International Fair where we do our thing every year. It’s a great occasion and the USA caseta is always packed with our supporters.

I wear black trousers or jeans and boots with a small heel, (Cuban is good). I recently bought some line dancing shoes and they’re great.

If you are looking for line dancing classes on the Costa del Sol, Bob and Pauline teach at Club Los Naranjos in Calahonda on a Monday from 8 to 10 30 p.m. and at Casa Juanito in the Fuengirola feria ground on a Tuesday from 7.30 to 10 30 p.m. and Cafe/bar Bonanza in Benalmadena on Friday afternoons from 2 to 5pm p.m.

Here are contact telephone numbers for Bob and Pauline; + 34 952 93 17 54 or + 34 697 441 313.  “Come and join us they both say!”


  1. Hello fellow line dancers. I have been looking for a line dance venue near Los Boliches in Fuengirola. Now I have discovered this site I am very keen to attend. I have bee line dancing in the UK for a number of years and love it. I am a regular visitor to Spain and intend finding the venue in October. Something to look forward to.

  2. Dear Pauline, Hope you had a great wedding. There is line dancing every Tuesday so today 22nd September in Fuengirola. The venue is the Feria Ground (Recinta Ferial) and is 7.30 p.m. till 10 p.m. We are not in our usual “caseta” . We are in the 3rd “caseta” on the right as you come down the main road in the feria ground. You will see cars parked there. Bring water.
    It is run by Bob and Pauline phone number 697441313. Hope to see you both there. Best wishes Angela Hi Pauline, hope this is not too late, best wishes Mike

  3. Hi Pauline, wonderful, thank you for checking in and finding the line dancing page. I hope my reply is not too late. I have been away doing the Via de la Plata pilgrim route on a bike ending up in Santiago de Compostela with my wife and we just got back this morning. I'll ask her to write to you. Best wishes and welcome to Spain Mike

  4. Hi Mike, I thought I posted on here the other day but can't see it anywhere. So here I am again. My husband and I are Line Dancers from Australia and we are coming to Spain for a wedding at the end of next week. We found website and was interested to see that you have your classes, near where we will be. The wedding is in Antequera and from there we go to Malaga. We would be very happy, if we could find a class while we are there. My name is Pauline Dunlop. Regards!

  5. Hi Linda, thank you very much for writing in all the way from North Carolina. I asked my wife Angela to write back to you, that's her, second from the right in the front row:

    "Thank you so much for your lovely response and good on you dancing away and keeping fit. Are you planning a trip here? I'd love to take you to our dancing.

    So glad you like our outfits. It was fun doing the photo shoot. There is an International Fair at the end of this month in Fuengirola and we have been asked to dance at the USA stand. There are lots of countries exhibiting different things mainly interesting food!!!

    I just love line dancing and can't get enough of it and I am getting much better. Thank you again and take care. Warm regards from our sunny Costa. Angela Drury."

    Thanks again Linda, I Googled line dancing in Clinton and saw a group having fun in the Bellamy Centre. Perhaps it's your group! Best greetings from Marbella and keep on dancing! Mike

  6. I loved your article and the group looks very classy……we also have a group of seniors that have been dancing for 20 some years now..some are 81 and I am 66 and can't keep is the most fun I have ever had in my life. I love your outfits. Thanks for sharing Linda Williams……Clinton, N.C,

  7. Hello Wendy, thank you very much for writing in.

    You will be made very welcome if you come along and do some line dancing!

    Best wishes from Marbella and thanks again for your contact.


    • Hello Pat,
      Just to let you know the new times for line dancing in Fuengirola.
      Tuesday 6.30 p.m. to 9 p.m. Teacher Bob Horan, 7 euros a session. Recinto Ferial ( Feria Ground) Casa Juanito.Fuengirola. It is great fun and at the end of every month we have a social, everyone brings a plate of food. There are buses from Cariheula to Fuengirola and there is also a train.We have lots of visitors who come to line dancing when they are staying here so you will be very welcome.
      Looking forward to meeting you next year.
      PS We also have dancing on Friday morning from 11.30 to 2 p.m. at the same venue and all the girls go for lunch nearby afterwards.


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