Kristin asked about parking in La Linea before she crossed the border on  foot into Gibraltar. I told Kristin  she is absolutely right in her planning.  There is no need to take a car on a day’s excursion into Gibraltar.  It’s much simpler to take a taxi or bus from the border . Crossing the frontier out of Spain from La Linea on foot is half the fun of visiting Gibraltar. If you are lucky, a plane might just be landing or taking off. The line of cars and walkers always wait good naturedly in the sun and it seems to take ages before the plane’s engines are run up before take off.  As soon as the plane is in the air, or taxied back to Gibraltar airport,  the barriers on both sides lift and the visitors surge forward across the runway. You might even consider taking a bus to La Linea using the Gomarbella online bus booking engine.

Don’t expect to see Gibraltar on all the road signs on the A7 coastal road. La Linea is clearly signposted though. Whether you drop down to La Linea coming from the Málaga side or approach it from the Cadíz side of the  peninsular head for the big Avenida del Ejército which runs across La Linea. It connects the Mediterranean side of the Rock with Algeciras Bay, one block back from the border. This is where you will find your parking in La Linea

There are lots and lots of pay and display parking places along this avenue, be generous with your time allocation.  If not you might have to suddenly cut short your visit whilst in Gibraltar.  If you’d like to come back to a cooler car in the summer, make for the two entrances to the Focona underground parking garage in La Linea. We always use the entrance seen in the picture above which is right next to the big roundabout half way along on the Gibraltar side of Avenida del Ejército.

If you are using a GPS, just set it on Avenida del Ejército.  The Focona Parking Garage  in La Linea could not give me a street number for this entrance, but you’ll easily pick up the blue signs for the public parking garage. The roundabout is big enough for you to do a couple of rounds whilst you pick out the entrance.  At the same point there are actually two separate entrances to two different garages. The bigger one is Parking Focona to the right, on the left is the entrance to Parking Constitución.

Parking Focona also has another entrance, Avenida 20 de Abril, 11300, La Linea de la Concepción. A hint, if you are doing an online bus ticket booking or setting the address in your GPS, you may need to put in Concepción de la Linea.  Who said life is straightforward? This second entrance is easiest found using your GPS. It will come up on Google Maps though.  It’s an enormous garage with lots of space, it does fill up during the summer.

There is an automatic payment machine or if you don’t have change, a ticket office just inside. Leave all your belongings in the car boot out of sight. I always give this advice no matter where you park your car in Spain. 

The Focona garage is also where Gomarbella hire cars are picked up and returned in La Linea. The car hire offices are  just outside the parking garage in La Linea on the pedestrian approach to the border.  When picking up a car, after flying into Gibraltar, cross the border, do the formalities in the car hire office and then drop into the Focona underground parking garage to pick up your hire car.


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